AQW: Chunin Class

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Erik Suantah: u made a joke of chunin u should be ashamed BTW i hit 4k wit tat 2 1 3 2 1 3 2 1 3 2 1 3 4 1 2 3 4 wala 4k

StaticMuch: Not great at soloing.. are you mad?

IDeronME: Thanks :D

Atrix43993: Well thanks but I had the chunin class and with Ungodly am doing damage up to 1226 and around 936 like when I use BLOOD ANCIENT AND ASSASSIN but thanks anyways.

Xenømic: unstable weapon?

Sir Bubbles: Yeah so far this video is doing really, really well :D

Sir Bubbles: For soloing I'd use the first 2 skills generally starting with the second since it keeps you alive. Farming you could use pretty much all but make sure to put lots of debuffs on the enemies before using chi blast. For enhancements I like to go with 3 warrior and 1 thief or something like that.

Sir Bubbles: Depends on what it is used for.

WeDoKnowJustinBieber: where did you get all that clothes :O ?

Charmen994332: well srry tht i didnt check all i saw was wut u typed n ur vid

JRick121: first comment in 15 mins :o

Sir Bubbles: my level is 45 and all the enhancements are fighter. atm I use 2 fighter and 2 lucky. Now can we please stop commenting on how I don't know how to use the bloody class? I think the subject was covered enough...

Sir Bubbles: ok il give you evasion and crit chance but haste? It seems normal to me

PhyscoTurducken: ps that was my step brother

Charmen994332: chunin isnt rare talk to rangar in battleon

Sir Bubbles: I really don't give a crap

Sir Bubbles: worshipper of nulgath, the masters hat, oblivion spear of revontheus, genesis wings of revontheus

StaticMuch: I have reviews of both classes on my channel.

eid ghassan: Pyromancer vs Darkblood stormking ??????

IDeronME: Enhancements? In what order do I use the skills?

Epicious AQW: its acually was easy but now its rare

Sir Bubbles: I know how to use it, but I don't like it. That is my OPINION! Plus I said it is decent (at farming)...please read the description before making comments like this. And don't tell me what I think, that just pisses me off.

joseph anthony: trollspellsmith is better

Sir Bubbles: A weapon from nulgath and sometimes Dage. i.e damage range between 1-400

cookiexander: i like the class , i do like 2k damage each 5 seconds .

Natnael Tilaye: class/fighter cape/luck helm/luck wep/luck use unstable weapon and BOOM. 1k crits all over the place

Master Yi: im lvl 27 and i soloed the red dragon .-. LIEK A BOSS

Sir Bubbles: I'd suggest all warrior but you could try throwing in some thief enhancements.

Charmen994332: at the end yes u did say it was bad

Sir Bubbles: Yeah that does sound pretty good

Kyoshu Motto: someonw anwser me honstely i mean i have 290 outta 300 but srsly which is better necro or chunin?

RealNightFury: rank 6 chunin class hits 1600 and 1000....It takes down lvl 25-45 low lvl enemies SOO QUICkLY! great for some quests! i use necro for bosses above 20k+ health

AQWsurpulchur: And plus it doesn;t lack real power. I always do so many crits

Sir Bubbles: Haha thanks I thought it looked kinda cool

Charmen994332: and dude 1 last thing use the third skill thats the solo skill, o bt chinin isnt tht bad i hit 4k with it

Sarah Ann MussaRMusic: thanks

vladsideiu: What enchantments ?

Epicious AQW: Yeah u just copied it from the design note skill breakdown

Sir Bubbles: I struggle to solo as well. But this guy in the top comments has found a good setup so check that out.

mohamad,kamal zini: what is the enchans

Sir Bubbles: I merely said that it does pretty low damage. I also said it's decent.

G Shamsi: i know how to get chunin tokens , but where can i get the chunin class :/ ?

Tahid Rahman: Sir Bubbels nice vids! :D

TurboVirgin: i preffer the darkside class :P it have a health/mana spell but it suck so hard at pvp >.<

Sir Bubbles: also good for farming

Bradie skux: Great video man I beileve that it is very OP rather than under damaged I think with the right enhancings class- fighter , helm- righter/luck, cape-luck/thief and weapon(should be stable)- luck I can hit quiet high around 1k-5k almost every time

Sir Bubbles: Read the description before making false accusations

Chris Roberts: is it worth the time to get it?

JRick121: Good luck on it, by the way what enhancements should i use on chunin?

Sir Bubbles: ok....congratulations?

AQW: Chunin Class 4.7 out of 5

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