Smith And Wesson Model 629 .44 Remington Magnum

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Doug Prominski: I was wondering, you can put 6 bullets in the cylinder but can you make it a seven shooter by putting a bullet in the barrel first and then shut the cylinder so as to make it " 7 " shooter ? I have heard some revolvers are " 7 " shooters. Is that gun one of those ?

Gorilla HD 217: Congrats on a very nice wheelgun. I have two 629's and I like them a lot. Very nice shooting - keep producing great videos. Scott

wheel gun fanboy: Very dirty rounds

Lulzim Hoxha: thanks for that info good video

ambivalent ambiguity: ah, the exquisite balance of a long-barrel Smith. one of the finest products of the American mind

Thomas Miller: Good video! I appreciate your honesty and openness - very refreshing. Going to Alaska and looking for a side arm when I'm out in the woods. A friend suggested the .44 mag or higher for a caliber. Your video helped me see that it does take practice

Uncle Buck: Do you get bear's out there where you live?

Raymond Shay: Your humility is very refreshing, thanks for that. Pretty good shooting too. You shot it really well for your first time of shooting that pistol.

I own a similar 629, without the underlug, I sure love it.  Although it IS a grown man's gun, isn't it?

Good video, you did a fine job on this. Thank you for posting.

Norm Vigas: still a big ass nail driver.

rjcass33: Are you sure it's chrome? I thought it was stainless steel.

Mario Robinson: When DH was claiming he was weilding the most powerful handgun in the world the 454 cassul was already out.

12GaugeTommy: that is a classic piece i love my 629

Robert Lenon: I Like this Revolver! I have the same in 4 inch 44 Mag

Boster Dieciocho: Pinches vergasones..!!

Why?: 686

basshoundusa: haha, thanks for the comment! Smith & Wesson still knows how to make a nice revolver. Maybe I'll try the Clint Eastwood impression on my next Video ;)

bulletbait donlon: good job pointing out about the firing pin operation.

basshoundusa: Amazon actually. I think around $6

basshoundusa: I have some, its a matter of wearing them, lol! I assume you took note of how I blinked every time I fired.

Smith and Wesson model 629 .44 Remington Magnum 5 out of 5

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