Plex App V0.8.14 For Samsung TV's And BD-Player's

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Bastiaan van der Post: I Like Plex very much and use it a lot, but does subtitles work with this client?

gotflava1: Thats a sweet looking TV!!! Looks even better with Plex on it!!!

MrTalal234: I really want this for my UN55D6000, how can i do it?

jimthing1: No. The server has to be running at ALL times. Get a Mac Mini and leave it (& storage) on. Most peeps go for this option, or a cheap PC. (I like to have a spare Mac about for other paperwork files, so this works great.). If you can afford it, it's always best with these things to invest in something decent for the next 3-4 years (computer AND [backed-up!] storage). Then you'll end up happy with the results, compared to some half-assed set-up u get pissed-off with cause it never works properly.

PlexforSamsung: @ecotts should work with the BD-D5300 but it seems that the BD-Players can't handle 1080p mkvs, some ppl have problems with it. Here is our forum hxxp:// The interface is nicer than the WD TV Live. It supports .mkv but not .iso files. There are other internet apps like hulu or netflix but it depends where you live.

S.2018: whats the best way to stream using least electricity i would rather connect harddrive then have to set up server and have it on all the time

Bernhard Bogenstorfer: Which picture settings do you use? thx

PlexforSamsung: @Thunder87Fairway You can already try it check here bit . ly/lAFDGk . Hopefully it will be in the samsung app store in 1-2month when i reach version 1.0.

PlexforSamsung: @DataOutputStream It's just a client.

PlexforSamsung: @HowImLivin yes they will come sooner or later. At the moment I want to finish the movie view.

PlexforSamsung: It should be available soon in the Samsung App Store.

Thunder87Fairway: Det ser jo alt for lækkert ud, glæder mig til at prøve den!! hvornår kan vi forvente en release ca.?

jeyakanth umakanth: my samsung smart tv has plex but i could not installed properly , when i installed finally it says error , what can i do then?

zhaquiri: What about my Belkin router's networked "USB storage center"? I can just leave the router on with the external HD connected to it. Will the Plex media manager on my PC be able to read off of that drive when I organize the files? Then, afterwards, when I turn the PC off (but leave the router on and the external HD with the organized files), will the Plex app on my Samsung TV be able to read off of that over WiFi?

chriswillb: I'm using it on internet@tv. Do i need to setup the connection info before it displays anything?

Jimmy Boy: Can it play movie directly or we have to use plex transcoding tool? Can it play movie with DTS audio? It would be nice if it can decode DST audio n play directly from server. So my Samsung TV can become another XBMC, i wont need my HTPC anymore. Hope Plex for E Series ll be available soon. Can't wait to see it :D

PlexforSamsung: Yes it can play DTS directly if your Samsung device supports DTS. But as far as I know all do that. So there is no need for transcoding on the server.

PlexforSamsung: @wobblyman2000 here is the link to the How-To: bit (dot) ly/lAFDGk

S.2018: @PlexforSamsung link dont work

Dejan Bešić: Please hel. How I setup this on my samsung smart tv d6530?

Jimmy Boy: So nice. Yes my Samsung TV support DTS. It is 40" ES6220 with 3D. Damn, plex should have on 2012 TV models soon, so i can get rid of Samsung Allshare App. It's suck.

sijo joy: i have samsung UE40ES6710U i have plex app and i got an account with plex .now what to do?when i plex it my vedio , my tv screen says unable to play this format.and need plex server with transcoding capability could u please help?

Vishal Shah: How do I get this on my Samsung un55D7000 series tv! Please help with direction!!

David Deblaere: Does it show subtitles? That's really important to me. Does the model nr have any effect on the capabilities and performance or does the 5 series perform as fast as the 8 series?

S.2018: cant you just connect external hard drive to samsung tv and use plex

Domenico Musotto: Password and Name from the Site???

ecotts: @PlexforSamsung I appreciate your response, i'll check out your forum a bit later. Thanks..

chriswillb: Is it normal for it to just display preferences on first startup? I''m

HowImLivin: I installed the application on my tv and everything seems to work fine so far. I will send a donation to you. do you plan to add other sections such as video plugins and picture plugins?

ecotts: can I ask which is the better blu ray player to get to run exactly what your doing here, I don't really fancy upgrading my TV again. Is this much better than a WD TV Live, can it support MKV and ISO and do they have any internet apps?

PlexforSamsung: @BasvdPost at the moment not but it should come later this year.

Joe Shit the Rag Man: installed it yesterday and I like it!

HowImLivin: I have a samsung un55d6900. Will this work on my tv? how do I put the plex app on the tv?

neosetter: hey can you PM me with the server ip? thanks!

zhaquiri: Yeah, I'm wondering about this as well. I don't want my PC on all the time. Please answer.

pharohbender: holy crap, just bought a Samsung tv and can't wait to use plex awesomo power

jimthing1: Good work!

djsethbe: after some searching i switched off transition animation and everything is going much faster. usable now.

karthik11512: hey what is rendering the video. I know that plex requires a client and a media server which renders the video.

wobblyman2000: how can i install this on my Samsung TV

PlexforSamsung: @chriswillb Yes, you have to go to Preferences -> Plex Media Server and add the IP from your PC where the Plex Media Server is running on.

Xavior Miller: I have plex media server running on my mac and the app on my new 8000 model samsung. The YV does not see the plex media server. They are both on the same 5ghz wifi network. Any help is appreciated

SmoothMarx: I'd suggest looking up NAS servers, preferably Synology if you don't know how to work one. They have a great UI, they support plex and it works as an external storage device connected to your home network for storing files from your PC or playing files to your TV. The kicker: they have a Torrent client included. The con: after buying the NAS unit, you still have to buy the Hard Drives. But it's by far the best setup. For "basic" home use, check out the Synology DS413j. It's on my wish list. :)

jimthing1: No Plex doesn't work in that way; it works in a server-to-client relationship. The server app holds your library, whilst the client app (several different versions of the client app across various devices) is your control of the server data. It's analogous to IMAP email: the server (cloud) holds all your emails in their respective folders. Whilst the clients on your devices (computer|phone|tablet) access the emails, display them & allow you to manipulate them across folders on the cloud server.

Domenico Musotto: @PlexforSamsung can u send me the HowTo?

BlundettoBoss: sammy+plex rulz

jimthing1: ...continued. • LG/Samsung TVs just have a version of the Plex CLIENT app. This then accesses the computer+storage on your home network where the main Plex SERVER app has to be. • Similar having a computer plugged into the TV: Plex SERVER app controls the back-end, & then **another** application, Plex CLIENT app, gives you front-end control to the Plex server app. Also, using a computer (Mac Mini=great!) is usually best compared to a NAS, as when needed, their beefier CPUs transcode with ease.

zigi zi: how come my samsung smart tv wont connect to plex?model UE46 6510seriescan u reply please?

jimthing1: See my comment above (ie. for transcoding, I mention the benefit of using a dedicated computer over NAS's: CPU power). Anyway, Plex's server-client relationship means something non-TV with a chip in it is needed. Even if you do use a slightly-less-power Plex-server-compatible NAS, again, almost certainly NOT gonna give u the best, easiest, experience tho. A computer uses ~$20-30 annual elec bill when left on, so hardly an expense. Though the planet may love you, you'll likely not be left happy.

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Plex App v0.8.14 for Samsung TV's and BD-Player's 4.2 out of 5

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Plex App v0.8.14 for Samsung TV's and BD-Player's
Plex App v0.8.14 for Samsung TV's and BD-Player's
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