Escort 12 Ga. Tactical Shotgun

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Reenactor Guy: Thank you.

cody mahar: take the plug your OWNERS MANUAL

Reenactor Guy: @libertyphoenix777 Thats a good plan.. the Mosin is a nice rifle for sure.. But I still love my Mauser K98

Reenactor Guy: @stuntlife14 I admit in the video I do not know much about shotguns... and I posted this 3 years ago. So screw you.. I know a lot more now than I did then, and I was making the video to show the shotgun, not to give a lecture on shells that I knew little about.

Tyler Schauman: 6 shot is not the amount of shot in the shell, it is the size of shot in the shell dumb ass!! City slickers with guns :) might want to learn a thing or 2 about shells and guns prior to posting videos

Reenactor Guy: @kingd3001 Calm down and read my response on my other video.. lol

kingd3001: Anyone please help I have this same model of shotgun but it only holds 3 2 3/4 shotshells instead of the 5+1 wtf?

Reenactor Guy: @gunfuego HELL YEA!!!! Give it to him... what a jerk!!!! I love mine, it is my first firearm for home defense.

Reenactor Guy: @poonjoonoob I have no idea.. I do not have the funding to get a bunch of stocks and try them on.. I was told that most that fit an Rem. 870 will fit this. Others are trial and error.

Zene: @emtffzartman would a ati folding stock fit this gun?

Reenactor Guy: @dirksworldtube That would be sweet!!!!!

Reenactor Guy: @stone4bread I agree.. thats why I try to have some real life content to my videos.

stone4bread: youtube is full of stupid comments with no real value added to videos presented. Sad! Good post, keep us updated as to how it performs.

Reenactor Guy: @darrenmatthews1000 The parts that fit this shotgun are similar with very little mods to the ones that fit the 870.. I did not compare the quality or reliability to the 870... just parts..

Darren Matthews: please do not compare the escort to the 870.... you dont even know what your talking about. Red Neck.

Reenactor Guy: @waterfordjim Did he use parts that will fit the Rem 870? And they worked on the same shotgun? If so that is awesome.

Reenactor Guy: @waterfordjim Little creepy, unless you were a girl.. its all good. They are awesome shotguns!!!

Gordon Noiwont: @emtffzartman Yeah jus lean into it a bit you will be jus fine lol i actually jus sold my shotgun it was wore out so i am going to start using my smith and wesson semi auto need to hit the trap club and break some clays to get used to it again we used to shoot over a hundred rounds each on wednesdays shootin clays

Reenactor Guy: @MrGjordin They are a different beast than rifle and pistol rounds, thats for sure.. lol I have yet to shoot a slug.. not looking forward to it.. but I need to sometime soon.. lol Practice does make perfect..

Gordon Noiwont: @emtffzartman yeah there is a lot with shells and guns its a lot of fun i have been for about 15 years so i have picked up a few things in them years lol have you had a chance to shoot them slugs they will shake your bush lol good luck with the shotgun and be safe.... and practice practice practice

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Escort 12 ga. Tactical Shotgun 5 out of 5

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