How To Test Motorcycle CDI Box, Ignition Coil

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way gul: Check for corrosion on the connectors of the voltage regulator ( rectifier) too

wilfred heggart: on ebay

wilfred heggart: i found my new coil for 25 bucks

Ricardo Candeias: the cdi box needs to have smoke inside??

christopher williams: Great video, thanks!

Ron Thompson: That exhaust pipe looks pretty tired ,or at least needs paint other than that nice bike

MXFredericks: Thanks man helped a lot, building a 1994 CR125R

MarchJude_ -: My 94 fourtrax 300 runs perfect and starts without any flaws... but after about 20-30 min of riding the bike will start lose power and then it Almost feels like it's out of gas ...after that it stalls and I have to give it like 2min then start it again and it just repeats

ValueFor MyMoney Singh: is there a rpm limit wire in cdi

Trevor Meersman: how come my cdi is a four plug

ted tooner: and a wide range of adjustment eg if bike kicks back when starting you can retard the ignition slightly.

kellyowensby: need help with a 2005 kx 250f

rick benavides: I Have a 2004 Honda Shadow 750 Aero, my problem is I have no Power at all, I replaced the Battery and still has no power.No Lights ,horn, turn signals NOTHING! I checked the fuses and all appear to be ok, I was not able to check the main fuse (if Any) because I have no clue where to locate it, any suggestions to what may be causing this NO power problem?...Help Please!

happyONE LIKE: sir did you have a vid. that showing how to know if the rectifier is damage or not if the rectifier was damage how to repair it thanks im from the phil...

Kevin Stearns: im asking you cause you have over 800.000 hits 87 kx 250 cant find a cdi its a one year only go fukin figure. i bought an 89 kx 125 with the same color wires. will this work? if not any ideas what will. thanks.

R1 Menace: is cdi and ecu box the same thing? i found the ecu box on the oem parts list but not the cdi. i think its the same piece. my 4 stroke is only firing on two plugs. the coils where replaced and same issue. i switched the coils to see if one of them was bad but it was the location of the left spot that was not getting current through he coil. i assume its pre coil for the issue. the next item before the coil is the ecu box. someone correct me if im wrong. i dont want to fork out another bill on a waste of a part if its not the issue.

Gabriel Mundo: I have an atv that use to run flawlessly but now it doesn't. it turns over, lights work but it just will not start. Anyways, I replaced the ignition coil and spark plug, new battery, new carberator, but I'm not receiving a spark. could it be that I need to replace the CDI box?? please help, I'm stuck on what is wrong with it.

David Gurrola: the battery is new and I check all the cables  they are fine

gwhewitt: Can the smoke be replaced after you release it??

David Gurrola: HiI have a 81 Yamaha 850  And there's no nothing its like not have a battery in it.What could it be? the lights motor nothing comes on.

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How to test motorcycle CDI box. ignition coil
How to test motorcycle CDI box. ignition coil
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how to test and repair motorcycle CDI electronic ignition module coil system spark failure
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