Hendershot Fuelless Generator Tank Circuit Study

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Naoki Kashima: I think that the metal bracket you have holding the capacitor together will effect its function. The spiral capacitor has a field around itself which is effected by metallic objects. The two spiral capacitors and baskets have to wound in the opposite directions. The two capacitors have to play with each other.

247News1: why are you not building it to its specs ?

Olivier Samsoen: log on to blablabla.hendershotgenerator bla com

morpher44: I'm not familiar with "Henderson". Hendershot perhaps? Picking up ambient energy is an interest.

bcreason: You mentioned Tesla in a comment. Tesla was experimenting with the wireless transmission of electricity. The reason it never went anywhere is there was no way to bill people for it. The difference between what people seem to be discussing here and what Tesla was doing. Is that Tesla was transmitting high power from a generator to circuits like the Henderson. Here you're just picking up stray radiation from radio stations and fluorescent lighting. So there is very little power available.

bcreason: Thank you for agreeing. You don't have to explain the terms for me. I have a degree in Electronic Engineering.

morpher44: I agree with you breason. I don't believe the Hendershot device was part of the Spirit of St. Louis's design. Rather, from the research I've done, Lindbergh just happened to be a witness to a Hendershot demonstration -- and that is all. Re: "tank circuit". That is a term in electronics where a capacitor is connected in parallel with a coil. Unrelated to a gas tank.

bcreason: Excuse me. Where did you come up with that? As far as I remember the Spirit of St. Louis was essentially a flying gas tank that had to be carefully weighed so that it could take off with such a large fuel load. For it to use this tank circuit it would have been propelled by an electric motor. In every picture of it you can clearly see the big IC engine on the front.

Yotumumagic: It was good enough for Charles Lindberg to cross the Atlantic with.

morpher44: Well the purpose of my looking in to this is to gain some insight into what might be going on, and working with others on energeticforum, sharing ideas, etc. This is a fun hobby. Yeah lighting CFLs and flourescent bulbs is easy. Tesla was brilliant inventing this type of lighting. I've been able to light them with a single D cell, joule thief, and some coils. Ever got a nasty shock from a D-cell? Its possible.

bcreason: While you will get some electricity out of this I wouldn't get to excited. You can only get what's available locally and that energy is pretty diffuse. You'll never get enough to run a refrigerator. There is case in brazil where there used to be a million watt radio station. Slum residents near the antenna would get free lighting by connection a wire antenna to a fluorescent tube. No circuitry required.

morpher44: To elaborate. A magnetic field will cause particles to SPIRAL down towards you. Hence, a plate antenna will see a GAIN with more events arriving per second. Those events can PING the coil, and make it oscillate with damped oscillations. Those oscillations further can enhance the magnetic field, and so forth. This will build up to some equilibrium .. depending on how well your machine is balanced.

morpher44: Yes. Exactly. The reception of "ambient" power is the goal. It is "un-metered" and off grid ...and wave forms arriving on property I own, and so forth. Recently, though, I think I have a better understanding of some of the principals Hendershot is using and it not Radio per se like I first thought. Rather, magnetic oscillations probably cause NMR and PRM, which can be collected on the resonator metalic surface, also serving as a capacitor. Hence, the cylinders are the positive feedback path.

bcreason: As an electrical engineer, from the schematics I've seen, I expect that this generator would produce some small amounts of electricity. I'd have to run the calcs but this should pick up induced currents from radio stations or even nearby electrical circuits. Not free energy exactly as someone else is paying for it. Maybe enough to charge a cell phone? But would depend an many variables in the circuit and the surrounding environment.

morpher44: @BigGuyWhoKills I've proven to myself that energy can easily be transferred in this way .. to and from capacitor to coil. When you study electronics, these devices are taught as separate components. Hendershot's unique design combined these into a single component.

morpher44: @BigGuyWhoKills Actually, there are various types of stainless steel. Some is magnetic. That is one of the mysteries about Hendershot. Did he use cylinders that had iron in them or where they non-magnetic stainless steel. His FIRST designs used coffee cans, which would certainly have iron in them. Also, on one photo had the letters "Fe" -- implying iron -- labeled on the cylinders. So I agree with you. I think he was essentially constructing a combination capacitor, transformer device.

BigGuyWhoKills: Don't use stainless steel, use iron. Stainless steel us not very magnetic.

morpher44: @Demultiplexer Back in Hendershot's day there was a type of wire that may have been key. Some speculate the copper oxide that formed on it provides a semiconductor behavior. Others seem to claim that Hendershot was DOPING with some sort of radioactive material -- like Hubbard was rumored to have done. I don't think this is the case. Yes the cylinder is a mystery. Was it magnetic or not? The foil cap close to the coil was certainly diamagnetic and closer proximity to coil.

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Hendershot Fuelless Generator Tank Circuit Study
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