Homemade Mud Motor For Duck Boat Startup

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esmi000: I didnt see a mud motor just saw a 4 stroke engine running. :/

Jesse Morris: project never got finished having a kid got in the way lol the air cleaner I ordered online but the site is no longer there.

Davedtz1: @Jepnkd, i have a Briggs 10ph on my surface drive.....id like to put a high flow air filter like the one you have on here....what size is the one you're using? did you have to do anything to the carb? thanks

Tyler Penny: @Goingpostal1000 I have a 6.5hp on my 1640 flatbottom plywood duck boat.. it moves along alright...

Jesse Morris: yes sir I have oone instaled in the video. it was the first time starting and I needed to pump fuel into the motor before it would start now it runs perfect

hondarideralex: If you get the gx140 emulsion tube (if you haven't already, it will help starting and low end power a ton. made my go kart a one pull motor after rejetting.

Jesse Morris: Yep I put the main jet and I'm going to build a custom exhaust

Tyler Penny: you putting a header pipe, and bigger main jet in there?

Goingpostal1000: So probably not enough for a 1648 jon? I gotta find something that will work that also isn't 5 grand!

Jesse Morris: I wish I could say yes. I havent worked on it much but I will be soon. Right now I just have a 10 jon for running shollows I couldnt take on major water.

Goingpostal1000: Have you finished it? What size boat are you putting it on and how well does it go? Thanks!

Tyler Penny: @jepnkd right on.. I built a short tail with the same engine....

Jesse Morris: yep its a hf and its going to be a longtail

Tyler Penny: harbour freight grey hound? you building a long tail or short?

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homemade mud motor for duck boat startup 5 out of 5

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