How To Replace An Ignition Switch In A Oldsmobile Alero.

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scivi92: Great Video I love how you realized you had swapped the switches at the end

Dwayne Jordan: After installing the new ignition switch cylinder, reinstall all the components to the original preset, when you try to start your car it may not start due to a security feature. On most GM cars you must turn ignition key to one cycle or the on position and wait 10 minutes until the flashing security light turns off. When the light turns off you must shut the car off then start the car, it should be working. keep in mind while the security light is flashing your car will not start, the radio and all the electrical components will be operating but you will not be able to turn the car over until you do the following: above. Keep in mind that your car will be on battery so make sure all lights are off and the radio is off because if your car battery dies while the security feature is resetting you will have to do it over.

KINGJAMESAKA007: i did it in 30 min thank u cause the lock smith tried to tax me 145.oo junk yard 85.00 did the job myself $34.00 a great used ignition and it work perfect till this day... thanks my dude

Robert Franchini: many thanks! this worked!. i have a 99 Alero. although it seems alittle temperamental when i try to start it now. sometimes i go to start it and power cuts out almost immediately. then i can't get any power to anything. i have to disconnect and reconnect the batter to get it to start again.

Benjamin McMellen: just bought 99 alero have power everywhere aqnd when i go to turn the key i hear somenoise yet no ignition so i believe its the switch is bad cant get it out need help

kbkchooch: Great video guy, just did my Alero after watching, works like a charm!

The Bones: For some reason I'm not able to get the ignition switch cable to lock back into place. I have the key in the on position but when I turn it off the cable just slides right back out. Anyone have any tips for getting it back in?

Zhane Davis: What mounting kit did you use for your radio? I know it's completely random, but I've been wanting to put an aftermarket radio in.

duke97d: i have a 2000 oldsmobile alero and it has all the same symptoms as the ones on the video and i change the ignition switch and the car still will not start can anyone help me out ?

Brett Howard: I meant that the key wont turn. It will go into the cylinder but will not turn, that was my problem to begin with. As a result, I'm not able to release the cable or the two wire conection. guess i'm going to have to call a lock smith.

sidka666: Would the ignition switch cause the tachometer to do this?

Andrea Martin: yea I agree with someone else holding the camera...

109ace: very helpful 14 minute video. Could have been done in 7 minutes if you had somebody sitting in the passenger seat holding the camera. Mental note for next time. Thanks!.

camren: do i have to that if im switching the whole ignotion... on the 4 oclock turn to get key lock out

jordandoor: So do you have to reset the body control module when you replace the switch?

camren: this guy inspired me, i did it, and no more security issues thanks alot man....

BuckeyeBDH: The 12 years that I've owned the Alero it went to the dealership 1 once under warranty for the turn signal switch, which was a recall item anyway and would have been fixed for free. I decided to replace the LIM gasket as a precaution, The front driver spring broke and the starter died, both of which I consider maintenance items. I think most people have trouble with cars like the Alero because kids bought them and abused them and didn't maintain them correctly.

BuckeyeBDH: To be fair, wheel hubs, struts and springs are normal wear and tear, maintenance items. All cars eventually need to replace them. Head gasket not so much, I'm guessing you had the 2.4L 4 cylinder. If it blew twice I'd think it was either a really cheap replacement gasket, wasn't installed properly or the head was warped.

Okibono44: Thanks! I did the same exact replacement, but the security light still remains on. Thoughts?

Traci Ruiz: By the way everyone...I had to "reset" or "reprogram" my key for the ignition. I have a 2003 model. My husband's friend works @ Napa, and if he wouldn't have told us how to do this, it would have cost us $170. If you install the ignition switch and your car still doesn't start, you have to do the following: Turn your key to the "on" position. Leave it for EXACTLY 10 minutes, turn it off for EXACTLY 2 seconds, on for EXACTLY 10 minutes, off for EXACTLY 2 seconds, and on for EXACTLY 10 minutes.

r suchowi: Our 2001 Alero had an issue with the instrument cluster not lighting up, the radio not coming on and windows not working for a bit after the car was started. Traced issue back to the ignition switch. The worst part is getting that cluster out of the way. It needs to come out at an angle (with the face of the cluster facing the sky) through the right side of the opening after you manage to get the harness disconnected. Thanks for the Video.

NRe47: Hello, can you tell me how I change the radio? I mean the Radio in the Alero is bigger than normal radios... Thank you

audittman810: About 6 months ago my Alero started shutting off randomly while I was driving. When I would try to start it the fuel pump would refuse to kick on. Every time I would have to dig in the dash and fiddle around in there until magically the fuel pump would turn on. Its kind of a pain but I tore the ignition switch apart to find that GM only put 4 of the 5 springs that are supposed to be under the pins. Made my own spring, problem solved

BuckeyeBDH: This maybe true for all 2001 and up Aleros, because they changed the electronics for the 2001 model year.

chavezelmer81: I did on my 99 model but it dont turn on the engine....the security light is

RAGENBUQUE: if u can PLEASE email me ..thank you

BuckeyeBDH: turn the ignition to the "ON" position (without trying to start the car) and leave it for 10min, after that turn the ignition "OFF" for 10 seconds, repeat the process 2 more times. It should take 30min to complete. It should turn off the security light and the car should start.

BuckeyeBDH: No I don't regret buying it, it's been the best car I've owned. I bought it with only 248 miles on the odometer. I've owned a Toyota Corolla and a Honda Civic before the Olds. And I've had less trouble with the Alero than compared to the Corolla or Civic. The Corolla was rusting out, the cooling system was always acting up, the Civic burned through exhaust, brakes and tires like they were going out of style and I had to replace the head gasket.

NRe47: Thank you for the very fast answer :)

RAGENBUQUE: liked your video , the problem im having is that my key would not work ,got everything except that the cylinder would not come out..frustrated i pryed the switch apart just to unlock the tranny.,so i could push the car back into parked position an out of the middle of lot,i would appreciate any ideas as to how i would be able to pull it out and not cut wires that go to cylinder..

BuckeyeBDH: I'm not sure if I understand you, The car doesn't have to start you just turn the key so it's in the "ON" position and push the button on the key cylinder and pull it out. If the key won't turn at all, I don't know if it would be a problem with the cylinder or the switch. You may have to try to cut the cylinder out somehow. Hope that helps.

deke909: nice vid.shows how things go when ur felling ur way through a repair.

William Chapman: Thank you for this video I was looking every where to learn how to put the ignition starter switch in my 2000 Oldsmobile Alero.

BuckeyeBDH: I don't remember If I had to do it or not, but you may have to. I just commented on how to reset it for someone else.

Patrick Query: Great video man, I had to have this done and the dealer charged me $900! It was a ridiculous price, and then it broke again. Luckily it was under warranty. Too bad this video wasn't out at the time, I could have just replaced it myself.

Gallows tree13: you didnt show how 2 remove radio and staple on gear shift, other than that good job and thankx for posting, world needs people like you.

BuckeyeBDH: @aricpelt I bought my Alero new with only 248 miles on it. It just past 120000 miles, this is the first time the switch was replaced. Sorry to hear you've had so much trouble with your car. I would guess either you or your wife have a lot of keys or other things on your key rings. I know a lot of people talk crap about the Alero but in my experience the Alero has been the best car I've owned. Hopefully the 4th time will be the charm. :)

BuckeyeBDH: Yes you still have to remove the key cylinder, to undo a wiring connection for the ignition.

AGE8700: thanks but what if my key lock is what is broken not the switch so that i cannot turn the key to the on position, or at all to the right?

BWaustinTX: QUESTION: I have 1998 INTRIGUE... and it is dead in a parking lot now. Need to replace the ignition switch. Think this is similar to the Alero? Great video. Hoping your skills and teaching will save me some money.

BuckeyeBDH: You could try turning the key to the ON position for 10 min, then turn back to off and try to start it. It may be a bad sensor or other part. Google or Bing "alero security light stays on" and you'll find several links to help you. It's a very common problem with GM cars. Good luck.

Stephen Ricks: Great video. Just an FYI for those out there with Alero's having problems with the instrument cluster/air conditioner/power windows that shut down off an on--replacing the ignition switch may be a solution. That was the problem I was having before changing out the ignition switch. So far, it has fixed the problem. Hardest part for me was getting the ETS and the trip buttons to disconnect. Everything else went fairly smoothly. Thanks again for posting this video.

BuckeyeBDH: I really couldn't say, it's possible. I'd try checking for a intrigue forum and searching if someone else had the same issue.

Brett Howard: Well you were correct again. I punched out the cylinder and was then able to release the cable and the 3wire plug. Now it's off to buy a new ignition. Just so you know, I looked high and low and could not find any other videos that covered this project. Thank you so much, you saved me a bunch of money. Good Work.

Cameron Long: Thank you for the helpful video. I had to replace an ignition switch on my wife's Alero, and I followed your instructions and breezed through it. I would have never been able to do it on my own. Keep up the great work!

Jorge Ramirez: Thanks a lot I changed my ignition switch, problem solved I got it changed before and I got charge 600 dls Again thank you

MikeHenderson: Thanks, this video provided me the guidance to do it on my 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue....! Job took about 1.4-2 hours. I did not have to remove trim around shifter just around radio. Please note people you must access to remove the bolts holding the cylinder framing from inside the radio opening, once this is done you can get at the ignition switch from the gauge panel opening. I bought the cheaper brand because that was what was on the shelf and I had to make a slight shave to clip opening.

BuckeyeBDH: I couldn't find anything that had step by step instructions on how to replace the switch, I thought this would help someone. Thanks for viewing.

Mark1944089: Good Job!!!

Dylan Gilbertson: On my intrigue, what happens is sometimes my car starts perfectly fine, but then on some random days i get nothing! all i get are dash lights and thats it, no starting of the engine! would this be my ignition to?

How to replace an ignition switch in a Oldsmobile Alero. 4.6 out of 5

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