5 Secrets To Slimmer Calves And Thighs

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Pj Belton: Could I use coconut or olive oil instead of sesame?

Suhaila Amir: Thank you i like your vedio

Cris Hawat: Responsible information. I like it! No magic pill will change anything. Thanks for publishing it.

Celeste Moore: Anita, U R attractive & have beautiful legs. They're very shapely. I think you would be adorable in a straight skirt--just below the knees. Even a fitted dress--just below the knees. Men find that asset very attractive. You're very proportioned.

Tayyaba Khan: So I'm a pear shape. I don't wanna lose from my torso at all but I have big legs. So you mean I have no choice?

Jeffany Figueroa: your calves are tiny.

Sue Arcenal: I love this video so much. Good thing I saw this at my age. I don't want to live my life hating my calves or any imperfections I have in my body. The best part of your video for me is the last part 'Love thy self'. We should be loving ourselves first. Please continue to make videos like these. Your videos are the kind where it's not a waste of time watching it until the end. Thank you soo much. God bless you.

misanthrop1958: I can only tell you from a normal man`s point of view: Women with muscular legs and particularly muscular calves are sexy!! Even in the fashion industry there is an increasing number of models, who do train their calves and legs! Don`t believe it, when a man says he does not like muscular legs! He is lieing! For most men I know a pair of strong legs is a real turn-on!

Ntswaki Motloung: i dont feel comfortable with them

cyl20121: Thank you

Dee Ongmoo: aw you are so sweet and the video was so helpful. I am 19 and I have bulky calves it really makes me upset. I do gym now. Is tread mill and squats good for losing calve fats and muscles?

SuhLead: I hope you'll find my comment! Okay so! My calves are 39-40cm. Since june last year, I tried to do different calves exercises (calves raises, stretching, etc). It did nothing! Since January, i tried to change my diet. Like eating less pasta and pizza stuff and pastries. And also tried to do more stretching. And recently, like a month ago, i woke up and i could see that my calves were clearly smaller! I measured them and they were a clean 37cm! I didn't understand! Because during the day, you know, i walk, go up stairs and after, at the end of the day, they are back to 39cm. And most of the time now, when a wake up, they're 37cm and i want to know if you know why and what can i do to keep them 37cm all the time! Not only one hour after i wake up! Thank you very much for your videos about calves! I hope you will be able to answer me!

jane e: going vegan is the best thing to do! :)

Roselind Thomas: What about running? Endurance running? Will that make your thighs big

Sammy BonBon: does climbing make calves bigger

dll6384: Great video. One of the most realistic videos I've seen on this topic. How long did it take you to lose 1 full inch off of your calves? Did it take you 2 years to accomplish that?

Joshua Elizabeth: Good day Anita... Im 4'11 and have a big calves... i do walking, jogging and cardio workout. What other exercise i can do to help it become slimmer? Thanks in advance.

Toph Beifong: I'm 20 and on my teen-ish years I always say that "I'll never get self-conscious" which actually the opposite to what is happening right now. I started to mind my butt so I started the 30-day butt challenge that seems to work but gave me REAL bulky thighs so I stopped. I really can relate to everything you've said (and it quite made me cry) Btw, I do exercise because I can't let go of these unhealthy foods (don't judge me, i cannot live without spaghetti, coffee and gummy bears). Thank you Ms. Anita :) I'd definitely try the juices and read your suggested books. Not quite sure if i could do those yoga moves lolĀ 
Your son is soooo cute :D

Angel Bishop: This video is so relatable!!! I mean and the explanation of body composition was just what I needed. I watched a video before this and the young lady was naturally skinny. She was doing all these lunge exercises and I kept thinking "these exercises are not making my thighs smaller; I've already tried these..." Anyways, thank you so much for this video. Very useful!

melody lee: Thanks anita! i'll try and reply you again^-^

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5 secrets to slimmer calves and thighs 5 out of 5

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5 secrets to slimmer calves and thighs
5 secrets to slimmer calves and thighs
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