Remington SPR 453

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jamie nexsen: I have the same exact's definitely Remington as well as manufactured in Russia. I wouldn't take anything for mine.

Sergey Sergey: МР- 153 Baikal Russia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mark roman: You guys saying it's not a Remington are retards. I have the same gun

oskinoify: This video does not help you with your ad to sell this shotgun on armslist.

madtown99980: They are the same thing! The Remington Arms Co. imports this particular Baikal shotgun into the U.S. & markets/sells it as the Remington Model SPR-453!

AreThereNoMoreNames: @doctim11 I think that'd go to the Saiga 12, which is actually an AK shotgun.

rgrau0311: I recently purchased this shotgun from my local gun store! When i first seen it, i didnt know what it was. So i did a little research & bought it! The first day i took it out goose hunting, the barrel started rusting. Now it's back with Remington getting re-blued I hope!!! Otherwise good gun. It takes 31/2 inch mags & i only paid $250 brand new!

zachh72: Where can i buy one of these?

captainclayman: the harsh conditions of the wilderness. this gun was built so if you put a bucket of dirt on it and freaking intentionally drown it in water, it'll still freaking explode your entire body.

AntMan: @chadreese eh man how much did it cost ? how many shells does it hold? thanks

θανασης λαλιωτης: you are as$hole$ this is baikal!!

RockinMissZ: whats the diff betwin that shotgun and the remington spr453?

DoUEvenOper8Bro: @diezbassist There all about the same

linglingjr: Lol that suck if it slipped out of your hand when ur dipping it in water

1yummster1: ooopppsss it didn't like the mud HAHHAA. What does this prove ??? Absolutely nothing

XtreamHunting: thats a good way to rust your gun

Ilias_sp: gun doesnt have thats what i know..

Jacob Kowalski: Mine do ;).

Ilias_sp: yes..but the gun in this video has the "baikal" logo...

Garry Thomas: NO M16 ar 15 variant will work dirty

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Remington SPR 453 5 out of 5

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