Ps3 Ofw 4.25 Downgrade To Cfw 3.55 Jailbreak E3 Full Tut Zofmod

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OrignalGunzOnly-: Subbed and liked :) TecH_OvErL0AD

ZOF MOD: ? what do you need and do you have a e3flasher

ZOF MOD: hi yes i can send you the files do you have an email to send to ?

ZOF MOD: Hi it will work on all ofw 4.31 and 4.31+

ZOF MOD: if you want to downgrade more than one ps3 then use the samsung update bin and the normal updat bin will work on any e3 it doesnt matter weather the console is from overseas hope this helps

ZOF MOD: yes m8;)

MaD Hax: nice

amandio cardoso: Thanks, not problems tu use the e3 dowgrade.bin ? you ave the doc end soft to install !!: you excuse to mey inglish

titus femi: send it to thank you.

ZOF MOD: ozmods off the net there the best ;))

TehSketchhh: Sweet! How much would it cost to buy all this equipment?

Ronnie Beachy: Does this only work with OFW 4.25? Or does it work for OFW 4.30 too? I have 4.30

gryan bercasio: where to buy e3 flasher?

ZOF MOD: thanks m8 ;)

ZOF MOD: yes mate i can send it me and your save and i will do them and send them back;)

amandio cardoso: So I use the update (Samsung 2011.10.28) and also the (e3_downgader.bin)!!! Thank you

20011jack: ok mate an come online

20011jack: i sent it to you, you hacked it.

Wass481: How much can I buy one of ur jailbroke ps3 for do I can host my self on black ops and mw2

amandio cardoso: Hello, With the downgrade method using (e3_downgrade.bin), you can use E3 flasher on ps3 also? thank you

ZOF MOD: about 100 to 150 if you have a pc and ps3 ;)

ZOF MOD: hey i subed back bro thanks

20011jack: i messaged you read it

darshan brahmbhatt: where the link to download it ?

ZOF MOD: not sure what you mean ???

xXHDhackzHDXx: Thanks alot bro i subed ^.^

20011jack: sent you the download link mate

ZOF MOD: no probs ;)

titus femi: hi nice video can u pls i you the tutorial to downgrade a ps3 with a Samsung NOR FLASH and can you send my a link to download the Samsung Nor Flash files thank you

20011jack: you got skype?

DanielTeles9: that is with e3 flasher?

amandio cardoso: If the (e3_downgrade.bin) you can use the e3 flasher on overseas ps3 console

ps3 ofw 4.25 downgrade to cfw 3.55 jailbreak e3 full tut zofmod 4.4 out of 5

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