Sony HXR-NX30 Review

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Mora Foto: Why my camera nxcam 30, every time always turn on, Request time code, format

Jack Patino: Got a focus question for you... Using an older Sony Handycam miniDV
camera, I would record training sessions for foster parents, and would
zoom in all the way onto the chair in which the trainer would sit, go
from autofocus to manual, and would then be able to zoom out and
everything from fully zoomed out or in would be in focus. I tried to do
this with my HXR-NX30U, and it is not the same. I can set the focus as
listed above, but when I try to zoom out all the way, the image goes out
of focus. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help!

Caroline Klepper: Hello, did you happen to export video footage from a memory card onto a Mac computer? I have this camcorder, but I am not sure if it is compatible with Mac computers. If you or anyone reading knows anything about this, I would appreciate it so much. Thank you!

JackyLum: i got a question here sir, i plan to buy a procam which i had in my mind for Canon products, the XF105, if compare to this sony NX30.... whats your advise if my purpose is solely for wedding days, outdoor and corporate event? thank you

Sean Wheale: I like the 30 second black space part at the end

Scott Orr: You are looking tight in that Polo collar is up    .  My boy Peter

Derek Sharp: Hello, got a question for you, or perhaps if someone else knows since there are quite a few viewers here now.  I've been trying to figure out if it is possible to snap a picture with the wireless remote control.  

KHALIDz M: Nx firty :)

A&S Broadcast Limited: Hello, we do need to check and see whether we can get the camcorder from Sony HK, For the Steady mode. NX30 do a better job the NX70 as NX70 just a normal steady mode which they put in most of the camcorder.

Justin McKnight: Hello. I saw you have a Sony nx-70. Can you do that video in English. Sorry. Question does the nx70 have the same "balanced" steady shot the nx-30 does? I don't see it but I wasn't sure. Please help and thanks so much for making videos!

Peter Lee: Thank you for answer.

A&S Broadcast Limited: Hello Peter, I think so. This is a semi-professional camcorder for people looking for compact size but still have some professional function like manual control, XLR audio input, Zebra else. Also it have simple function like Full Auto too. It have some manual function like Manual Iris, Exposure, White Balance, focus else for you when you need some control rather than full auto. So as beginner, if full manual function is too difficult for you, these Full/semi-auto function will help. Peter A&S

eddy castillo: hey Peta, why you pop corrar!

Peter Lee: Hi, if I am a beginner is the Sony HXR-NX30 a good choice? Thank you.

A&S Broadcast Limited: Yes, you set the dial to manual exposure or Iris

JOSHTREESTUFF: Hi there. Does this have manual exposure settings ?

Live & Amplified: on the sony sight I found this in a package deal.... I am looking into buying this camera...

A&S Broadcast Limited: Yes, it come with a special adaptor which you can put a 37mm (no 100% sure…) filter. But you can either choose, the hood or this adaptor as they cannot use together.

A&S Broadcast Limited: Hello Kirby, you are correct. This is not a camcorder which give you shallow depth of field like 5DMKIII or FS700 from Sony. The reason is this camcorder got wide lens + small CMOS which hard to get a shallow depth of field like you using a 14mm lens even on 5DMKIII. I can say this is a camcorder which is good for Run and Gun situation or ENG condition. Hope this information will helps ^_^

A&S Broadcast Limited: Yes, as NX30 have XLR Input which you can connect to audio console.(make sure you get the right cable as some of the console out is big phone jack) Please make sure the audio console master out is Mic or Line level as they have big different. Also, you can use the Wireless mic system to connect and make you wireless (please be careful some of the wireless mic system is mic level only) You can even stick it the mic on the speaker to prove hue sound (ground noise) through the audio console! ^_^

Sony HXR-NX30 Review 5 out of 5

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