HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON - Dragon Training Lesson 1: The Deadly Nadder

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sergio gutierrez: That is so funny how she screamed aaaaaaaa!

Zukosgirl251: LOL

Tooliechick: oh astrid how do you fail at that

Clare Martin: @xtide2 called a terrible terror, not too terrbile but not too weak either despite its size :P

Cate Doge: nadders r ma facorite

RoseJustice4: Lol.....the Nadder is smarter than Astrid is.....

Meng Xiong: he he

ysamanika29: my favorite dragon is the monstorous nightmare

annia davis: it sure was a pretty good fight ooh,ooh do the gronckle!!!!!

Just A Random Turtle: My favorite dragon is Zippleback

Lê Đại Nhân: lol

Blackiichan1011: correctamundo! A Monstrous Nightmare is a wyvern as well!

MrComentarist: i love the deadly nadder its so cute and so cool

ericmasterfrog: Why is Nascarrrrfan top voted in all of these videos?

Queen of Pigeons: ha ha ha its verry funny

Glameyes1: "Aaaaaah!'' hahaha.... I just watched 'Bobsled' I totally laughed as loud as Astrid....I swear! I did! :3

Khalid Janahi: So cool my fav is deadly nader

elasticmedia: me 2!

Internets SWAT: I wish they would do a real short with the skrill. Would be awesome...

KeonaM: Well my favorite dragon is....TOOTHLESS!!!!! :DDD

Sobek: zippleback smile lol

elric225: best dragon cant wait for the game

Heather Peterson: I would train the night fury

rosa macy: Night furys my fav

Bibushka66: My fav dragon 1.Deadly Nadder , 2.Monstrous NightMare 3.Night Fury 4.Hideous Zppleback 5.terrible terror

Glameyes1: Deadly Nader is beautiful! It's blue! :3

DuchessAliana: Aww it walks around like a giant bird! lol

Trunder500: me fav dragon is the night fury.second the montrous nightmare.3 is nadder.4 is zkippleback

Christian Van der Schouw: Oh wow look at the animation also look closely to the animation in the movie do you see how real it looks but then in a cartooney way

Misaki Usui: wait, i think she nearly fell off a cliff, that's why she screamed idk

xtide2: i love that cute little dragon

duydao333: Deadly Nadder is my fav dragon! =3

boneo410: Gobber's Evil Laugh <3

ウォーカー アズール: Toothless is so cute~

LikosArktos: The nadder isn't actually a dragon; it's a wyvern :O

Wholocked Shipper: @KeonaM mine to! HE IS SOOOO CUTE AND AWSOME!

Wholocked Shipper: LOL

Witch Döctor: my fav dragon is monstrous nightmare

Cheyenne Bower: do typhoomerangs have blind spots lol, i love nadders look at my profile pic

Susan Smith: @Nascarrrrrrfan LOL

Angela LeRoy: If how to train your dragon actually happened, the deadly nadder is the dragon I would train.

1995Optimus: I was hopin' Astrid would pass XD

Mijaro09: Looks like she had a "blast" hahahaha She was "blown" away hahahahaha

dtcgirly: Love the evil laugh by Craig!

Germantownmadien: The guys laugh at the end! LOLZ!

Sérgio Menezes: mine is deadly nadder :D

Jacob Edward O'Neil Hamato: Hey The Night Fury is Mine

Ignacio Naik: night fury and nadders are my fav

Charmingwhiskers: Gronkle has to be there.

Lordsangels03: @Nascarrrrrrfan WTF!? XD

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON - Dragon Training Lesson 1: The Deadly Nadder 4.8 out of 5

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