ALL-NEW Whirlpool Belt Drive Agitator Washer In Action!!

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Seth Newton: I agree belt drive washers are so much better than direct drive washers

Andy Hernandez: 3:54 No the direct drives are louder, the direct drive washer is much quieter plus cleans better than these belt drive washers

[GD] TheRealArthurYT: In my opinion ElectroMechanical (with knobs and LEDs) are not garbage. HE Agitator Washers are Semi-HE washers (Like Whirlpool with Knobs). The Impeller HE Washers with Electronic Controls (Like Whirlpool Cabrio) are Totally HE. Semi-HE washers have Deep Fill or Knob for Load Size. HE washers Low-water senses the load but Uses very low-water level, I think : Semi-HE washers are not garbage, The HE Totally Washers are garbage. That thing that the Semi-HE belt drive machines don't clean are lie, Look at the water while agitating, if not clean, the water might can run more slowly. The Low-water washers HE are junk because the water are to low to clean clothing and clean it without damaging then. And yeah the Direct Drive Machines Are more easy to repair, but i don't care about the difficulty of repair. And the Low-Life Expentancy (2-5 years) are because Scheduled obsolescence. Remember the Manufacters are doing that for selling and consuming. And the Lid Lock are necesary because children (5 years old child) can put the hand in the tub while agitating or spinning and crack the hand. And the design of Whirlpool Belt Drives are very beautiful. with that LEDs. and that knobs. The unic garbage are : The HE Washers, The LG and Samsung Washers, And very low-water level Washers.

SuperJeremi10: does whirlpool still make a washer like this I would like to be able to select the fill size instead of auto sensing or deep fill which just fills the tub all the way up

ScantPear 809896: If too heavy, the belt can wear off

ScantPear 809896: Belt drives are so stupid

Archie Iller: nice video

HowsaBowsaYowsa: Just as a follow up, I did acquire a Speed Queen top load washer with the mechanical controls.  I also have a Whirlpool similar to this which is a pretty nice washer.  I kept it and use it alternately with the Speed Queen.  As you say it is a very quiet washer for the most part.  It is not as well built underneath as the Speed Queen and will likely not last as long but I don't care I enjoy running this machine alongside my Speed Queen.  It has a really fast spin cycle too 1100 rpm which is faster than the speed queen spins.  I don't even think Whirlpool makes a non-HE agitator washer anymore, sadly.  Mine is one of the last non-HE models they made with full control over the water levels.

Jing Zhang: At least this machine uses water. My crap Samsung doesnt even use water and my cloths came out smelling worse than before i put it in

Andy Hernandez: Screw these bad Belt Drive washers. I would go for a Direct Drive washer or a Speed Queen one.

Max Passa: I would prefer the direct drive washers over the new belt drive models.

Frank Borrego: What you should've done is thrown some clothes in there to see it in real action. Not just wasting electricity showing a tub with water. But, whats funny is that they just brought back that same wash system in their new WTW4815FW model. Another porcelain 3.5 cu ft piece of junk. Lol

yambo59: These washers were the beginning of the end for decent washers and the beginning of serious cost cutting, direct drives were more reliable and easy to repair.

Norbert Rivera: Really is quitter ....
I think I miss the great agitator movement that sounds like a western train.Mine is a 2000 model that still working.
Thanks for share your the video.

Chriz Escobar: i thought my crap was broke lol

Nolan The Youtube Dude 68: i have the same one

Cameron Hendrick-Brooks: At my mom's house, we have an Amana version of this washer. Don't know what model though. Its been 3 years now and its still running strong and cleaning very well

DaSamNudge: "These machine s clean better than direct drive machines"
Said no one ever.

This machine is a perfect example of cost cutting, with the removal of real suspension and a brake, and taking forever to fill, I'll take a direct drive machine over one of these in a heart beat.

Savagekilla YT: waz wrong wit the agitator

Anton V.: nice video!
here is a full cycle LG washing machine video response :)

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ALL-NEW Whirlpool Belt Drive Agitator Washer in Action!! 5 out of 5

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