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Harley Oronan: Fight the referee

Ethan Willemsen: u can get raw is war arena if u use community creations

Tural Eminli: wwe 13

Abdul shalash: Coollllllllll 

Luke Medici: Its wwe 13

Justin Carbon: This is wwe 13 

Ahmed Ayman: freak u it's 13 i have wwe2k14 

salvatore palma: Have securty come out and you have to put a finisher on both of them!

Kelvin Miller: Yea african american stop showing fake videos its wwe13 dumbass

DAVID BEAULIEU: A sum and is that wwe14

Rosario Oyarzo: Wow!

Justin Carbon: This is wwe 13 

Kelvin Miller: Cuz wwe 2k 14 don't have raw is war 

Owen Hart: wwe13

TheAntster64: WWE2K14 is awesome I got the game when it came out

nazir natha: 2K14 lumberjack match

Ashu Punjabi: Buried Alive Match, Street Fight, 6 Man or more Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Ambulance Match, Hardcore Match, and also both Attitude Era Mode and RTWM combined

Locker Room Pride Sefik: @mzizzamia great ideas

nwoody27: Online gm mode


A1 Sauce :D: Get more wrestlers in the ring more than 6 how about 10 DAMN IT

Atackall: backstage roaming more tag team match options

JAPH: ill liked that

HOODIE650: Hctp hd that is all

OhhReliqion: bring gm mode back

NuNu334: This is WWE 13 Dumbass

AslanWayne: WWE2K14 should be like Here Comes The Pain with the current roster.... There should be Bra & Panties Matches or Fullfill Your Fantasy Matches and you could change the arena during the match like in Here Comes The Pain or you could fight in the crowd like in Smackdown Vs Raw 2008!! Like if you agree

GumbytheBeast13: no just stop guys the best thing to do is 2 bring back GOLDBERG so we the people or real GOLDBERG fans dont have to play or create a fake goldberg no freak no i want him in 2k14 god dammit n other supertars legend dude like svr 2007 dat game was the crap it had hella legends

Shieldbeliever: It should be like 2008 fights in the crowd and gm mode

fuzzcanyon: I want to see a new game! Not washed up updates like the old titles.

thewwedj: I wish this would happen

TripleR310: You making same videos every year.... :{D

NuNu334: I Wonder if WWE 2K14 Will have a 3 stages of hell

Apocalyptic Nightmare: put a p after the htt

HellfireAndHighflyers2000: Things I want in WWE 2K14: 1: Bra & Panties match 2: Ability to climb the titantron like in SmackDown HCTP and Smackdown SYM 3: Ability to go absolutely ANYWHERE (ex. in smackdown hctp you can actually go to the top of the times square building) 4: More attire selections for Superstar Threads and our caws 5: All free DLC including Fan Acess 6: More Legends as unlockables 7: Road to Wrestlemania w/ customization option and branching 8: Practice Mode (btw practice mode was in svr 11) 9: Better

george parker: way more omg moments including smashing thru a ring and ultimate warrior should be a character and so should nwo and fn getrid of the inferno match it sux and put in barbed wire steal cage like when jbl vs bigshow at no wayout

Apocalyptic Nightmare: go to this to post suggestions htt://forums.2kgames.com/showthread.php?217686-Suggestions-for-wwe14&highlight=suggestions

deltaforcegsii: plz

wweslamfunk: Falls count anywhere in or outside arena

MrRandomguy521: One last thing is to have special Elimination Chamber entrances.

Ett10: Unlitmed finishers like wwe 13

Eric V: No, what they need to do is make it so the reversing isn't so goddamn easy. The reversing should be like 12.

Ps3Gaming HD: They need gm mode! Hopefully they bring it back

Martin: create a finisher but sumission, dramatic 2 cladys pg era storyline more arenas more wrestlers more and new universe mode cutscenes more realistic universe like wwe tv. more awsome match types stay with every match type wwe 13 has. gm mode 4.0 better servers

Jamaal Clarke: if we can fight in the crowd we should be able to go backstage and fight ur opponent and when we r in the crowd u should be able to throw /jump off the balconys and steps in the crowd

vilgax0000: maybe a casket match a burried alive match

isaac makinde: f u backyard gamer show it dont say it

Luke DAgostino: This is 13 I have 2k14 and it's different

ateovall: Thats not wwe14

KING Rasheed: I want free roam I wanna be able to fight in the crowd, be able to go back stage during a match and brawl backstage, be able to fight on the side lines of the stage, be able to hit ur opponent with the tv monitors on the announce table, bring back season mode, let us pick any superstar we want, put alot of legends in the game, more stuff in caw more hair styles for the diva caws more features for create an arena, bring back GM Mode!

WWE2K14 - FIGHTING IN THE CROWD!!! 4.4 out of 5

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