Rebuild Tutorial With VapeLyfe

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ayo Joey: Wait is this a joke? Who uses silica and thies wraps were terrible

Tcoldsteel: Piss-poor 'tutorial' (not sure what was being taught?) and annoying kings of Leon background radio and disinterested participants.
Learned nothing. I suspect it popped and failed on the third vape.

Doug Bline: I drill the air holes on my Patriot and it took forever with a new bit! What kind of bit is used?

Faisal Ali: that autofocus is messing with my eyes

Christopher Notellin: That sucked. What kind of tutorial was that? "How many loops? Duuh, I dunno, 2? 3? " Lame

grapedrank: Hehe this video is so old.  "Extra wire on coils to posts can cause hotspots" haha no they don't but other than that it's a good tip to give newbies.

minh tran: What liquid did you use?

woodxsays: what battery are you using 18650? 18490?

Andrew Delashaw: Isn't that a waste of juice since you're not inhaling it? What's the point of vaping if you're not inhaling it to get the nicotine? That's worse than the people that vape 0% nicotine juice. Lol.

Steven Hernandez: What mod is that

Batmann29: Could I do this same build on an itaste MVP and igo-l? is this recommended

illusionvapor: on a rda ? if you are using silica wick this should not happen at all . if your talking about a disposable dripping atomizer then thats the issue all disposable atomizers still suck even a HH357 will not hold up all that far as i know no one is making good disposable atomizers currently so you need to get an rda if you need any help with rba's feel free to pm me on youtube or ecf names illusion on ecf

illusionvapor: no it dose not matter witch leg is positive or negative , the only difference it can make is if the post are not a little high or lower then one an other the coil can lean up to the left or right, but it will work just the same both leads or " legs " are the same what makes them positive or negative is the post its connected to

illusionvapor: silica wick is highly resistant to heat some where around 1600°C its perfectly fine to dry burn on silica wick, in fact it is good practice you can make sure the coils do not have any hot spots and are glowing evenly , cotton on the other hand can not be dry burned it needs to be wet or else it will burn as the combustion temperature of dry cotton is around 255°C

allan manubay: GO VapeLyfe

TheRightBrotha: I just put my order in for some monkey juice.

B Tay: Does it really matter which wire is positive and negative? It fires all the same to me

Kevin Vinavong: Vapelyfe yo!

JayDM187: I didn't understand the part about connecting the coil to the positive and the negative. Does it matter to connect a specific end to a specific post?

phoQbiatchh: provari mini

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Rebuild tutorial with VapeLyfe 5 out of 5

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