Far Cry 3 On Intel HD Graphics 3000

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GmodGamer G: why dont you buy it on a console instead?

trung nguyen: with this specs, can i play far cry 4 ?

Tieng Nguyen: i have an intel i7 second gen that can go up to 3.8ghz, hd3000, 8gb of ram, but it can barley handle 1 fps on the lowest resolution any suggestions? 

Marius Tabios: same specs but mine is lagging like crap

Machine Gun Gamer: Guys i have problem Intel Hd Graphics 3000 4 GB ram 500HDD Windows 7 ultimate In Far cry 3 i fix the crosshair ... but i don't have the first tatto ... Can anybody help ? :)

Mohamed Gasmi: how much dedicated video ram do you have ?

Spingasballs: My god that looks terrible.

K- Hype: Download Cheat Engine and set the speed to 0.8 and watch your fps increase 

Rildo94: how can I understand what Intel HD graphics do I have??

Austin Kenyon: I wouldn't expect it to run this smoothly on that! Seems like the poor optimization would make it unplayable. I hate to be "that guy," but how do you think it would run on my laptop? AMD A6-5200 quad core APU @ 2.0 Ghz Radeon HD 8400 graphics 4 gb of ram (3.6 useable) Windows 8 64 bit I also run razer game booster with certain applications and noticed that it takes a huge load off the cpu.

Lucas Moreira: Dude, help me! I installed on my pc, i started the game and it went very well, but when i try to load a new game, it crashes :c

NOOBKING: not true! not everyone is rich to own a amazing game pc! but for integrated video cards you still can run a lot of games, FC3 is not very heavy! AC3 is so much heavyer, but yet it run amazingly on some Integrated cards! but end the day is not a gaming PC!

Ruturaj Vaidya: 1.5ghz Core i3. Intel HD 3000. 4GB RAM. Would I be able to play?

Crio9996: yes

zul24: i do agree with you i think u would be extremely surprised on how well some 2012 games run on my hp 4530s with just the i3 and intel hd 3000 im currently playing hitman absoltuion and get amazing fps but assassins creed 3 is just unplayable so i think alot of people underestimated this graphics card although it wud be nice for game devlopers to do a bit better with optomizing games dont u agree not to say that this game is optomized properly i do agree ubisoft is crap

HeaD: lol, its a nice performance to a integrated intel 3000,nice

11Nidzo11: how can you run it so good im having i dunno like 6 fps everything on LOW

Master Trolley: I think he's on single player mode.

Umbra360: No lag? 15-25 fps is considered below acceptable levels on a fps

Tom Jones: hey some people cant afford high-end computers that can run games on ultra, this is what this video is for to show if their low end specs can run a nice game

Hey. Omw?: I know. 1.6 ruined support for Intel HD. I was getting like 60 FPS on max settings, now I get like 10.

bobsaysftw: Run the game on DirectX 9 if you aren't, causes a good FPS boost.

tuanvulge: thôi nói tiếng việt cho rồi :-P,có thiệt là bạn xài intel hd 3000 ko đó,chứ intel hd 4000 mạnh hơn 3000 cỡ 50% mà chơi cũng được nhiêu đó fps thì hơi lạ đó X(

jakop360: ehhmm... how much ram it have agin was it like 64 mb or more?

Purplehat: I have a Asus X501A laptop, with that grapics card, and a 2.4 intel proccessor but it still lags like hell

John Derman: macbook pro 13 inch bootcamp? same :)

Razzorblade971: Do you experience fps drops while you play far cry 3?

Alexis Garcia: wtf man, i mean if he doesnt like it,get a real gaming pc

Alexis Garcia: well i think i over reacted, i used to test games and upload them to yt on a crap intel x3100,and back then i was happy if the game just starts and runs at even 8-10 fps, and i think crap he is kinda mad because the game is "bad optimized" but youre playing on a integrated gpu,that a 2012 game starts is enough to ask to that gpu! btw i had a 9800gt but it got freaked up a month ago,a 550ti arrives this week!

Alexandre Fernandes: cara. |Tou com um core i3 2.40ghz 2gb de memoria. hd 3000 e nao tou conseguindo rodar. quando coloco no modo story ele sai e disse que parou ed funcionar. poderia me ajudar? será que é a memoria??? me ajudem por favor. desde já grato ; )

NOOBKING: are you using laptop?

NOOBKING: yes low!

Jill Valentine: video look smooth .But I definitely fps below 30

Alexis Garcia: bad optimization for freak sake!! wtf are you saying, you should be more than happy that the game even starts with this crap, and you even complain about optimization when youre geting like 30 fps? well if you dont like it, go buy a card,but dont say that its bad optimized because i never thought that this game could be played with this crap

zul24: true say dude no arguing about that friend talk about badly optomized games gta 4 is a good example lol dont no if u wanna agree with that one but gta 4 still dont run properly on the best rigs today

Driftkid: will this run on core i3 2.4 ghz

Вадик Пугачёв: как ты её запустил???У меня запускается,но когда я нажимаю начать новую игру(или как там) идёт загрузка и пишет "windows завершил работу" и т.д.

DigitWizard492: 5450 is not a game card hd 3000 is also not same specifications such laptop are a box to view hd movies. get a desktop or go and watch the big bang theory.

tuanvulge: did you use game booster

sonofgod031: try to play on 640x480 and disable some effects. you can find the config file in C:\Users\YOURPCNAME\Documents\My Games\Far Cry 3\GamerProfile.xml edit it with notepad :)

TheTonyk123: Showing if you can run it or not.

TheAnimeMangaholic: Please do some more gaming videos! ^_^

Umbra360: Lowest probably.

Thebagair: Dude, my laptop is: intel i3 2328M 2.2GHz and HD graphics 3000 and when i open far cry 3 song of game i can't hear...?!

MrJonzu: umm yes : )

Alberto Valdes: Hello Captain Obvious, were you've been?

lachauthe nacho: what fps would i get with i3 3110M 2.4ghz 4gb ram intel hd 4000

Bahamut Smith: You spec is identical to me, so, can I ask is it a Samsung RV520?

DChasease: we have the exact sam specs :P you can runs skyrim btw just lower res and you can have hq textures

slauge: I hope you're not bullcrapting me, because I may just buy the game solely because of that comment ;)

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Far Cry 3 on Intel HD Graphics 3000 4.7 out of 5

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