Hi-Point 45 Carbine High Capacity 1911 Magazine Conversion/Mod Cen

What do you think about this video?

HongKongFuy1: WTF? Are you kidding me?

FoulMouth Actual: came for the knowledge... stayed for the soundtrack!!

Will1 Fit: Wow. Thank you for not showing the part of how to modify the magazine catch. That was what the video was about, right? Wrong!!!

wilson36532: I watched you take the whole gun down waiting to see how to modify the gun and you skipped over the ONLY part I needed.

kelty resa: Can you modify the 9mm version to take 1911 9 mm mags?

David Sisung: Still have the magazine kit?

The Green Man: Great Idea and a nice design, this is one of the only mods that actually made sense to me epically since HI points doesn't seem to be interested in making a Hi cap mag and the pro mags are garbage.

A huge advantage to using a pistol caliber carbine is that the user have the ability to switch back and forth from their side arm to the carbine with relative ease not having to carry a multitude of ammunition. Beretta figurted this out fast and a lot of LE agancys boughut into it, Kel-tec was smart with that little over priced folding turd they make, the ability to stick a 15 to 33 round Glock mag in there is a big selling point if not the only one.

Henry Braud: Sorry, but Hi-Point specifically states that the use of any magazine other than their own will void the carbine warranty!!!!! They further said they will know if aftermarket mags are used just by inspecting the feed ramp!!!!!

ruby kaufman: I think you can common sense the thing if you study the size of the notch that the 1911 clip offers against the one the HP has on it and just modify a new part to accommodate the fit  and placement needed from that, it's not rocket science! But it is a good innovative idea verses toying around with a 1911 mag notch.

shackkalashnikov: Thanks for figuring this out. With this mod, the Hi Point carbine might be just the thing for that 45 round 1911 drum Promag offers/offered(not sure if it's still in production).

Hoppe 1984: I missed something. What did you do with the aluminum?

thingmeisterxb: http://youtu.be/IPj0QZlXQMc

thingmeisterxb: Part is available for sale. If you are interested $30 thingmeisterfab@gmail.com

TheRealCobraBurnout: Interesting. Are you now making the conversion piece for resale or is that still in the works?

thingmeisterxb: Because then you can't take that same mag and continue to use it in your standard 1911.

This is merely an option/instructional video on how to remove the stock magazine catch to replace it with the one I sell.

I do not claim to show some miracle mod that can be done with no effort. If it his video did nothing for you then I'm sorry. It has done much for many that have chosen to replace the catch.

I prefer the reversible versatility to the brute destructive modifying. Thank you for watching.

six20a: Why go through all that BS when you can just bend the upper edge of the magazine catch hole up and use the 1911 mag in your Hi-Point plus you can still use the original magazines? You can even do it with the 15 round 1911 magazines. 

thatribaloutlaw: Would like a video of it running those 1911 mags

Top "O": I think the conversion is well designed.  Is there any way you can show the finished part you make.

sawfsil4liltx: hi point has 15 rd mag for rifle!!!!

N4UPD: I would just do the mag mod and leave the gun itself alone. I did the mag mod on 3 1911 mags and filed off the mag base and it fit great.

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Hi-Point 45 Carbine High Capacity 1911 Magazine Conversion/Mod cen 5 out of 5

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