Ruger SR9 Vs SR9c Vs LC9 Vs LCP

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Lance W: my main carry is a SR9 bi-tone. I conceal carry daily. super accurate. love it. no amount of money could get me to let go of it... have not tried any of the others in this video yet. did pick up a Block G43. and its turning out to NOT be what I was told and thought it would be. so now looking to dump it and pick up either the SR9c or LC9. just not sure which..

CyberFaction: EXCELLENT REVIEW AND COMPARISON! I was looking to compare them all at once and I stumble upon this video. It's 5 years old but it's helping me out in 2017! I own the SR9 and 9E, I plan on getting a SR9C and LCP2.

Mike Delatorre: "..tuck a pistol in your banana hammock" thumbs up man, this was hilarious! very informative tho! I think I'll go with the SR9.

chris melms: I would rather have the magazine capacity of the SR9. I am a bigger guy so concealabilty is negligible.

smarty mcdummy: I would like to get shot with a 380

Gino Santana: what do you think of the Sr9 for carry conceal? I am 6'3" 235lbs and Sr9 feels great in my hands. Thanks for your time

mark douglas: Great vid mate, seeing them compared like that is great, thumbs up!!

Bro Davis: Does the crimson trace fit the sr9 also?

thecranberry89: i've owned the SR9c , LCP w/ CT laser, and now currently own the LC9s Pro .. LC9"s"  is the way to go (the "s" stands for Striker Fired.. this is a good thing) but if you don't like safety's (i dont!, grew up a Glock guy) get the PRO Model.. if you want a safety get the LC9s .. Be careful the regular LC9 and the LCP share the same crap trigger. I'm a big guy, I used to be able to conceal my Glock 26 like a champ but i keep getting fatter and my pants keep getting smaller. so now I'm stuck with smaller guns but i got big hands..and thus far the Lc9s Pro is working for me, shoots good, has decent sights unlike the LCP , has a better trigger (5.5lbs) and you can still pack 7+1 of 9mm..Not too shabby, im drunk so if this post sucks just scroll down to the next crapty one..

Christopher Sciamanna: So many vids on the compact hand guns gets annoying a lota ppl live in a state were concealed carry is almost not an option and i know u can still own a compact but theirs lil point to if u cant leagaly carry it in public! Plus i have huge hands and nothing irritates me more then a gun with half a damn grip on it and me having two fingers flapin in the wind with nothing to hold on to

Ken McCray: I see this is an older vid. but still has value. Now do I get the sr9c or lc9....

davva360: I have owned an SR9C for about 3 years now.  It is a very good gun.  Has a fantastic trigger out of the box, looks great, shoots very well and is one of my favorite guns.

I do have a couple of criticisms.  Mag disconnect, which I removed from mine as I think it is unnecessary.  Manual safety is over kill.  You can carry with it off of course but for me it digs into my side a bit too.  I could probably correct that with a different holster but I don't carry it that often.

Other than those concerns I would highly recommend the SR series.  I think they are great guns at a very competitive price.

Marky Mark: Cool video, I have the lcp, lc9 and sr9c and Love them. Never had any issues that I hear About. I'm a Ruger man when it comes down to it there reliable

lqprtlmrc: LOL!
"a little bit harder to recoil" that was funny man.
thanks for the vid!

casualty178: great video, it;s nice to see these guns all on the same table, right next to each other all at the same time and all with the same size hand. This video totally proves not even gun/tool video has to be technical and full of exact specs. Just the strait up visual comparison can be most helpful! Keep 'em comin'!

preelenede: Good video, that LC9 is really nice. Hard choice between that and the LCP for concealment.

Robert Rice: I agree that 380 has adequate stopping power, but I have trouble with their accuracy so I use LC9 or G23/27 for my CCW. It looked like the last magazine you loaded in the SR9c had the slide drop inadvertently? It appeared you started to rack the slide and realized it had already dropped. Just curious if that was a malfunction. Also was there a failure to feed in there? I enjoyed the video a lot though, thank you. Nice to see them all together.  

762x51n8o: Yes, the two grips are entirely different. The SR9c is double stack, so it's much thicker -- it fills up your hand. This makes it easier to control. WIth the extended mag it feels like a full size handgun.

calven727: Is their any difference between the sr9c and the sr9 in regards to the grip besides the length? if the sr9c had the 17 round mag in it, which one would feel better?

762x51n8o: It depends on your circumstance -- if you need the absolute smallest 9mm, then you need the LC9. If you have a little more room, then the SR9c would be a better choice.

Ruger SR9 vs SR9c vs LC9 vs LCP 5 out of 5

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