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jeremy has spoken: Mine was caused by the battery sliding back into the computer wiring harness. Cold air intake, doesnt strap down well lol. I moved the battery forward, it fixed it everytime.

danz409: mine did the same thing. also check engine kicked in at the same time. that was caused by a gas cap... -,-

TJ Sharrock: So this worked, for about 5 seconds after I started the engine. Guess I gotta do whatever those codes tell me to do...

carlos olguin: Wow..I had this issue and after a lot of research I read something that work...check ur gas cap...make sure it clicks when u close it.all the way..turns out my girl was not tighten it..and that's what cause the trac off light to come on..I twisted all the way with the car on off and then turn it on and the check ing light and trac off button disappear. .try it.

Anthony Van Slyke: In the video you say number 14 and number 12 pin but you jump 4 to 12

2468arnel: tried your way , it was temporary, lights turn back on !

Pher Tint: What abuot if they no link it 

Jon Sarge: Does this work on a 2009 as well??

oscar guerrero: some one know if this work on scion xb 2008

Jose Correia: Q

oscar guerrero: hi. esto que estas asiendo sirve en un scion xb 2008

Ella Gregory: I have a 2005 xb and I took it and had it hooked up to computer and they said wasnt flashing a code so didnt know what the problem is even though all those lights r on . Tried unhooking the cables and didnt work so I will try this thanks but I would really like to figure out what the problem is .

auxmike: Too bad the airbag light is stuck on!

vatosfamily: it doesn't work on my scion xb 2006 :(

Jan Malotin: Hi i watch this video and i have this problem probably.. can u help me and tell if this is working for my lexus IS220D? can i broken my control section in car os something? Thx so much! Jan from Czech.

ROY BFUENTES: Will this work on a gs300

Mark Jenkins: NVM I figured it out by myself, and it worked great. I did something similar to this video, but not exactly the same thing.

fisqual: This cures the symptom but not the problem. It will probably come back if there's still an issue. I get a CEL illuminated for 'ABS NE SENSOR' when I drive through standing water. Next time I do my brakes I'm going to clean the sensors off really well and make sure the connections are water tight, as I suspect one is leaking causing my intermittent light. First problem in 205,000 miles though, so I'm a happy owner.

Cyril Daigre: What if the light don't go off,after you do this...

RyanJunkie: @mayh3m27 And 99 Gs300??

mayh3m27: will this work for a 07 Lexus IS250?

chevyman198870: great vid. Where can I find the OBD plug layout for a lexus is350? i looked on the vehix site but couldnt find it

vehix411: it calibrates the steering angle

Haseeb Payendazadah: Would it be the same for a 2003 Lexus is300?? Trac control blinking but ABS on too

Jay Louis: xb 06 ~~ will this work for Check Engine, VSC and TRAC OFF Lights my Check Engine, VSC and TRAC OFF Lights came on at the same time on my xb .... i know my car is in perfect conduction. .... Will this work ?

Michael Stimac: Works perfectly--many thanks. Another trick for the bag. 2005 xb

blueeclipse97: hey does that work on a quick release steering wheel or just stock steering wheel?


Jesse Castro: Does our just turn the lights off or does it fix something? Also how about 2005?

Mark Jenkins: Any idea if it would work on a 2009 Toyota Avalon, I got the light when I went for an alignment. Its driving me crazy

bigben1986: Thats it????????? wowww thanks a ton.

monicasilvuh: Mickey Mouse !!!

kamakazzee: O have these lights and engine light also. Will this method work on 2005 xb?

Marvin Avilla: Holy smokes it works! Thank you!

Mark Vose: No luck doing it this way, but got the lights to go off by disconnecting the battery for a couple minutes.


honda2836: hi i have a 06 scion xb and the vsc and trac and the brake light is on when i turn on my car i disconnect the battery but it still stays on but the lights do not flash what could it be?????

vehix411: try this vehix411.com/category/keyless-entry/page/2/

kimvo1628: does it work on toyota kluger 2004

Hansy Hernandez: Does it work for Pontiac g6 2008 model?? These lights come on after I begin to stop. And it says service traction. And traction off.. Or do you think it's my brake fluid?

mikey scars: How do I turn off airbag

600256: Would the same pattern / method work for a 2004 Toyota RAV4? My vsc and trac light has been on for almost a year now...I need help shutting it off, dealership gave me some BS and wants to charge me 400 bucks to turn these lights off.

Glock Perez: I got my 05 scion 2 weeks ago this video really helps thanks

Michael'sComics&Stuff: does this work on an 05 xb?

VSC and TRAC OFF light on SCION 4.4 out of 5

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