Rossi .38 Special Review

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socc69: I found one at a local shop for $150.00 I had to buy it.

Jorge Sanchez: do you know if the Rossi m88-2 is plus p rated? the guy at the gun store had Rossi 38 special snub m88-2 and he had another Rossi m88 and he said only the m88-2 can shoot plus p..he said the m88-2 is second generation.?????

jose lopez: I have the same esact gun I been trying to find a good pair of custom grips for it but so far I have not found any jet does any one knows were I can find grips for it not the original ones but custom any place that would have or makes grips.??tank u

Mr.Clandestine: I'm having a hard time finding that 3 inch barrel

Bob Treon: Alright gun family. I just got one of these from a private sale. Where in the heck do you find a good holster for this? I grabbed an uncle mikes from Academy but I'm returning it tomorrow because it's garbage. Any ideas?

Texas Patriots Militia: Yes that's a great gun. I have one too. The finish faded on the barrel from holster wear, but it's no big deal and the cylinder has a little movement on two of the cylinder notches when roostered but no big deal either. It still locks with good alignment when roostered and fired. Remember, she's a budget gun, but a good budget gun.

eulisu moore: Hey! Does anyone know anything about the Rossi .22 l.r. model A88? Its an old hand gun. Been in family forever!

ricardo guajardo: I just saw the sames gun at a local pawn shop for 280.. I give it a 9 out of 10. Very nice gun. But thw trigger was very heavy. Did you have this same problem and if you did, did the trigger loosen up.

MindInChains: This was my first pistol I bought
I love this gunĀ 

cronos222: I have a Rossi 851 . This is a four inch barrel , 6 shot revolver in .38 special with adjustable sights and I love it . More accurate than you would think . The first time I shot it was at the range at 7 yards and I grouped the shots so close and on target that I never did touch the sight adjustments . Awesome gun .

buffalo bison: I have this exact gun. I want to get some wooden grips and bought some that turned out to not be the right size (rookie mistake) Anyone know where I may be able to buy some for this gun

Orlos The Druid: That pistol was made by request to be sold ONLY in Academy Sports Stores.

I too own that weapon, and the one thing Ive learned about it is.....the more you work it, the smoother it gets.

Corey Douglas: I would think the weight of the gun would have a lot to do with the low recoil, I have never shot a revolver with bad recoil, even .44 magnum.

Nicholas Mathis: I'm thinking of buying this revolver for range shooting and home defense how is the accuracy on this revolver

James phillips: I have that pistol an it shoots great,glad I bought it for sure.

CSX Productions: Rossi's prices just went up! Buy now while you can!

928gto: Had the wife hold a pretty equiv. of this in S/W atthe store yesterday; snubbier nose though. How is this pistol for the ladies to handle, 3"BBL is alright? not too heavy likely, huh? Want a .38+p for her in the house for home defense in event of home invasion robbery for instance. Anyone had thier lady fire off one of these in +p....complaints? What's a decent current pricing on this guy

I Fudged My Huggies: I just bought one of these beauties yesterday...great price, well balanced and the tac grips are an awesome bonus...

Peidmonte89: If it has a 4" barrel its still called the R351 but it is a bit different. Its the full size version with rear sights. I have the snubby and I think I may get the 4" one for when I open carry.

Peidmonte89: no, like he said its an R351. I have the snub nose version and love it to death. The m38 is an older Rossi and I think they do not have a warranty. Stick with an R351 so you can get Taurus' life time warranty.

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Rossi .38 special review 5 out of 5

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