Team Sonic's FreeGS3 ROM Review-Sprint GS3

What do you think about this video?

Jeremy Gallman: Of course

Jeremy Gallman: /watch?v=UBLQ-9LLTaw That should help man (:

rudanC: sweet, thanks for the quick reply. Looks like i'll be flashing in Team sonic today then :)

Jeremy Gallman: I believe so, yes.

Jeremy Gallman: Definitely, a lot better battery life :)

john star: for some reason, i will get texts normally for a while and then i get none for about an hour and a half. then i get like 10 messages all at the same time. is this a problem with the rom and i f it is how can i fix it?

NineNineNineist: Will this work in the at&t version on the gs3?

Paul Lopez: that Rolle youtube allows you to download your videos. It's not the official youtube app

Adam Ward: this comment doesn't make sense. having both phones..the iphone is my company phone...i like my gs3 much more. iphone 5 could dwarf it in features but my iphone 4s definitely doesn't.

Kirt Thelander: i got that too when i ran quadrant. i think its cuz quadrant doesnt support the gs3. the last update was on june 7th and the gs3 was out prior. so i think thats why, the same with antutu.

Jeremy Gallman: EXACTLY

PersianTechy: And its called hypercam, not hyperlink. LOL

Aarón Cruz: Only works on sprin devices?

Jeremy Gallman: I recommend Blazer Rom for a more stock experience, and Free GS3 for more features and more goodies. Both perform around the 5000's in benchmarks, and I'd say Free GS3 lags less.

KOOL BROTHA: Will LTE Still work with this Rom?

Jeremy Gallman: Not yet, but I'm sure we will see it sometime in a rom soon.

Jeremy Gallman: LOL I didnt even notice that i said that!

richardb2837: Iphone makes this phone irrelevant

Ricardo Rodriguez: Just stupid rooting a sgs3 aint nothing different and infact you just added a virus to your phone and rooting makes it more easly for hackers to access your phone.Stock always work better than rooted or custome roms...

rudanC: Hey, so I have Cyanogen Mod 10, but I keep losing my mobile network. How does Team Sonic fare against CM10? Thanks again!

Drumerpunk1: I'm using cwm and i need twrp recovery how do i get rid of cwm and get twrp instead? maybe you can refer me to a video or two?

Chocolate Thunder: can you change soft keys?

tomsco1980: wifi tether????

Jeremy Gallman: Anytime:)

Jeremy Gallman: Really good actually, I would recommend that over CM10 right now actually.

Jeremy Gallman: Yes sir

517gordon: Any noticeable battery life improvement?

Jeremy Gallman: haha yeah I understand that now

PersianTechy: thanks for the shout out bro

EatThatUpBeatz: Blazer rom or Free GS3? which one do you prefer? which one gets better benchmarks? and which one lags less?

Hair Do: Thanks for the tip. I do know it's hard to earn money. But it is much better than working minimum wage at mcdonolds. Being an hair stylist does get tips and I end up making decent money. Plus it allows me to be creative sometimes and make customer's dream come to reality.
Team Sonic's FreeGS3 ROM Review-Sprint GS3 4.7 out of 5

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Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 (SIII) - [ROM] Hellfire v1.1 [TDS] - Install and First Look

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