Cub Cadet Snow Blower Electric Chute Rotation And Angle Adjustment

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shellacrx: @MrReadandlearn Thanks. Follow the link to MyTractorForum that I added to the video description. It will provide all the details on the parts and how I built it. I'm also looking to build a power lift system as well.

Qwhyitone: What motors did you use?

shellacrx: @Qwhyitone All the details can be found in the MyTractorForum link in the description. Just click on it and read the forum thread.

shellacrx: @dhanscel249250 Sorry to confuse you. But you're correct, the actuator will be in the DOWN position when the chute is all the way up. I wrote it up wrong. However, my original point is still valid - meaning, when the chute is UP (with the actuator in the retracted position) it will line up with a single point on the bottom of the chute when the chute is also DOWN (with the actuator in the extended position.) If you do it right, the up and down movement of the actuator will provide full movement.

dhanscel249250: how did u determine where to mount the top bolt of the chute deflector every time i raise the chute deflector up it collaspes and bends the chute

dhanscel249250: I am sorry to be such a bother When the actuator is extended and mounted to the metal bracket on the side of the chute is the chute wide open or in the down position when i move the actuator to get the other line for the arc is the actuator in the extended position and the chute closed

shellacrx: @1picklecox I did not change the plastic teeth on the chute. I have heard of your particular problem though, but all the setups I've seen with this issue generally have a poor contact angle between the chute and the spiral gear (either too far away or too high of an angle.) This can typically be adjust or the angle needs to be changed (lowered) for better meshing. All I did was adjust the spiral gear to be as close as possible to the teeth - just shy of hitting and it doesn't pop out.

shellacrx: @dhanscel249250 You just pick an approximate reference point on the top chute assembly for the hole, and then extend the actuator AND chute up – make a reference line (arc) where the bottom hole lines up on the bottom of the chute (with the actuator mounted in the top hole); then move the actuator AND chute down to find out where the intersection point is to the reference line for the lower mount. There’s only one point where they both meet – that’s where you drill the hole.

shellacrx: @1picklecox Also, check the MTF forum thread link in the description. There's another guy with the same issue as you. He ended up buying the parts for the chute rotation from the 341 snow blower (they fit for his blower even though it was a different model.) You could probably do something similar to fix the angle when connecting up a power window motor. Just an idea. Good luck with it!

dhanscel249250: Thank You for your advice

MrReadandlearn: Thats the ticket. I have a sims cab and it makes using the manual crank a pain. How do you build one?

1dickcox: did you change the plastic teeth on the chute? That is were my problem is. The spiral auger slips out of the slots on the chute. I have tried on several occasions to adjust the auger with out much success. Any suggestions? Richard

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