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Matthew Williams: Poor sights (front sight won't hold until Locktite-ed in place (seriously, it would not hold a zero)), bad stock (will bruise you worse than a 12 guage because of it's sharp edge), and just overall poor ergo dynamicics ( charging bolt under the stock, bolt doesn't lock back, hard to get a cheek weld/ good sight picture.) Haven't fired a HiPoint carbine but from what I've read this is worse than a HiPoint (and I have nothing good to say about HiPoint (at least their pistols.))

onebigkahuna69: can the 40S&W version be converted to shoot 10mm?

stripervince1: love this gun. i have the 9mm glock and it is a firestorm of power. put the 33 round mag in there and its bad ass for shtf or anything. only 4 lbs! hah. feels like a toy but its anything but. 9mm is dirt cheap. i put a 300 lumen j5 tactical light ($12 on amazon) it lights up my entire backyard )and a hogue rubber grip and all of the tacticool items. just need a laser now. if you are having any problems with your 9mm try using the heavier 147 gr winchester ammo. that should solve all of the ftf or jams. everyone uses the standard light 115 or 124 gr 9mm. i live near kel tec in daytona and they recommended this ammo. great home defender

aaron shefte: very informative thanks

johnny wright: I killed a deer at 50 yards ,1 shot to the head she dropped like a stone ..
At 100 yards you can fire it and count 1,2,3 and hear it thump the target ;;
I also have .40 cal handguns same distance same rounds the sub 2000 will shatter a brick where the handguns will not..

50lxNando: Can someone elaborate on bullet button please.what its for
Just learning thanks

ajfam871: Check out thruthaboutguns article 9mm/40sw gain about 200 ft/sec. Giving the 9mm 357magnum ballistics & the 40sw 41magnum ballistics out of the 16" barrel.

Mikey Jp: if they made one in 10mm it would be the ultimate camp gun.

stumpy jason: thanx.. i will send it back!

stumpy jason: im getting the same thing now .. the jam in the slide that is.. did you get it fixed ?? please respond im thinking of sending it back. hopefully they'll fix it :(

todaytriper: I have one in 40 cal. and love it.I wouldn,t think you would need a suppressor.I have also worked up some hot loads just under 10mm auto recipe, with no sighs of high presure or jams. But try that at your risk!

LikeTheTruck: What about suppression? Can this gun be suppressed are there suppressors on the market for this gun?? That's all I would 4 lbs that's a tight home defense weapon. Everyone says go with a shotgun...blah blah blah...I don't want a shotgun.

Michael Villalpando: Sweet! I got the 9mm with the pic quad rails And a pistol grip and flash light with strob and a 30 rd mag

wwood14: I've read that a 9mm travels at about 1200 ft/sec; how fast is the 40 cal??

Paul Durry: Can the KCI 31 be used in this weapon?

OhItsMaeMae: BALLS58 Nice video where did you get your sub 2000? I'm also from Cali. but I can't fined one with bullet button for the mag release.

WombatBull: KEL TEC SUB 2000 is sweet

UpstateArms1: first and formost i want to thank you for doing this review, i have been up in the air about purchasing either the hi-point carbine in .45ACP, one reason is we have the dyes for reloading our .45's but i have heard both negative/positive comments on the hi-point i have also shot the 9mm version of hte hi-point at our local range and did not care for it to much, but after watching this video, my mind is made up the 40S&W version is what iam going with, thank you again sir!

gqucool: Great review enjoyed it very much. Seeing this gun really wanting to get the 9mm version because that's the cal. I shoot again great review thanks!

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KEL TEC SUB 2000 40 CALIBER REVIEW 5 out of 5

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