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Aiden Gonzalez: My dad carried this in .40s&w when he was in Group.

ALUCARDAFK: Had one and sold it. Mine was the LEM version.

cdmak1: you've come a long way man, you sound so nervous and not confident at all lol.

Brent Toast: Im buying this gun but i think I'm going to get it in the .40 any opinions on whats better?  the .40 or the 9mm

CASTRO45ACP: You know I don't know why everyone says if everything got crazy they know they could get 9mm? When things got just a little crazy 9mm was the first round to disappear, lol if shtf the same would happen, the last round that didn't go anywhere during this last little crisis was(and I hate to say it) the 40s&w and some 45 was still around but 9mm, 556, and 223 were gone and like I said the same would happen in a shtf situation

SSPspaz: Also, not all the P2000s or P2000SKs have the deroosterer. There are 4 or 5 different variants and only a couple actually have an external deroosterer.

Christopher Toner: Im sure its been suggested but I believe the backstrap of your heckler and koch p2000 sk is a form of stipling. Im researchimg this gun for purchase amd fired my friends. The smoothest trigger of semi auto ever!

Michael Hunt: Why do you no longer have this??

WAFFENSS69: why did you get rid if it???

WAFFENSS69: it looked as though you were trying to hide the serian no........and then gave up. lol


tengu190: Did you read about the P2000 that broke when a Border Patrol Officer rolled his ATV while on duty.

avalon449: I've watched a few of your reviews now. Very nice!

Nextralife: Uh... On a side note, I think you need to change the batteries in your fire alarm. Just saying...

Zach Bonta: Looks like you are running Ranger SXT. Funny, so do I in the same gun only I've got the V2. Carry every day in a Crossbreed QuickClip. If I'm wearing pants, then this gun goes with me. It's pricey for a half-plastic gun but it's worth every penny in my opinion.

yt4500: Great vid! I am looking for a H&K P30. Go Yankees!

Ed: Now we need a H&K Mr223/416 review!

bryan kestle: Damn Doe'.......sounds like you need to kik on some Barry,and make luv to dat

nuno Alves: I also have a HK Mark23, I really like the gun, but was too big to conceal weapon lol, had a Tauros 917c, sold and bought the Sk As a service weapon use the wonderful Walther p38, a big gun, old but continues to make its function at this time is being gradually replaced by the Glock 17

nuno Alves: Thanks for the reply, I bought the P2000 SK 9mm v3, two months, until now, I'm happy with it, shot, only 100 ammunition. I like the P30, but is larger than this is not it? And here in Portugal, is cheaper than Sk

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HK P2000SK (Review): THE TACTICAL COOL SUB-COMPACT (Part 1) 5 out of 5

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