DELUXE FOOT DRUM By Farmer Musical Instruments

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David Sulewski: If your a drummer who loves playing guitar and drums then this is way too cool!

Chris R: just take my money!

mrumsower: more cowbell

Kori Abney: i dare somebody to actually play a beat on this

rodrig0sur: thats 98279182734928374 times smaller than my drumkit and sounds almost the same, holy crap!!

tmaddrummer: Beyond Genius........

VicenteFChile: i would like to hear a chinese playing this drum

H0LL0WBELLY: SUCH a gr8 invention.

JenLadell: This is exactly the video I was looking for. I wondered how many options this drumset gives you, and the sound quality. It seems that it would be worth it's price!

stillphil: So Rube Goldberg walks into the Gretsch factory . . .

Justin Wren: Holy hell that's awesome.

ROMULOVOCAL: How do I do to buy this Foot Drums Deluxe? Does he sell in some store of the USA or UK?

dannyofthededd: absolutely beautiful..i wants me one..

Trevor Fleming: hardcore

merkenconajo: what a great idea!!!!!

Jacob Moon: Ridiculous.

baridopamarin: ahahahahahahah omg this sucks

Strawberry7Lynn: Truly amazing!

TheDjeeBee: Terrible !

AncientItalianSecret: Absolutely freaking genius.

Great Pianists: FANTASTIC!

IceAgeColumbus: This is a tremendous amount of engineering. Way to go. Really great inventing.

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DELUXE FOOT DRUM by Farmer Musical Instruments 4.8 out of 5

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DIY foot-drum
DIY foot-drum

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