BFO Kit For SSB / CW - Shortwave Radio

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Austin Shutt: Very Cool. you can do this too by putting another am radio near it.

서민환: Hello! I'm leaving in korea who like Amateur radio.
I'm interested in your video. Because I have SW radio too, but it don't have SSB.
so, I want to have this kit. where did you buy it?

SpectreOZ: Nice clear concise explanation, cheers :)

Dennis Petersen: Nice review and too bad it's not offered in kit form anymore.
Thanks and

incubusman421: Does anybody make BFOs these days? I know Ten-Tec stopped making the kits.

mnpd3: I built one of those kits too.... works fine on some radios but not on others; depends on the receiver's IF frequency.  Normally you only have to place the BFO next to the radio; with other rigs you need to clip it to the radio's antenna.  Last time I broke out the BFO I found it no longer worked :(.  Something else to fix I guess.

DoomsdayDarin: The full details of the Ten Tec 1050 kit can be found in the Nov 2000 (11-2000) issue of 73 Amateur Radio Today magazine pages 22 and 23.  This magazine can be viewed for free on the Internet Archive website.

leiderwanwer reises: ola colega vc pode me mandar os esquemas deste  BFO  ficou muito  bom    ......

leiderwanwer reises: ola  amigo  gostei muito do seu   oscilador .....BFO   vc poderia me mandar os esquemas  te agradeço

WX9DX: I have built and installed these Ten Tec BFO kits in lots of AM only radios. Even into CB radios so they could hear sideband. The other cool thing they make a neat kit for people learning electronics to get used to soldering and alignment etc. Lots of cool theory for them to learn in building this kit.

dani grg: hello nice... please send me circuit diagram..

NG9D: Amigo. O transístor usado neste circuito é NPN TT25054 (substituto para MPS6514). 73 Lynn NG9D

Wander Lucio Gomes: Amigo. Qual é o Transistor utilizado nesse circuito?

NG9D: Olá, você pode encontrar usando imagens do Google de busca palavras-chave: (You can find schematic using Google image search using key words) 455 khz bfo schematic ten tec 73 Lynn - NG9D

leiderwanwer reises: ei amigo vc me mandaria esse esquema OFB te agradeço ficou muito bom

A Ebel: I got this kit, but cannot get it demodulate SSB signals, because the transistor that came with the kit went missing. I used a PN2222A NPN transistor and it's oscillating, but it's tuning narrow. Do I need to use the required transistor called the 2N4124? The radio I am using is the S450DLX with a 455 kHz output jack.

A Ebel: How do you connect this to a short wave boombox? By the antenna input? Or do I have to go inside the connect it IF AM output connection?

Marco Hofschneider: What about the zillions or older radios out there that use an IF of 460 khz, like the vintage Grundigs for example?

鄭倍: how to installation of sangean SG-721

Chris Freitas: Wow! That receiver brings back fond memories. Aside from an old Sears multiband I got from a friend, the RadioShack DX-397 was my very first shortwave radio. On my 15th birthday, my Dad and a family friend took me to my hometown's RadioShack and picked it up for $40. I loved that radio. Unfortunately, it wasn't able to pick up many stations over the years, but it was great when it worked. My dad still has that radio along with a Grundig Mini World 300 that I gave him 3 years ago.

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BFO Kit for SSB / CW - Shortwave Radio 5 out of 5

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BFO Kit for SSB / CW - Shortwave Radio
BFO Kit for SSB / CW - Shortwave Radio
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