Level Up Glitch On Skyrim After 1.9 Update

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GABRIEL GILLEY: This is a great video

OFFBEATKITTY134: You're not the first person to do this

Aleksandr Zdinak: They need to find a way ro bring back the Oghma glitch, I just wanna play behind a super ridiculous character one time lol

Steve Situ: This is some really old tricks, plus it kills all the fun of the game if to cheat your way to super strong.

Spencer Goodin: There is a lot easier way to do this with illusion magic. Also, if you delete the patch, all that happens is you can't play games that have the newer version (1.9). The illusion trick is to power level to 100 (ogmah infinium), get to 800 magic, get the harmony spell (master spell) legendary your illusion, and cast harmony in a city. Skyrockets your illusion and level.

rockitude129: one question: was the potato you filmed with baked?

ctr4169: I tried this, made a ring instead of the "alchemy blade" equip. They have the same insane percentage of created potions making stuff.. I made a couple of potions but it didnt increase my alchemy skill or anything..

BM Gaming: Ur like 15!

Justin Davis: Dude this helped out a lot man, thanks. You are a genius!

Sean Simpson: It works on 360 I tried it - even though the effects wear off on the clothes if you wait a while, the effects dont. Check your added effects in the magic section it should say the high effects. DO NOT EVER TAKE OFF THE ITEMS YOU HAV ON. Keep it as a separate save then make all the potions you like! It is vital that you make two saves - One so that you can always go back too, so you can keep the Active Effects so high. - Once you have milked the perks, then you can take off them off n save :)

gustavo porto: Dammit i have a few legendary skills so that means i cant do it ... Right??

Chrome: Asshole wont read out commets

thampshi: Couldnt finish video just got too annoying rambling on and on

Shekel Bandit: Want a cookie?

XXninjaXXification: @Reynolds Alex Yes, it will work. Legendary is compatiable with your other saves.

Reynolds Alex: Will this work on "Legendary Edition"? I lost my old disc :(.

Christian Herzog: Thank you very much i cant believe i handnt thought about somthing like this.

Sora7898teh2nd: Dwemer cam!

Bilbo Baggins: Just kidding bro nice vid.

Bilbo Baggins: Why did u turn the camera around. WHYYYY!!!

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Level up glitch on skyrim after 1.9 update 5 out of 5

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