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aviadore: No ST service in Anchorage, AK even tho their coverage map says so. Nor do you get a partial refund or credit for this. So they essentially engage in false advertising

Mike Hunt: pleasy refill your dialup speed conection with straight talk. for 45 a month. DONT BUY ANYMORE THAN A 1 MONTH CARD AT A TIME. I stupidly bought a 6 month card and my speed has been .05 kb for the last month , now the new month its still .05 kb. called the morons, was told some bs and my speed will reset next new date . DID NOT and who wants to call cs and for hours again. ive never used anymore than 2 GB a month. what a crock of crap is straight talk.

mousykins1: I've got enough dates and things to do and worry about, so I'm so pleased that I'm on the auto refill service, I'd hate to be stranded without cell phone time just because I forgot to top up and I could miss an important incoming call.

MrPrepaidrules: This is a great service from Straight talk! They really are the market leaders with their $45 unlimited deal and their amazing coverage and service

lildarkfreak: Too bad you didn't have the SENSE to allow us to Cancel the Auto Refill online.

Richard Waring: Wait until you want to cancel auto refill, it is the biggest piece of cr_p, they pass you to different operators and the 3th one hung up on me. Don't use auto refill!!!!!

mryoukostya: don't use AUTO-REFILL.

Misty Penigar: @ucfsgr8 I know about the refill options, i would set it up too, but no $ Thanx for the congrats.. I would love to make more straight talk commericals tho. its fun to talk about something I believe in.

chickeeparadise: The idea is to make sure you refill your account every 30 days to keep it active. I imagine that would be a real hassle if that happened. Enrolling in an auto refill account really takes the stress out of remembering to do this. If your life is hectic enough, one less thing to worry about. Definitely go with the unlimited plan if you're a big cell user. No worries about overages. Now, there you go Straight Talk = worry free!

veryterryification: I also wasn't aware of the auto-refill and it really does seem like something that I must look into. I don't ever forget to refill because I always get reminded at Walmart when I do my shopping and se the Straighttalk cards but there is always going to be a first time!

TheChristy321: Without a doubt, one of my favorite features of Straight Talk. Auto-Refill is really handy--this way, there's no chance of me forgetting to renew my minutes. So I get the same continuity of service as with a "traditional" plan, without being committed to a contract. The best of both worlds!

carolinecantos: @shmnum1fan Yeah sometimes when I first switched from Straight Talk I would forget to refill and like be on the road and run out of minutes at a really bad time. So this feature allows you to not worry about manually refilling your minutes, but of course you can cancel at any time because you aren't obligated to a contract.

msKelly561: We all live such hectic lives the last thing we want to do is to forget to refill our cell minutes. I can't even remember what I did yesterday! Straight Talk makes it so easy for you. One of the first things I did was enroll in an auto refill account. I can cross this off my to do list. I also have the Unlimited plan since I do have very high usage. But, at $45 a month, it is so much less than I paid with my former carrier for so-so service. And, no contract required.

WillPowter: Nice old-school video but a good, modern message. Straight Talk's new Nokia smartphone, with push email, GPS and streaming video for $45 a month is awesome!

hungryleo20: THis is the way to go with Straight Talk. They do send you text messages to remind you to refill, but it if easier if they just do it for you. With Auto refill and unlimited everything at $45 a month, I have absolute cellphone freedom.

DCGal85: @1zottel1 Life is hectic indeed! This ad is funny, they swear business owners have time for 3:30 hair appointments. Auto refill really has made my life easier though. My husband, daughter and I all use Straight Talk. I was delighted to not have any more "hidden fees" and pay the $45 flat rate for unlimited everything, but auto refill makes things even better!

mschroder799: @Msknightchick07 Now that I'm thinking about it, you could switch between the two based on your needs. For slow summer months you could get the 30 dollar plan which is dirt cheap and on busy months you could get the unlimited which is very powerful

deenako4: This feature is mindless like a contract but without the long-term commitment, which is important. I've been on Striaght Talk for three months and I thought I would have switched by now but the signal strength is so damn clear that I'll hold off a bit. Internet is slow but I wonder how they got such a good network for so cheap?

boomchaos64: Auto-Refill is the best. Its like a pre-paid phone but you never have to worry about when to "refill" your plan. Now with auto-refill there is no need to remember to refill and I am constantly connected. I never run out of texts or minutes and the best part is, I only pay for what I use because its prepaid.

mousykins1: I can't imagine not having automatic top up. It's true, our lives are hectic & we've got too much to think about. Having Straight Talk $45 unlimited plan where I can phone, e-mail & text as often & as much as I want feels like a luxury but another luxury is that I don't have to even think about renewing my telephone time every month, the new monthly plan just gets sent to me automatically. You might feel like you're on a contract but there's no hidden charges, cancellation fees & statements.

shmnum1fan: @Urbandents well i think its because with Straight Talk you have no contract... so you can stop buying straight talk refills whenever you want. But that's why they offer the auto-refill... to take another load off your mind. just depends what you prefer. With any other company you're just stuck with what you got.

Ashley Mahaffey: I have signed up for Auto- Refill as of August of 2012. I also received the discount for doing auto-refill of 2.50 cents which makes it cheaper than buying the card in store. The balance is ALWAYS the same however just today I saw that for the first time in 6 months, my refill date is 5 days premature? I dont know if anyone else had this problem but i've contacted them. I will continue to use Auto-Refill, if they resolve this issue.

dolphan127: So I guess this gives you the ability to have the hassle-free experience of a contract phone without the hidden fees or long term commitments. Why does anybody have an iPhone or a blackberry anymore? lol

sable821: This is a funny commercial, but it taught me something. I did not know that you could get an auto refill. SO you never have to hassle about your phone stopping working.

rights4animals2: This Straight Talk automatic monthly top up has been another great help as I can't always remember when I'm supposed to top up my 2 boys and my husbands phones. If I am a day late with topping up manually you can't imagine the scowling looks I get from the boys and can you imagine my husband trying to operate a business without a cell phone.

realtalksonion: steps to stop auto refill. find an old credit /debit/ gift/ card. any card that doesnt work anymore go to straight talk website log in. add old useless number to manage cards. select current card used for auto pay switch card to be used to useless number. delete the card onfile for auto refill and leave the jerks with the useless number when autorefill time comes the numbers u entered will decline and you will be freed.

gardenguru33: super service from straight talk. their service is generally real great, but that is just such a nice little bonus on top of everything else. no worries about huge bills at month end, and now no more worries about forgetting to top up either. i got the $45 a month prepaid unlimited plan from straight talk and love it to pieces, and this auto refill makes sure i never run out of airtime just because i forgot to pay. straight talk is a great provider with real good customer care. thanks for that

7mlo: Been doing some research into the prepaid options and must say, even though I've read a lot of comments and reviews about Straight Talk, this was not something I was aware of. Nice idea-I know it would be the answer for me-my memory is like a sieve when it comes to things like that. Just another thing to add to my list of likes about Straight Talk. Now if I can just figure out how to get the E71 on the 10101 zip code, I'll go ahead and make the change.

BearKaola: I'm very happy with the whole StraightTalk package, the unlimited talk/text/web for only $45 a month. This auto-refill feature is less thing to have to think about. Checked :)

moosedroolmmm: I don't want to do without automatic monthly top up of my Straight Talk $45 plan this is a great convenience, buying time is just one less thing to worry about in my fast life.

4doodledog: what a great idea this auto refill. i am not so mobil anymore, in my head or on my legs, so this offer from straight talk to do this auto refil helps me out in a big way, as i always worry that i forget to pay bills, and that can cause me big trouble. so as i got my new prepaid unlimited plan from straight talk i got this autorefill option aswell. now i am ready to chat away unlimited for only $45 a month without any worries.perfect plan for me

john postrano: So how can you check how much minutes you used if you buy the $30 plan with 1000 call and text. im just wondering cause i cant track how much minutes i used even though ST is good and everything i just need to check when ever if im going to refill my account.

IkaeYokohama2: Okay...I like this cause you can understand what he is saying. I don't like this because you are promoting auto refil which everyone knows about and not even bothering on fixing your employees. Heck, if I knew where the customer service place was I would gladly work there. I can speak clear english and I'm in need of a job.

MsAshley116: This is a great commercial from Straight Talk. Auto-refill is one of my favorite features that Straight Talk offers. I love never having to worry about paying this monthly bill, since its all done automatically. For only $45 a month I have chosen Straight Talk's unlimited plan which includes minutes, texts AND data!

neika04: This was probably one of my favorite features. I don't ever have to worry about remembering to buy new minutes, it is done for me. With my hectic schedule, this is definitely worth it. Straight Talk sure seems to think about the consumer and how to be of better service to them. Very unusual these days. Anyway, if you're thinking about switching..just do it!

caribbeanjean: I made sure to get auto refill when I got Straight Talk. It's easier than having to remember to fill up every month. I'm enjoying my Nokia E71. It's a nice phone.

Turnermania1: Straight Talk's Auto-Refill service is extremely helpful and just another awesome service from the company. I started my plan at walmart and was very surprised that Verizon was the provider. Left happily paying only 45 dollars for unlimited web, minutes, and texts.

68impi: i have recently switched to straight talk. i am on the unlimited prepaid plan for $45 a month and am loving it. i get unlimited talk, text and web access, i get free 411 calls and nationwide cover with the verizon network and no roaming fees. and the longer i am with straight talk, the more great ideas i find with them. this auto refill is a super idea and very helpfull. i am a woman and supposed to multitask, but any help such as this is definately greatly appreciated. thank you straight talk

edwinross1: Its like they made this for me, I was constantly worried about forgetting to refill my ST phone, now no more worries. Not sure ST could get any better for me.

msziggyII: @jdrasdet456 Well said...I don't think people realize their coverage will be just as good, sometime better, than with the contract phones. I just got tired of the run around any time I wanted to upgrade or change my plan. With Straight Talk no worries about any of this. This auto refill option is such a great feature. I can't remember what I did last week let alone remembering to add new airtime. Now, don't have to.

WillPowter: Kind of old-school animation and pretty hokey but it gets the message across so I guess it's ok. The point, to me, is that Straight Talk is an awesome way to save BIG bucks and this autorefile is good too. Nice way to save with Straight Talk. Yeah!

babuschka42: wow on top of all the things straight talk has to offer on all their different plans, that is a nice bonus,. i also constantly worry i forget to reload, and now that worry is out of my head too. together with the worries about excessive bills, overage charges and contract commitment. straight talk is tops, i can talk and text unlimited, have unltd web access and free 411 calls, nationwide cover on verizon and no worries about my cellphone any more. love it

Urbandents: I should think this service must be sold with every straight talk phone from the word go. I can see myself easily forgetting about topping up in time. I mean, you get an unlimited plan so you don't have to worry about running out of minutes, and then once a month you have to remember!?

pdonaldson789: I've been using this feature for a few months now and I realize that I forgot that I didn't have a contract. I just haven't had to think about ordering a refill. But when I check my bank account, I remember, because this service costs half as much. Oh yeah.

ucfsgr8: @KaraokePrincess01 Congrats on your win! How much do you know about the refill options? This really sounds like the way to make sure your account stays active. I would imagine it is a total pain if you forget to add new airtime. Any input would be appreciated.

ComeonHeat: @moosedroolmmm hahaha Moosedrool is an awesome beer, is that where you got your name from? And yeah, especially with how nuts the holidays get, I'm glad I don't have to worry about re-uping my plan for the month. Since my bills have been so cheap too I can afford a ski pass for this winter- bring on the powder!

lachina50: I just joined auto refill. I have no worries and have set the same date for automatic transfer to my account of ST. If I prefer to switch to the $45 unlimited, then I call Straight Talk to let them know and they will change for next month or if the call is received earlier they will do the switch for that month. It works for me.

crissio0079: Do not use this piece of crap. I was trying to cancel my auto-refill online but it does not have an option to do so. I never even encountered half-decent telephone service provider in America. They all bunch of crock crap.

MsSnowWhite37: Very cool option that I think makes the switch to prepaid even smoother since you know your bill will be the same charge each month - no surprises. My brother and I tried out so many companies and both of us found the best marriage with Straight Talk, especially since we finally got on the Verizon network without a contract.

Msknightchick07: Funny commercial and fantastic deal! Straight Talk offers 2 different plans, and no matter what your needs, you will find one that works for you and saves you money. For people who don't use their phone often, there is a plan that gets you 1000 minutes and texts and only costs $30. And then for anyone who thinks they may use more than that, you can get unlimited everything for only $45 a month.

Straight Talk Auto-Refill 4.4 out of 5

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