Skyrim - How To Be A Werewolf And A Vampire At The Same Time ( Simple , Fast And Easy )

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Marsh Mello: How does he bite through metal

Kolby Kamara: how do u get to type that in?

Nina Tryggvason: I became a werewolf, but didn't do the transformation and got infected by a vampire and am both

Tuuli Ironman: Where is that place

rampaging rhino: Shout out to my boy Marcus cornivus for being in his own Skyrim expansion pack

Anchor: you cant use ring of hercine though

Dominic Allen: Nice intro bro

Joseph Fencil: An easier way is to just have the ring of hircine and have harkon give you his gift.
The ring of hircine allows the wearer to become a werewolf without having to get it from aela

DuffinThe Muffin: pc only should have been included in the title

Thomas Pinkleton: freak you pc master race

Ethan And Everything: And how would you cure this?

Flaming Curse: this is unnatural. you shouldn't be able to have the gift from Hircine and the gift from Molag Bal.

Anthony Rigby: Why don't you just become a vampire and then get the ring of her scene and then you can transform into world and still be a vampire at the same time not be much simpler and easier all you have to do is simply travel to freak off and go to the dungeon and then you can start the quest

Koito rob: How about adding COMPUTER in your title so people who are playing on a console don't waste their time with this?

Kaur Kangur: Ahh all these butthurt console owners down in the comments should take a chill pill. This is by far the simplest and fastest way to do it.

Chris Cross: freak you pc freakers all you do is brag infront of us all freaking day while we cant do anything about it suck my pickle freakers you ladynuggets of a race!

Justin Jockisch: That was a long drawn out way to say I don't know.

Raven Crow: If we become them... HOW COULD WE TAKE SHOWERS?? If we do not, our family would find out!!!!!!!!!!! Or force you to go in! AND HOW WILL YOU WASH YOU'RE HAND AFTER THE TOILET, OMG

Mana Pavinn: ooooo jeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

misstrax666: is this possible on xbox/ps3 too??

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Skyrim - How to be a Werewolf and a Vampire at the same time ( Simple , Fast and Easy ) 5 out of 5

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