Remington SPR 453

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Turkalj: I'm not naysaying the reliability of the shotgun as I have no experience with it, but I will say that you're waaaay out of line assuming the Stoner weapons platform will not work under the same conditions. Ask a Navy SEAL how they work dirty/wet.

rgrau0311: I recently purchased this shotgun from my local gun store! When i first seen it, i didnt know what it was. So i did a little research & bought it! The first day i took it out goose hunting, the barrel started rusting. Now it's back with Remington getting re-blued I hope!!! Otherwise good gun. It takes 31/2 inch mags & i only paid $250 brand new!

KOSTIAN242: What for SPR453 for 500 $ if is MP153 for 300 $?

ducksandbucks6993: i am looking in to buying one of these guns, and this video only made it look better! the only bad feedback i have heard about them is how heavy they are.

Garry Thomas: NO M16 ar 15 variant will work dirty

cstephens85: "You pay for what you get". The new remingtons can't compete at all with the older ones.

diezbassist: @braton1 speed isnt the answer...its accuracy

XtreamHunting: thats a good way to rust your gun

gomsc011: This is a Russian made Baikal MP-153,not Remington.

braton1: How much did you get that gun for. I really need an auto loader because the guy i hunt with is getting an SX3 and i have a pump and i need some speed.

RockinMissZ: whats the diff betwin that shotgun and the remington spr453?

mikekaks: Beautiful gun I want one ..

tomgreenlives: Nice vid!

ilias nikolaou: its the Baikal mp 153... not the Remington SPR 453

antbasbal14: Ya the Remington SPR453 is the Baikal with the remington name slapped on it. Good for your wallet and a damn reliable, maybe even the best, semi-auto for under 400$.

TheMaverick004: how does recoil compare to an 870 pump? I have two over and under spartans and I love them

huntermm7: was that a 10 ga

huntinfool2007: can you talk?

captainclayman: the harsh conditions of the wilderness. this gun was built so if you put a bucket of dirt on it and freaking intentionally drown it in water, it'll still freaking explode your entire body.

poorboykennels: well i like the hell out of my baikal and i also shoot a 870 and the baikal will operate just as well as the 870 and as far as the 887 goes i just as well shoot a pellet pistol i couldnt get mine to pattern right so i traded it for a mosberg and yes it does well also when you duck hunt and duck hunt right you use your gun for many different things boat paddels ice busters and i use mine for drownin folks callin other folks kittys!

dgilc2: Well that's because you bought a gay one.

diezbassist: @BaddogNTK ...where is this O ring located

articcat246: i dont have one but i definatly want toget one

bf3pwner: well i mean does it eject them well?

bugleboyzz1212: i jus got this gun. and now i feel better about gettin it.

1yummster1: ooopppsss it didn't like the mud HAHHAA. What does this prove ??? Absolutely nothing

chiefs616473: i would have laughed if he dropped it in the lake

BassPlayer121692: yup

diezbassist: @bf3pwner it has a hard time shooting aanything lighter the 1 1/4 oz loads but it will fire some 1 1/8 oz loads

diezbassist: @Transporter1022 it kicks more then other semis

starshock01: lol i just picked on up for $320 and i must say its the best $320 ive EVER spent on a gun

iholla4u: Yes I love mine--un-stopable for a great price.....

diezbassist: @tjdGHG but are you guna try that with a Browning or a benelli or a Beretta...i know i wouldnt want to

diezbassist: @BaddogNTK It does not show an O ring in the diagrams in the owners manuel..i wondered then same but nope..i clean my gun everytime i shoot it and never came across an oring

BaddogNTK: @diezbassist very interesting, as mine has a small rubber ring about oh idk maybe an inch or so in diameter. i just assumed this gun would be the same

linglingjr: Lol that suck if it slipped out of your hand when ur dipping it in water

mark roman: You guys saying it's not a Remington are retards. I have the same gun

starshock01: 12 gauge

TsfNugeFan: I've got one of those, it's a great gun. Tough as nails, reliable with a variety of loads, extremely versatile, and at a very reasonable price.

BaddogNTK: I hear alot of comments about people saying the gun jammed. Actually what can happen, as th most semi-autos there is a small o-ring under the where the barrel slides on and in some cases, water in this case or oil from over-lubrication can disrupt the gas seal and cause it to not eject. It can and most Kiley did happen in this case because of him submerging it in water. I have an 1187 sportsman so be careful when this happens and clean it when u get back from hunting.

iholla4u: yes it shoots them all including 3" shells

gypsyz832: I bought a mp-153 last year and i've been nothin but pleased...after seeing this im even more...

Will Moon: Oh that poor shotgun... I home you cleaned it good afterwards :/

den9: this video proves nothing, and it freakin jammed

AreThereNoMoreNames: @doctim11 I think that'd go to the Saiga 12, which is actually an AK shotgun.

KOSTIAN242: It BAIKAL MP153 instead but not Remington You are able to read? Also costs more cheaply

cwds70: Why dont you pack some of that mud down the end of the barrel...and try firing it hangs up!!

KOSTIAN242: Probable you as a bonus have presented a teapot or a coffee grinder [;-D

bf3pwner: can that thing shoot 2 3/4 target loads?

Human rights activist: This very poor-quality and inconvenient gun. It is possible to finish one copy to a good condition. But a lot of time is necessary. We do not buy them.

Remington SPR 453 4.6 out of 5

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Remington SPR 453
Remington SPR 453
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MP-153 (SPR453) Disassembly
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baikal mp 153/Remington SPR 453 12ga. shotgun
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Remington SPR453 semi-auto BEST shotgun!
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