Skyrim - How To Be A Werewolf And A Vampire At The Same Time ( Simple , Fast And Easy )

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left for markiplier.gov44: dam i have it for ps3???

left for markiplier.gov44: just if you want only one then save your game at the times when you are infected and reload those saves easy and this is how you make multiple profiles at the beginning of the game.

Princess Marco: Oh my god I freaking love you man! You have no idea how long I've been waiting for a video that gives me some sort of hybrid. No one else was specific, other than doing the dawnguatd quest. Thank you! I is happy.

EveryDaySlacker: All that bullcrap just for him to say open the console.. I'm on freaking Xbox

Farrin2: Ok thanks, I wont sub but I will leave a like and share the vid

Sir Mirko of the filth: you're a cheat using loser and it is NOT the only way picklehead

Durp Gaming: Does this actually work?

Pirate slayer: What about on console

Zyrellkyle DeGuzman: is that the Cheat???

GaMinGPanDa: Get a better mic

Androkingdom gaming: How can you find vampire? How to join vampire? Please tell me

William Buchanan: I got special edition of skyrim so I became a werewolf and the vampire and I had both.

Tango Tiger 2.0: How does he bite through metal

Kolby Kamara: how do u get to type that in?

Nina Tryggvason: I became a werewolf, but didn't do the transformation and got infected by a vampire and am both

huny buny: Where is that place

rampaging rhino: Shout out to my boy Marcus cornivus for being in his own Skyrim expansion pack

Theosaurus: you cant use ring of hercine though

Dominic allen: Nice intro bro

Joseph Fencil: An easier way is to just have the ring of hircine and have harkon give you his gift.
The ring of hircine allows the wearer to become a werewolf without having to get it from aela

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Skyrim - How to be a Werewolf and a Vampire at the same time ( Simple , Fast and Easy ) 5 out of 5

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