70cc Baja Dirt Bike

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DAfurious196: how fast can it go

xBADxASH138: i bought my son one and he wouldnt ride it, so i took it out with my cousin he has a grizzly i went everwhere he did one of the best bikes ive ever owned i would rather ride it then my kx

GAYMON69: its pretty good if your looking for one thats prce its a good deal

Cody ATF: @allezsport2010 freak you dude baja is amazing!!!

marcusangikid: ii ghot one ov those baja's and yall ride slow they could go way faster

357magnum98: lol @dawson1243 these are not street legal

Davidbmx55: I'll buy the 70cc

raheemvids: these kids are not no kitty getting dirtbike heads like u virgin bitches

357magnum98: most places sell the 70cc at 400 dollars but i think its a good deal

718shooter: Were do you guys live

clubpenguinvideos17: going to my dad is fun to do to ride the bike on top of the freaking world ya mother freakas

11keshon: i gt mine 2 years ago my shyt stil running

TheLito877: they cost 600 at pepboys

seanwii360: umm does this bike have clutch

marshmellow666666: isnt that a 50cc dirt bike??

GAYMON69: the 70cc 600$ and the 49cc 375$

iSpYdAMuNkY: whats the top speed?

jrburns100: Take the baffle out so it sounds bigger

rcdude747: whats the difference in between the two bikes

narutofanman89: a helmet is a freakin helmet

Josh Mills: would i be to tall for this im 5'10

TheVerbatimlover: I had th exact some one. YOu can ride the you know what our of them for like 4 years and neglect it and they still run. Mine doesnt like to get wet because it makes it idle funny. I am thirteen and ive had it since i was 10 and the only thing wrong with it is the clutch is broke... thats it. I barely took care of it... Great little bikes...

Neil Williams: Little bit small dont ya think?

trevonnn17: where did u get them at?

keviebobevy13: im gettin a 70cc and its $320.00

Bradley Page: pep boys

Alex Dean: where is this?

adams2297: is this bike small .

GAYMON69: ya i know not to do that

adams2297: i jus got this bike for xmas but is it heavy wen u first ride it and you try to stop it wen u put your feet on the ground ( i didnt ride it yet )

ShittyWok: would sell the motor for the 70 cc?

TheShawdow100: The bike goes alot faster I have one

EliyahuDeutsch: I heard BAJA'S are junk. What are your experiences with your bike? Does it still work?

Vannerr1: Don't listen to that idiot below me there good bikes I have one now it's good for a dirt bike so quit hatin

Ryan Rajsombat: seems like a pit bike

ali illest: @TimeOfOcarina they suck dude i have one and it is crap

GAYMON69: @000redneck000 in my neighborhood

GAYMON69: the 49cc 45 and the 70cc 50

bubslyG: wooow u gatta learn to shift properly. u dont let the throttle off when shifting on ur gay 70

Deanmc2406: make him fat ass :P

funkmuffin202: bull crap my friend has 1 i could barley hit 55 on it and ive benn riding for 7 years u just started and u suck get a real bike

shon manion: @SamLesbian wow way to brag... ann no crap it would these are 70cc dirt bikes. thanks captain obvious

Ohling: wow those are alot cheaper than honda and they look decent enough 4 a 70cc

spoe123: @SamLesbian y are u worried about wah people ride like wtfucc worry bout ya damn self kitty freak damn who gives a shyt u prolly dont even have a yz250 let him have his chinese bike u freakin bitch

Kid1Beast: I got the same one for sale but a 70cc check out my channel

fattttas: @GAYMON69 mph or kmh

pianoandkidz: @iSpYdAMuNkY 50 mph

movieMike000: so illegal

fahmynickness: But don't get it, it six ass, get a Honda or yamaha or Kawasaki or ktm....

Vannerr1: **for a first dirtbike**

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70cc baja dirt bike 4 out of 5

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Baja 70cc Dirt Bike Review. Ride on. Wheelies. and Top speed DR70 (1080p HD)
Baja 70cc Dirt Bike Review. Ride on. Wheelies. and Top speed DR70 (1080p HD)
Baja 70cc Dirt bike review
Baja 70cc Dirt bike review
baja 70cc dirtbike top speed
baja 70cc dirtbike top speed
70cc baja dirt bike
70cc baja dirt bike
Baja 70cc dirtbike
Baja 70cc dirtbike
Baja 70cc dirtbike for sale!
Baja 70cc dirtbike for sale!
Customized Baja 70cc Dirt Bike
Customized Baja 70cc Dirt Bike
Baja Motorsport Dirt Bike 70cc
Baja Motorsport Dirt Bike 70cc
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baja 70cc dirt bike waggon pullin
70cc baja dirt bike
70cc baja dirt bike
Baja DR50 Top Speed
Baja DR50 Top Speed

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