VSC And TRAC OFF Light On Scion Toyta Lexus

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Jonathan Guntert: I know it had been years!! But are you still looking at your YOUTUBE? I have a few questions.. Your paperclip trick WORKED!! But what I am worried about is there still at problem with my car? I have kept it up and spent twice on what I paid. Windows rims alarms cameras and so on. A service place said it was a YAW Sensor and its like $350 and to have it installed is another $150. Do I still need to do that? This all started when I had my car jumped cause battery was dead after sitting a week. Please help with these answers please! You are the first person that has got me this far!

Grampy Campy: How do I do this on a Chrysler 2003 town and country

TheGamersEdgeHD: Will this work for a Trac light reset on a 2012 Scion xD?

Grampy Campy: How do i do the paper clip thing on my chrysler 2003 town an country with the traction control off and abs lights on to reset them? Thanks in advance do you know where I can get a free copy of my owners manual that came with it new?

Ronald David: VSC TRAC OFF CHECK ENG With '05 LEXUS ES330 they usually go off or reset on their own after a day or two ..... check ALL FLUIDS, Avg MPG on dash should read at least 18 mpg, 16 or less ur burning too much gas

Tyson Judd: So hard filming under the dash

Cars 4 Less: It work, Thanks

carlos nowell: I have a scion xb 04 with the same indicstors on all the time since i got my car, the one thing i would like to know is if this has a negative effect in the car response when you are drivin?

Suleman Mulla: is it also working with the Toyota Sequoia v6

E Le: I have all my lights on the dash with VSC and trac off and my ABS and brake light on what can that be

edgar zaragoza: what about 06 lexus gs430 ??

Tereso Oviedo: toyota tundra 07 ???

Duy Le: What about 2012?

Emsy Robinson Jr.: I have this problem along with the check engine light. Would this trick work as well for all three?

roger toro: will this work on a 2008 scion xb????

paul Leyba: would this work if the abs light is on also???

Michal Miksatko: Sadly it did not work on my Scion XB 2008.
Unplugging a battery for few minutes worked.

Georgii Diakov: Спасибо большое!!!! на Lexus LS460 ПОМОГЛО

T Yamaguchi: Hi Vehix411, I have 2002 Lexus ES300, how can i do it?

dominolito: Sorry, I disconnect the battery for 25 minutes, and when changing the air filter and blow air maf sensor and clean it with a clean rag ready. also clean the casing of Pieces Cleaning and wualaa. lol check Goodbye light engin, VSC and trac off.

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VSC and TRAC OFF light on Scion Toyta Lexus 5 out of 5

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