Loading Mosin-Nagant Stripper Clips

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Charles Kintner IV: Does anyone else have trouble with loose stripper clips that are modern-made?

or2169: Have you noticed that when the stripper clip is empty it fits in the guide easily. But when it's full of rounds it's a tight fit. Is that normal ?

Bruno L.: Awesome video!  Thanks for the great advice. :)

itsmeray01: Wrong Information !   the position of the rounds have nothing to do with rim lock.
The interrupter mechanism separates the rounds and prevents rimlock.

sjag8989: Cool vid thanks man

mandela451: excellent video, very informative

Bojan Milankovic: Wonderful video, thank you! I've been shooting for years now but I just got my first Mosin (M38), 880 round surplus crate and some chargers and I was beyond lost. I got it now thanks to you.

WASRT: WRONG!  Do some research on the interrupter/ejector.  Do you really think the Russian troops in the heat of battle paid attention to the orientation of their cartridges before loading?  Get your Mosin running correctly and YOU WON'T HAVE  RIMLOCK!

JACKSONLEWISOFCANADA: now i know what was going on with my clips to loading!!!! thank you!

tigernclaw: Great video. Thanks for sharing this info. I had no idea rounds can lock in a clip. I have 2 Mosins that I'm cleaning (e.g., removing cosmoline) so I can take to the range. Two questions for you:
1. Do you recommend very lightly oiling the stripper clips before loading rounds? I've read conflicting recommendations on this issue.
2. What 7.62x54r manufacturer(s) do you recommend for use? At the range I go to, no bi-metal or steel casings are allowed. Also, the 'corrosive' factor also will determine which ammo I ultimately purchase.
Once again, thanks for sharing your expertise.

Steven S.: Thanks dude. I was getting my ass kicked by these things. Figured out the loading of the stripper clip, but grabbing the top round really made my life way easier! ( =

The Wet Coast Report: So these stripper clips are modern aftermarket ones that are apparently based on an older design. The ones the Russians used for the 91/30, M38, M44 are different dimensionally and are easy to load and unload in the rifles.

Vlad Xavier: THis works quite well, but on my M44, all I do it use my thumb and pressdown on the rear end of the cartridges and they slide right in, it also depends on the stripper clip itself, some are tight, others loose.

Ken Henderson: I c now how to use the ammo clips u show on your video. The ones I just bought ( gun show) r aluminum and r thin & cutting self is a likely turnout. Can u lead to a site where I can get ones like u show in video?! Do u know where I can get large opener so I don't have to use hammer and screwdriver? Do you know where I can get ammo pouches to hold rounds. Last but not least, I'm 63 yrs old and this is first mosin. Without you video I would not even know how to load it. Seriously! THANK YOU!!!!

RisenPhoenix: I will try this, thanks.

The Wet Coast Report: No problem. You shouldn't get rimlock on your gun if the interrupter in your magazine is working properly regardless of how you set your stripper clips up. But certain ways of setting up stripper clips allow them to get pushed in easier.

Alex Sherrard: I shot my Mosin for the first time today but had to ditch my plans of using my stripper clips because I tried unsuccessfully to load it and thought there was something defective on my MN or the stripper clips I bought. This video really cleared up my concerns and showed me that it was just new user error. Thank you very much!!!

theroofsedge: So you are saying if one removes the rifle from the stock the interrupter should work and the stock needs to be ground to permit clearance?

21taters: thats just a matter of preference whether you like inserting the stripper clip and pushing the rounds down vs. using the loaded top round in the clip to push them all into the magazine

21taters: quite simply it wont load if the middle is the highest because itll rimlock with the fourth round what you have shown in the video is the proper procedure

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Loading Mosin-Nagant Stripper Clips 5 out of 5

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