Ghost Armor

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Renzo Moreno: Alucinante mi amigo me lo recomendó

thor0341: Awesome product. My dog ate my phone but miraculously my ghost armor was perfectly intact. Amazing piece of engineering. Except it couldnt protect against the crushing power of a pitbull

clark778: will this cover up a crack on the screen?

Cesar Bermudez: I get Ghost Armour on all my devices. Ghost Armor + Otterbox Defender = Total Protection. Now if only Otterbox would team up with Mophie...

Oaknest: Had Ghost Armor installed last weekend. Looks terrible, and now my Garmin no longer responds to touch screen. Going back tonight to try to get full refund. Then on to Garmin to see what it takes to get it fixed. Waste of time and money.

Rahde: stupid ass music

cactusjack onesicksix: I have ghost armor and otter box for 200% protection!

mar chen: something called "Fire"

Justin Kane: what happened with you and ghost armor Jesse? did you resign as CEO?

Kip Fisher: I have Ghost Armor carbon fiber and screen protection on my iPhone 4...have dropped it at least 4 times from 4 feet os so onto a concrete floor with no damage period! This is the best protection out there if you ask me...

Jesse Hallock: it's silly. all of the poly urethane protectors are the same. its all about the customer service and options. ghost armor has burned me so has zagg, but even though their customer service sucks, the material is pretty cool stuff.. i just wish there were more options..

Malcolm Bates Music: Mmm. Orange peel.

mrtony128: Dosent help aginst dropping it best case for dropping and scratchs is the otterbox defender case

R3VEWzShit: Zagg invisi shield is betta

Aaron Craig: Ghost Armor works great ! I have it on my ipad and my mac air!

Lazyman342: What a scrub

Lazyman342: Hmmmm this video looks familiar o wait this is the same video as ZAGG just with different music

Steven Xayavong: does it fill in scratches really well? like will the screen look brand new after? HELP

di4t9: Hmm ghost armor or otter box

ColorblindMonk: Just bought a full body cover for my 3DS. If I like it, I'll buy protection for my Transformer Prime.

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Ghost Armor 5 out of 5

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