Saturn Transmission Line Pressure Control Solenoid Replaceme

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Sup Games: my brother has 05 mercury montego when driving only goes up to 35-40 mph and throws rpm up to 3200 roughly and shifting into drive and reverse makes clunking noise any thought plz

9Venturi9: Nice Vid - Thanks...

Josh Wyllie: I got a 2000 sw2 station wagon that shifts hardcore 3re-4th and 4th -5th,I changed both solenoids and it still shifts hard but not as extreme,cud a bad pressure solenoid still cause this and if so which one is it...

Omar Chisolm: @tspoof do you think i can just pull up on it?, and if worst comes to worse use a crobar to break it out and replace the whole electrical connector and wires?

Kyle Gunner: I had hard shifting issues through all gears ....changed valve body shifts fine now BUT kinda hangs in 1st only when I forst put it into drive after that its fine..............could this be pressure Pressure Control Solenoid? anybody have this issue?

97saturnbaha: replaced my valve body and my tranns still dont shift. do I need to relearn (manual shift) until computer learns new valve? what solenoid is the pressure valve? how do i know?

tspoof: @KieroTakoBell I’ve seen them referred to as pressure control solenoids and line pressure solenoids. If what the “PCC solenoid” you are referring to is in the throttle body then yes, they are all the same thing.

Kyle Gunner: yes they are.. I found a used valve body and tested the solenoids and they where all good, I put in the new valve body everthing went fine NO MORE SLAM SHIFTING yay! ...but now I get a hang in 1st gear it only does it when you 1st put it into drive takes up to 2500 rpms to grab thinking its pressure related as it only does it if it has been in park.......any ideas?

robert love: man this is sweet, out of the 6 cars i own one is a sl2 with a shifting problem, Thank you tspoof for the help and thank you you tube

dodgerman16: What is that thing at 0:23 used for?

jwillwon: can you show the procedure to get your reverse back once it`s gone, replacing and retorquing that nut under th side cove?

Bob W: Thanks for this video. Just opened mine up and found a bad solenoid (9.5 ohm). Great tip about the cardboard template. couldn't believe how many different size bolts.

bluejon885: Excellent video. Took care of gear slap in reverse and hard shifting in OD. Took about 2 hours without rushing. Watch the video a couple times. It wil save you lots of time later. Car shifts great now, even when using cruise contol. Thanks so much.

tspoof: The transmission would shutter and slam into gear.

Otis Deal: I ordered 1 yesterday and picked it up today. It was a crazy day today and I needed this job to go smooth and quick. Thanks a BUNCH for this video! It saved me a lot of time. I was able (thanks to your video) to change this part out in 1.5 hrs. I don't have ABS so I didn't need to mess with the master cylinder or take my tranny mount off. But it wouldn't have gone that quick without this tutorial. Thanks again. It REALLY helped me out.

melissa wilkison: was that soleanoid that you replaced for the slamming in gear? or is there a specific solenoid that needs to be changed for that?

Bruce Allen Carlson: Ive got a 2001 Saturn that periodically "bucks" from a stop, any ideas would be helpful . . . it only happens once in a while and typically when its driven at slower speeds 45 mph or lower

olseadog: Could you please edit the info of the video and describe what your transmission was doing and how you diagnosed your problem to be that specific solenoid?

KieroTakoBell: hey.. I hope i'm not too late in answering your question, Yes I did replace the Valve Body, I found it pretty easy to replace BTW, and I did use high quality Trans Fluid I think I used valvoline, and also a bottle of Trans from LUCAS, This job was done about a year ago and I havent had any problems since, Just make sure you do tighten up your trans filter since its a screw on and mine almost fell a few weeks ago. The valve body was used and i found it for about 90 bucks. I hope you get it fixed!

lovefuct: Where did you get the Solenoid?

DavidHolmesIII: does replacing this solenoid help the strange hesitation that these automatics seem to get at higher rpm?

wrlgmail: Very ggod video- nice tip for the placing bolts in cardboard patterned after the plate. This could also be used when working on laptops or other devices. Thanks for sharing. BTW- what were your symptoms- missing one gear?

TOPOFFMAN: Would higher than normal line pressure cause a Skippy whining sound. Especially when making left turns? Is that why you are replacing that solenoid?

redneckrollercoast1: hi we have a 2002 saturn with around 124,000 on it and it jerks in reverse and shifts a little hard would it be that solenoid and how mach are they?

markvii59: @imjustpassinthru

fnkycoldmedina: did you just replace the shift timing solenoid?i have a code po789 shift timing solenoid . or was that the pressure solenoid you done ?

EDownMakesNoise: Man this video saved me a lot of money and time. That job was so simple. My engine light gave me a incorrect gear ratio problem code and everybody told me to check the solenoids, but I didn't know how to get to them. Thanks a lot, I have you suscribed now.

tspoof: @bryn7876 There is more information at saturnfans com Search the S-Series Tech forum for user=tspoof ; "Transmission Pressure Control Solenoid replacement (’99 SL1 A/T)" thread.

tspoof: @Gavin64254 I’m not sure about the ‘95’s. If it resets after a power cycle that tells me it might not be a failed solenoid, but something else. You can probably take it to a shop and have the problem diagnosed for $100.

unit666industries: flipping tech was going charge me $1300

Iseekoutthetruth: how do you know which solenoid to replace? are they all the same? why not change all of them at once, since you have everything taken apart?

tspoof: @Drew927 1999 Saturn SL1 automatic

Drazzilba: Monte Carlo's have a different tranny than the Saturn SL1

robert love: well guess what. it took me 2 hours and i do not have a shifting problem any more. that was easy. boy if dealers charge for a rebuild, there screwing the American public...... thanks again tspoof

tspoof: @TheRmn822 Check over at saturnfans. com, someone may have the valve layout over there.

Ashley Anderson: What is the diagram for the soleanoids

Omar Chisolm: @tspoof only when i shift to drive sometimes it shifts hard. so wht solanoid do i have to switch? thank u.

rsvp9146: I'm curious if this is the same tranny used in a 2005 Monte Carlo. I pulled a P1811 DTC and it's jerking off idle. Replacement looks rather straightforward, but haven't been able to find anything regarding the Monte Carlo. Where did you order the solenoid?

Omar Chisolm: @tspoof and can u tell me witch solenoid is for the drive gear?

KieroTakoBell: BTW the solenoids are already in the valve body if im not mistaking.... there is no need to replace them if your getting a new valve body or unless you get a used one and solenoids dont work.... but I think this should fix your problem... let me know how it goes, I think I still have my used one sitting around, Ill look at it and let you know if the solenoids are in there.

balistic1er: i have an 96 saturn and it shuts off when you press the throttle to speed up, is this the cause, please hlep

mizer28: How Did you quiet your kids?

RICKY SIKES: I watched your video, got me a solenoid, and in 2 hours I was shifting gears like new.1999 Saturn SL2 WITHOUT ABS,so much easier.

Infinitrium: Good video. How much more or less difficult is it to remove the entire valvebody assembly from the tranny? I believe my 96 SL2 has a bad valvebody (loses all gears but 1st after driving about 1 hour) and I might buy a rebuilt one from eBay later in the spring.

bryn7876: hey how can i tell which one is the right one.

tspoof: I got mine at the dealership.

MrBlackivy: hey i have a 1992 saturn sc2 my transmission shift fine intell it down shift from 4 to 3rd gear and then it down shift from 3rd to 2nd and i wont shift no more when it stuck in 2nd the check engine lights comes on and on the other side of the dash it say shift to 2nd what to you think the problem is?

vinnie210: I HAVE A 2005 toyota corolla s model and its starting to jerk, the light came on today, so I took it took a friend's shop and he put the computer on it. It came back with a pressure control solenoid. How much is the cheapest to get this done? in san antonio TEXAS

Omar Chisolm: @tspoof i changed the line pressure solenaoid but now it slipps when i gas pass 30. when tht happens the engine light comes on. so i took it to autozone and they tested it. i forgot the codes but it said it cant read the fourth gear, low fluids, or dead tranny. any ideas? i replaced the solenoid just like you did. SO WHAT GIVES?

ChevyFtWss: Nice video man, might have to do this soon on my saturn !

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Saturn Transmission Line Pressure Control Solenoid Replaceme
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