70cc Baja Dirt Bike

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Mark loan jr: Their wonderful bikes

adrian ward: do you have to go to the stor

rolplayer: ok bike had one for a year then stoped working after 4 months

Neil Williams: Little bit small dont ya think?

Alek Korman: 250 dollars for a 50cc? Do you think it would carry me, Im 120 lbs...

Hayden LaBrie: i had mine for about 4 years and the only thing we had to fix was a sticky throttle and a front wheel because my brother crashed it into a tree and i drove it into the swing set 3 days after getting it but there was no problems there. best bike for the price and quality! i still ride it to this day! ive had a cr 80r but nothing compares to the baja 70cc. its a sweet bike

Jeferson Ramirez: Is that top speed

reweydewy: I owned a Dirt Runner 50 (Same as Baja 50) and believe me I beat the balls out of mine. Only thing I highly recomend is new Throttle, Carb, and some way to get those awful foot pegs off the ground because they are so low to the ground. I installed bike pegs on mine after I cut the old foot rests off. This bike was fun for the money.. Kept up well with 2001 Honda Xr70 Surprisingly

Marcus Johnson: how old are they

Daggerlich: Anyone who is thinking about buying this bike, STOP AND READ THIS. These things are complete crap. I know from experience. Everything is backwards on them (like press down on the shifter and it will shift up) WHATEVER YOU DO DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY AND BUY A GOOD BIKE FROM A WELL KNOWN BRAND

Smooth.McGee: Take the baffle out so it sounds bigger

roudyroy1: baja sucks dont wast your money oon one... i know from experience

roudyroy1: @SilenceIKIILLYOU it sucks

Cody ATF: @allezsport2010 freak you dude baja is amazing!!!

Harlan Schmaltz: Hey is the apollo agb series better then the gay ass baja???

Egi Dollani: @EliyahuDeutsch hey go to my channel cause im makin a video of my 150cc baja after a year...its sad what happed..

Egi Dollani: @Derekthebamf69 hahahahaha

Trollygag: @Derekthebamf69 Uh... it's a cheap motorcycle with a cheap Chinese motor. Some work, most for not very long. You get what you pay for... except not even in this case. If you want a cheap bike, buy something used from a credible manufacturer.

Jeff Walker: thats a 49cc not a 70cc

TheLito877: they cost 600 at pepboys

70cc baja dirt bike 5 out of 5

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Baja 70cc Dirt Bike Review. Ride on. Wheelies. and Top speed DR70 (1080p HD)
Baja 70cc Dirt Bike Review. Ride on. Wheelies. and Top speed DR70 (1080p HD)
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Baja 70cc pit bike
Baja 70cc Dirt bike review
Baja 70cc Dirt bike review
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70cc baja dirt bike reivew
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