PS2 EyeToy Drivers For 32 & 64-bit Windows NT,XP,Vista & 7

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mrtalkative91: mine says it found the software but had an error while trying to install it, and then it says "The configuration registry key is invalid"

abram00721: Does anyone know if this works windows 8.1 too?

Draco FireBlaze: I got this to work thanks to Michael Webb and this tutorial, but the quality is really bad. Anyone know how I can change the quality settings of the camera besides manually adjusting the focus?

Diego Sgrò: it works! !!

BeRAd427: well it WAS working. but now I am getting BSOD. uhm how do I uninstall.

BeRAd427: WOW. You Sir are a genius and a saint! now. do you think you could make a PS3 controller work on my PC without motioninjoy? lol. or a PS2 controller with an old dodgey PS2-PC adapter that's an unknown device? lol (cuz I tried everything that I can throw at it)

James Burrough: works with windows 7 32bit

CeRJ: thank freak. I've been trying to get this to work for ages on windows 7 ultimate 64 bit but i can confirm with this video i finally got it working. i remember a few years ago trying to get it to work on my old pc but couldn't remember how lol. i wanted to use the eyetoy as a mic and i went through having ridiculous amounts of static to where it sounded like i was in a hurricane to having it where it somehow managed to make my voice really high pitched. either way thanks for this mate :)

Pablo A. Ramos: what you do in the video, incredible you helped me a lot

Toby: MAN THANK YOU, THE ONLY GOOD CLIP I COULD FIND! The modifycation made everything so much easier and it finally works! I <3 u

Stu Turner: Good work sir, this is the only version that has worked for me on Win 7, Word of warning though the version I downloaded had difficulty finding the " HKR,%CamSet%, EnableSystem, 1, 5a,6d,FF, 53,9b,9f, 54,ff,ff, 5d,03,ff, 49,01,ff, \ 48,00,ff" section (logitech ps2 version) so it's worth paying close attention at this pint to make sure you get the text right.

Cellstar Wap: the note pad on the rite side of the screen in the video, how are we getting that. no part of the video shows where u get that from so am not able to reconfig the setting

Cellstar Wap: in the video u open 2 note pads but u didnt show us where the second note pad u open information came from that u were using to copy information from 

Daniel Huertas: anybody know if can run with eyetoy first model "SLEH-00031 " in win 64bits?

Captain Tankman: thats one cool ass background

Mateusz Franaszek: it's working

damn adragon: that looks like konpachi in your background

INSOMANIAC45: Many thanks to Halfamused for the video. And MANY thanks to Michael Webb for makeing it SOOOOOO easy :) for PS2 EyeToy on Windows 7 64 bit. filedropper dot c o m forwardslash eyetoy64 Unpack to Desktop. To install, go to Device Manager, right click the EyeToy, and then Update Driver, then Browse, Let me pick, Have Disk, and then HCLASSIC.inf at the root of the supplied folder you put on your desktop. It will complain about the drivers not being signed, I was haveing loads of troube, until i found this comment, now it is fully working on Win 7 64bit. You guys rock... 

Rinto Joy: My computers it says Device Cannot Start (Code 10) in the device manager. Using Windows 7 64-bit.. can u help?

MrCaiterz: Ok, cuz ive got a few emails already.. This is for the PS2 version ONLY. I dont know about the PS3 version at all -

jollylau08: good job i can use my toycam now thank you!!

Damian Williams: I'm getting error "The hash for the file is not present in the specified catalogue file. The file is probably corrupt or has been tampered with." Any advice please?

WinterNeko90: I have no words. I was searching this for years, thank you so much >.<

Yepss Dot NL: It works! Thanks :)

martengooz: THANK YOU SOO MUCH! IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS FOR VERY LONG! YOURE THE BEST! i failed the firt time i tried but on the 2nd try it worked like a charm :D THAMK YOU!

MrCaiterz: Verified working with silver namtai eyetoy and windows 7 64bit If anyone wants the drivers packaged up working, email me :) caiterz(AT)

mrtalkative91: at 5:39 when yours says it worked, mine says there was an error and some key or something was invalid

Linda Nguyen: Thanks!! It works on 32bit Windows 7 perfectly. I installed the Hercules Webcam driver that was 32bit instead of 64bit (which was shown in the video) but followed everything else. If anyone ran into code 43 error like I did after plugging in the camera (it'll show up as Unknown Device in Device Manager instead of Eyetoy Namtai Camera), then shutdown and unplugging the computer should do the trick. I probably ran into this code due to many failed installations over the years. Thanks again!

Ernest Soler: I have a Namtai SCEH-0004, and I could not make the thing advance until I renamed it to: VID_054C&PID_0155&MI_00 However at the end of installation it aks me for the file: Vfwwdm.drv Trying some versions, but none seem to work.. anyone has the right one?

soczkiens: Man thanks a lot! It works!!!!!! :D

riverdunn13: oh yeah... Many thanks to halfamused for this Video spent hours searching and trying to get my eyetoy working. Mine is namtai cam BTW :)

shoryuken27: Thx friend¡¡¡¡

SKIPPYTVLIVE: Many thanks, worked a treat on a SLEH0031 on using the logitech id. come on guys it took me 10mins max ,,,,,from reading to finish Great Video .....

Tiago Alves: nao encontro p windows 7..

MoronRaving: Mhhh could it be possible that it depents on the Cam Version? I've the SLEH 00030 from Logitec. I'm trying to use it with Win 7 x64. The installation set that its no error! But I can't use this Cam. Like in skype it says that I have a Cam (PS2 Eyetoy Cam) but when Skype is trying to load a picture it's just searching and searching and searching! Camtasia just tells me that it might be possibe another Program uses this Cam. But I know, no other Program tries to use the cam.

H3ntai4m3: Thank you soooooo much. You don't know how long I've been looking for a driver for this 64 bit thing. I almost chucked it out of a window. (But not really.)

Magdalena Matłoka: You can ask for a ready file.My email is Please

HomesliceInTheHood: I have a 31 cam and it doesn't work...

marcus316man: can someone plz help me and fix my HCLASSIC.INF file for me plzz

Kitty Marie: Everthing went good. . . When I opened it in notepad it looked NOTHING like what yours did when you opened it :(

ToxicAvenger0: Many thanks! Your tutorial is the only between thousand that's work

BENJY047: thenx :D

MrBIKERBOYZZ: @begherat hey, i have windows 7 x64 plz tell me how to install PS2 eye toy? i have namatai SLEH-00031

B|Chimeric: Doesn't work for me because there is a second installation process that never stops loading until you put in the camera ... actually even then it doens't stop loading

Crystufer: Windows 7 x64 worked like a charm.

halfamused: @usykablackbelt Sorry, I haven't got a clue. I suppose incompatible drivers are sometimes incompatible. Since I don't have the problem myself, I wouldn't know where to start. Hopefully someone who's experiencing the same thing can come up with a fix.

Justin Bird: "Whoops! The page could not be found. Try giving it another chance below"

Yann Lanthony: Nice, works perfectly ! Thanks :)

lahoops: ur a genius thx a lot

Putodaeskina: dudeeee thanks a lot, this really help me :D

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PS2 EyeToy Drivers for 32 & 64-bit Windows NT,XP,Vista & 7 4.8 out of 5

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