WWE 2K14 - New Ladder Finishers & Moves

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The CertifiedG: How do u break a ladder

Doug226punk: Rikishi Isn't In WWE 2K14

LiamsGaming Cuhs: I just want them to add the usos, and maybe for wwe2k15, they can add like.. idk.. biggest feuds including best for bussiness etc.. Because 2k14 was 30 years olf WM, 13 was attitude era.. LOL my opinion.. pls comment if u want

Gijs Wolfs: Listen to what e says in the beginning, today we're gonna TALK , not show

loutchy gregory: how do i climb the ladders

Lawrence Crayton: This is not a 2k14 video.  Please stop trying to trick people into viewing your channel.

Th Thitan: legal

imLéo: bicth

gper4mance: How do you grab the title? Im at the top of the ladder but I cant grab the belt..

Noah Smith: thats wwe 13

jon mity: ben u can do the air bourne, swanton bomb and i think five knucle shuffle off the ladder u just get to the top of the ladder and do them if u have them as a finisher or a diving move

Nick Wuebker: One i'm not sure if you guys remember back on Smackdown quite a few years back Edge won a no holds barred match against the late great Eddie Guerrero with an Edgecution of the top of a ladder, I think that would be cool to see in the game.

Dallas Thompson: I think a reverse stt would be a good finisher and it would be a very realistic finisher. Edge has done a downward spiral to jeff hardy in one of their legendary ladder/tlc matches back in the day.

superAl823: how about setting up the ladder on the apron and announce table? You can do a lot with that!

Modsthefinest Simon: Stone cold stunner off top ladder!

maurice shawn: It will be awesome if they hurry up with wwe 2k14

Benji Allotey: maybe a create a ladder finnisher mode

Eddie Craton: It would be awesome if they could have a 20 foot ladder

Erin Bollendorf: F five from Brock lesser

Nick G: Better is : create a ladder finisher

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WWE 2K14 - New Ladder Finishers & Moves 5 out of 5

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