Tangled Frizzy Weave Help

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Ashley Tolbert: Omg! I been to get on here sooner to thank you for the hair tip! You saved the day Love!

Teona Hall: You are so pretty and funny! Lol and I love your braces. Thanks for the video, I'm going to get that oil soon because I'm having that probably you were speaking of with my Peruvian hair!

blondell jackson: So I brought this remi saga wig a few weeks ago. Im natural and only wear it for protective styling. I loved it at first. But then came the awful shedding and tangles in the back. I want to grow my own hair so I need this wig for the moment and I don't want to weave again for awhile. I saw your video and it made so much sense. Now I have almost the whole cream of nature line except for the serum. I had the ic hair polisher so I used that instead. It worked wonders. The hair was not dry and tangled less. Thank you so much for posting this. 

Talor Square: i literally ran to the store after watching the video my hair is conditioning now i cant wait to try it!!!!!! im tired of tangled frizzy hair, thank you so much 

Crystal Vines: Hi Blusugar I enjoyed your video. Does the organic oil work on deep wavy hair?

Caramel Cutie: I loved watching your review..you're so funny..i'm gonna buy me some of that oil today. Thanx 


Ky Smith: Well I just purchased this and need to use it on my curly weave..thanks for sharing..will keep you posted...I hope it works

Maria Carey: hunni thks so much it def did the trick

arianna oneal: I watched your video and although there was a lot of detail the product reslly does work. Thank you so much you are a life saver.

tammie thornton: Thank you soo very much, I'm going to try this ASAP.

Tracy Kelly: Thank you so much! If I sent you a picture of my tangled mess, you would be afraid...lol

KJOpinion: GIRL!!! U R A God SEND ...THX!

Jake Smackey: U must purchase A+1 hair products for a weave. You can't buy the Suave and cheapy shampoo, conditioner. Try the Dove, Silk Elements (Sallys Beauty) Shampoo and Conditioner. Also wrap your hair at night to stay smooth--sleep on a real silk pillowcase or wrap it up in a silk scarf.

StylesbyNancy: great video, headed to the store!

Kesha Monroe: Omgeeeeee....thank you so much...... I used the oil last night, flat ironed, and wrapped my hair last night and I woke up to beautiful soft hair..... :)

angel smith: Thanks for the tip... omw to the store!

Shannon Martin: Thank you so much for doing this video. Thanks to the creme of nature and your tips my hair looks and feels wonderful!!!

Haggleme Chadwick: you are sooo funny!

Holly Love: Thanks for this video. Experiencing the same thing rite now, just with brazilian body wave hair. Will definitely be trying this!!

Maria Carey: thank you so much I def will try

100kwatts: Thank You Jesus!!! I have been so discouraged with my RPG Show unit......so, dry, tangled, puffing out.....so I know what you were going through. Beauty Supply Store, here I come!!! Thank You .,.,

The Finest Girl: Ok. My turn. I hope this works for me! This one weave in my head now is so long. And i hate matte with a passion! Matte will tear out yo own hair if u let it. Not a good look at all. I will let u know soon as. TY

85Tweetypie: This is awesome thank you for the insight. I will definitely be going to Sally's tomorrow! Lol thank you again!

purple rain: thank you for the info!!

prettylilmzgrace: Girl I have a u part I'm trying to save I'm going to Sallys to get me one

Charisma Tate: Thanks so much I was so frustrated with my hair weave!! Im about to go now to the store and put this oil to work lol thanks so much!

PrttyBrwnEyez13: I have this product, but I've been using it on my leave out to help with frizz on my natural hair, but I'll definitely try this on my weave!

maxqueen6: I TRIED IT AND IT WORKS!!!!!!! THANKS

pndiya: Thanks girl! Im trying to hold on to mine I get the same issue with this weave its crazy

ytcookout: You are hysterical! Your hair looks very pretty now! I also think it looks natural. Blessings Always!

Ciera Shanks: YEEESSSS! Thankyou for this video!! I am going through this same thing. It's not rough but frizzy and tangled! I am soooooo excited to go buy this today. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

myeshalovesyou: lol!

Mztonichilds: The best video I have watched today. Too bad it's after 11, I would run to Walgreens. I have Velvet Remy Natural Yaki in my hair and I need this to last another couple of weeks.

heartjt: Thanks for your suggestions. You described my wig exactly! I tried this and it has made the hair much softer, no tangles! However I still do get the poofy hair raising. I still have to wear my hair in one daily because I'm so self conscious about my hair looking crazy when i wear it down. So worked somewhat but not completely:(

TheBlusugar: Hi Donte's MOM LOL, Thanks so much for watching

TheBlusugar: @nhanzbeute37 it works. i hate when i watch long wind videos also. just get to the point

vivimon: you have no idea how much this helped me! i have my first full sew-in and this hair is terrible - exactly how you described your experience. i did a deep conditioning treatment and used the product you mentioned, and it has done wonders to this hair! it's still shedding and falling out like crazy but at least it's soft and less tangly ;) thank you thank you!

HSVB06: Is this something you do regularly or just when you wash your hair

dwmoane: Thank you so much for this video tutorial. It totally saved my weave!

APril Johnson: Hi there, i want to thank u for sharing but hun the long wind was killing me:) So bottom line it worked????? would you recommend this product or what?

Sakeenah Myers: @Mztonichilds I hear you, girl. I'm trying to make mine last until my birthday in May. So that will be about 2.5 months.

Sheena Jackson: I have to say, your video has been the most helpful. Thank you for your honesty, I swear I thought I had got a bad batch or I was doing something wrong. Your hair looks wonderful, I'll let you know how my hair turns out after I try your tips. Thanks again.

Nikkiz1978: so u only put it on at night

Jessica Lawrence: I had the same experience girl its not just you

candicemckenzie: I would say so, my hair is also a wavy wig, tangled within a few days of purchase as well, I used pure argan oil on damp hair after washing it and blow dried it with the nozzle down so that the curls / waves became very loose practically straight, then put more argan oil on every section of hair before I ran the flat iron over it then wrapped it to bed. If my hair was 100% frizz, would now say it is 15-20% frizz. Can't thanks @TheBlusugar enough for doing this video, has really helped me :-))

mariamurray91: Thank you!! Im going to try and let u know

rdc197810: LOL @ the jaws theme

Lexsis Manning: did you reach bra strap length : )

Tesh Haggans: YES!! Good VID!!

Tangled Frizzy Weave Help 4.8 out of 5

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Tangled Frizzy Weave Help
Tangled Frizzy Weave Help
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