Pump Action Shotgun Disassembly And Reassembly

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William Tull: I really like your videos, i think your need better focus and better lighting and you can slow down just a bit but, I see you really know what you are doing and you are very knowlegable and skilled, i appreciate your videos, thank you!

Casper Skaarup: Hi. Nice video, very informativ. I have The same gun but have post The extractor, do U know of somewhere where i Can buy a new one? BTW. I'm from Denmark and there is no retailer in Denmark :( Best from DK

armorer1911: US Coast Guard uses that 590 with the Ghost Ring Sights.

Symphony of Noise: Cool, thanks for the video, man.

Gable Mullen: Sure would be nice if you could show us the inside of the reciever while your reassembling

Max Fountaine: Great video.

Arariel3: I'm really glad you didn't refilm this.  Sure, there were points which were a little iffy to see, but seriously watching the fumbles were as educational as a successful run, maybe more.

Hibiki Ryoga: Can you zoom out a little bit, coz I wanna see those inividual part when you diassamble those parts.... (^~^)

Anthony Gullo: Thank you for the link, do u need any special tool?

Anthony Gullo: I have the same shotgun but still have yet to take her apart and I'm afraid if I do it I won't be able to get it back together, what if any tools do I need? Any advice u have would be greatly appreciated

Tim Horn: thank you simple sweet  and knolgeable not a know it all like  few others agian thanks for sharing your knowlage

ChromeFreak123: Yes Sir. : )

Daniel Guadian: Goes to show that even a knucklehead like you can do it, lol. I should be in good company. Thanks for the info. Long Live the Republic.

ChromeFreak123: It could be a number of things. I would make sure you are completely coming all the way back when you rack the gun. It could also be the elevator or the cartridge interrupter. I would really need to look at the gun myself to know for sure. I would really stick with 2 3/4" shells though, I just prefer them. Let me know if you need more help.

ChromeFreak123: My camera work leaves a lot to be desired. Thanks.

ChromeFreak123: It is exactly the same. I hope it goes well. If you need any advice, please contact me. Thanks.

Mac Nasty: Cant see inside the gun to see what your doing, but other that that thanks

ChromeFreak123: Happy it helped, thanks. : )

ChromeFreak123: Its the 590 Mariner. Thanks. : )

Josh Buesching: Loved the video! What variant is your 590? I love that finish.

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Pump Action Shotgun Disassembly and Reassembly 5 out of 5

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