Beretta 92A1

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MTCasing1: Good Review! Waiting on mine to arrive...

tyreeztt: Great review. I bought one of these new last year and love it. I've owned a LOT of 92 series and this is one of my favorites. One thing I did notice you mention was the issue with slapping the mag and it dropping the slide. I always do a very hard double tap on my factory 17 round mags and have never ever had it drop on it's own. I had never heard of that happening either. Might wanna have that checked out.

TheROOKvoice: do the wood grips make the grip wider or are they the same size as the polymer?

hank williams: plz dont tell me thts a polymer lower

whitefx2: Beretta 92a1 best pistol ever

ChazUBCS: One of the best pistols I've fired

thecranberry89: I, (in MY opinion) would only agree with the first part of your statement..please don't take this personally, i am merely stating my opinion. I agree, DO let the mags break in..just like most all mags..and..that goes for the weapon too..every gun has a break in period. However (my rebuttal): This weapon should not be picky with any big name ammo. i.e. Remington, Winchester, Federal, Blazer and even Tula! My 92a1 will eat up any brand and they all should shoot fine so long as you keep em' clean.

broncole: Thank you for this, I am about to make my first purchase of a hand gun and have had my Eye's on the Beretta 92a1. I've watched a few other videos and this one was Nice and easy to understand.

MsOutdoorlife12: Yes One of the three and #1of the 3 best is the Beretta.#2 M&P S&W,#3 XDM. In my opinion that is.

Rikudo_Sennin: One of 3 best pistols ever, well in my opinion. :)

Braug Pyke: so the beretta 92fs fires .40 cal. rounds aswell?..wat about the 96A1? can the 96A1 fire 9mm rounds aswell as .40 cal?

Hayfire2 Joe: More LIGHT !!

betatalk357: if you do go for a 92a1, I highly recommend changing the stupid plastic slide guide rod for a metal one BEFORE USING. Over time, the plastic may warp, the slide may shift, and grind the slide rails, making for a wobbly slide/ bouncy slide action. As for the 92fs, don't quote me on it, but I don't think it has an internal recoil buffer.

betatalk357: The 92a1 has a rounded trigger guard; the 92fs has a bezeled trigger guard. This allows cops to brace the trigger guard of the gun to their wrist to balance the weapon while holding a flashlight. The rounded trigger guard on the 92a1 doesn't provide as much support for that purpose, but if carefully used, can be wrist supported. The accessory rail allows for the mounting of a flashlight, making holding the pistol with 1 hand redundant. Just mount a flashlight and hold with both hands.

betatalk357: Depending on the ammo, cheap bullets run dirty through the gun. Most of the time, it's not a problem. But if you're unloading a few thousand rounds of garbage in a top notch gun, you're asking for trouble. Lastly, target ranges forbid steel cased bullets due to Failure to Fire or Failure to Eject problems with cheap bullets. Insurance companies don't want to insure ranges that allow people to shoot steel bullets rather than brass.

betatalk357: Also, don't waste your time buying steel case 9mm, as it will damage the ejector over time trying to eject cheap steel casings rather than the recommended brass casings. Beretta may also cancel your lifetime warranty if they find out you've been abusing your gun and you may have to junk it after only a few thousand rounds. Plus, in a shootout or shooting competition, you don't need your gun failing to eject at a time you need it most.

betatalk357: Speaking of ammo, 9mm is a good defense caliber and good for target shooting. But 9mm ammo can be pricey- about $200.00 per 1,000 rounds. The gun is good for 30,000 to 35,000 rounds,so do the math. .22 ammo for $200.00 will get you about 6,000 rounds, but they are single use only. 9mm brass can be reloaded; Beretta recommends NOT using reloads in their guns.

betatalk357: With the 92fs, you can convert it to .22 caliber. The 92a1 CAN NOT be converted to .22. However, a .22 conversion kit costs between $200 to $400- a new .22 pistol costs the same, so buy the .22 if you want to shoot .22s. 92fs has a lot of replacement parts, accessories especially made for the 92fs available now. The 92a1 doesn't have many accessories/ cheap spare parts available right now, but it IS a new gun on the market. Given enough time, it'll have what you want for the 92a1.

betatalk357: With a 92a1, if you don't want to waste money getting 20 and 30 round mags, the 17 round mags will do just nicely and are legal in many states. 20 and 30 round mags in some states are illegal for pistols, if you believe that. I don't know if buying a new 92fs came with 3 mags, brushes, case, and loading tool, but if it didn't, you're looking at an over $100.00 value. The mags are $35.00 each, the loading tool is $9.00, according to Beretta USA.

betatalk357: Depends on your taste. With the 92fs, it does not have accessory rail, so all accessories like laser sight and flashlight, will have to be mounted to pistol grip or trigger guard, which may reduce space in trigger guard for trigger finger. The 92fs also doesn't have recoil buffers and 17 round magazines. The 92fs has 15 rounds, but if you want 20 round mags, you'll have to buy them separately. On Beretta's website, they suggest a price tag of $20.00 between models.

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Beretta 92A1 5 out of 5

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