Srirangam Radhu Keerai Koottu

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R Kumar: Mami and mama neenga rendu berum supera samayal solli tharel. Naan unga sambar try panninen supera irundhadhu. Thanks mami and mama. We enjoy watching u both. It's very useful for us. Even though I know to cook I like to try recipes from others. Continue posting recipes.

JACK AR: Both of you are making our kitchen (USA) very delightful, very simple yet very tasty food. Thank you for your wonderful contribution. 

Bharath Ramanathan: Made my the same now😀

Radhe Krishna: Toronto வில் காஞ்ச மிளகாய் நிரையவே கிடைக்கிறது மாமி

Rathinam Naganathan: நன்றி, ஏதோ தாங்கள் வைத்த பெயர் ஆல் இன் ஆல் அழகுராஜா. ஆனால் ராஜம் டீச்சர் வைத்த பெயரோ மகாராஜா. மொத்தத்தில் ஏதோ ஒரு ராஜா. இன்று எங்காத்தில் கீரை கூட்டு. தங்கள் மகன், நாட்டுப்பெண், மகள், மாப்பிள்ளை எப்படி உள்ளார்கள் 

Anjali Kumar: Hello aunty unga oorla antha keerai enna keerai athu enga oorla kidaikumanu theriyalaye :( ... by the way koottu looks good n yummy..

Saiprasad Krishnamurthy: Warm regards from your fan.

geetradhu: Welcome and with best wishes.

geetradhu: Thank u very much for ur complements.

sunivivek312: Namaskaram Wish u happy new year i came across ur site and it is very useful thank u for posting it .i am learning south indian cooking from ur site my hubby liked it very Thank u so much uncle aunty

twistedmetal1412: naanum canadavil irukkiraen... thank you very much, seiya theriyathu, but paarka migavum amurthamagavae irukkirathu. maybe one day i'll make it myself! mikka nandri.

Maha Goutham: what is the name of this keerai mami ??

Rajendran Andavan: Mami ...Sakapu thandu keerai use pannalama? enga (Sakapu&green) thandu keerai,Palak,Fenugreek keerai available. Thank U.

Agalyaa Sundar: hello mami kootu recipe super. mama kindaal athai vida super intha videola vasanaiya anbuppa mudiyathu excellent mama superrrrrrrrrrrr. ragi koozhu kuzhandaikku eppadi panradhu or any other dish for baby. because enakku 7 months baby girl irukka aval peyar mythili alias akshaya. so avalukku innum saththana solid food kodukkanumnnu ninaikkiraen so can you please tell me any recipe.?

uganyag: thank u so much maama and maami....pls continue to help others in cooking like this...maami recipes are too in USA learning recepies by u

geetradhu: Thank u very much.With best wishes.

vidya venkatesh: Mami Mami unga keera kootu romba nannaeruthuthu. Athavida neenga rendu perum atha describe panni video eduthathu romba swarasyama eruthuthu. En amma appava paatha mathiri erunthuthu. Kootuku perungayam podaliya?

geetradhu: Welcome.

chezhipow: "Vaasanai engerundhu anupa mudiaathuu, paarunga!" - made my day! best wishes to both of you!

Ramya R: Maami - Vendhaya keerai kootu epdi pannanum? Can it be done the same way as this video?

ash: Namaskaram both . Maami I am in the US , which keerai have you used for the it spinach or menthiyon keerai or any other other???? Thank you.

reynaldsusain: 優秀的烹飪 ..目前我正在學習南印度菜..您的公式的作品真的很好,我的家人喜歡它。 由於一噸。

asianlite6: Namaskaram Mama n Mami, can we do this kootu in pressure cooker as one pot meal?Please help me...

Nithya Nagalingam: God Bless you both .. Even though I am cooking for years it is so soothing to listen to both of your voices. Keep up the good work.. I am telling my daughter to watch your videos.. Hope your son/daughter in Canada is/are watching and enjoying it..

WhatToNameIt: romba romba tasty! husband and i loved it! :D thanks mami!

podhujanam: உங்க அலம்பல் தாங்க முடியல! "ரொம்ப "நன்னா" இருக்கு! உங்க ஊர்ல இது கிடைக்காது! " இதெல்லாம் எதுக்கு. எங்களுக்கு கிடைச்சா நாங்க பண்ணுவோம். இல்லாட்டி வேடிக்கை பார்ப்போம்!. சும்மா வந்து மொக்க போட்டுகிட்டு....

Janani Sankar: Lovely recipes mama and mami. I am trying most of the recipes you have uploaded. Please keep them coming. They are nothing short of treasures.

geetradhu: very good. Keep it up.

geetradhu: Thank u.

geetradhu: Use only Thandu keerai. Both Palak and Fenugreek will be soggy and bitter

beenudia: Hello mamma mammi, ur dishes are excellent. i m in USA everyday i m watching mammi dishes and i love to prepare the same at my home and my husband appreciate me a lot. I feel like i m at my mom's home (India). Please post new dishes so that i can prepare the same. I like mammi's english (the way she speaks) and i appreciate mamma recording the video. I wish i want to see u both while i visit India. May god bless u both and your family

geetradhu: Thank u. With best wishes.

geetradhu: thank u very much. wish u very happy new year.

pdschumy: Thanks a lot for your time and effort :) ! your willingness to share your knowledge/experience is helping 1000s of people world wide...:) !

selva7boys: good job....

Utube75: maami excellent video clarity. ennoda friend ifoodtv nu oru site vechirkan. angayum idhai upload pannungo..... i am subscribing to your video

Abby aus: Thank you for posting these simple yet tasty recipes.

geetradhu: Thank you . with best wishes

Vvino Kumar: thank you mama and mammi... your videos impressed me a lot, my first job in the morning is to watch any of our videos and try the recipe for the day... i am a non vegetarian... forgot to cook non veg recipes for the past one week...

geetradhu: Have uploaded Sathu Mavuu. under the playlist Podee item.You can give. My grand son at canada is given this only. It is very healthy,You can try. With best wishes

geetradhu: Thank u for ur complements.

geetradhu: Thank u.

yanocoucha: thank you so much maama and maami...we get inspired to cook by seeing you make yummy and homely food...we are reminded of our parents...we especially love maama's comments...

brgaje: don't bother about negative comments it is very useful for beginners

gvkagr: Woderful cooking

xmas time: so sweet of both of you. its like our parent standing back of us and making cook. good work. we are chennaites in africa . thank you!

reynaldsusain: Excellent cooking.. I am currently learning south indian dishes.. your formula works really well and my family loves it. Thanks a ton.

geetradhu: Hope it would have come good.

geetradhu: Thank u.

Srirangam Radhu Keerai Koottu 4.8 out of 5

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