How To: Chose The Right TONER For Highlighted Hair Or Tone/get Rid Of Brassy Yellow Or Orange Tones

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Naiad: Great video!

Mahony Jerez: Thank you so much! Needed to really understand this so I don't mess up my hair at home :D

Irizarry M: I have all the levels. dark brown at the roots about a half of pinky length. Then a yellow blond that fades into a orangey ash blond towards the tips? So do I have to re bleach or use just a violate toner with a 40 developer? To save it from bleaching damage? Pls help with advise, Thnk U

melantha blakovitch: Thank you. Lovely and helpful video. :) Please upload more.

Quk: Hi i got my black hair highlights capichino its brassy orange i want to color my black hair to get rid of orange my skin color medium fair indian skin 

checkitoutlove: so do you buy a toner and mix it with the color or is the toner already in the color????

jackie little: can you please give me your advice i have bleached my hair it is yellow and white i want it BLONDE like platinum aash blonde, i read reviews and at sally they told me to get wella t18 well i did a test thank god and after 8 min came out SILVER white i dont wanna look like an old lady w silver white hair please help me

Hello Kitty: hello I wanted to know if it is ok to bleach all the hair and then dye it brown? is it going to set the redness ? what should i do please reply :) thx

sandra duk: What would i use to get rid if my murky blue green hair?

Alyssa Hotter: Hair 50 developer

Coolslim913: Excellent....

HairBeauty4You: If it´s a semi color I always use 1.9 %

Claudia Noelle: You are the best!!! :D

slaanesh12: grey and ash blonde isnt riduculas thats the colour i want ;P

haley klein: I just had highlights put in, and they are orange/red. I want to tone out the brass, but want to maintain the lightness level. Any suggestions?

Allylikespie: If u wanna use wella what toner is a green base to get out red/ orange from hair so it can be blonde or is that even possible ?

HairBeauty4You: try using a bit of green/blue .... if it works, it will most probably be a medium to light brown.

kaitlyn santini: i have no idea what you just said. it made noooo sense.. the color wheel is the color wheel it helps for correcting and neutralizing color . her color wheel is wrong,

Rebecca Grice: Okay, So i bleached my hair with born blonde and the colour has go to levle 7, So what do i do to get it to a light blonde. Do i just use a toner or put another bleach on it?

Sole Ali: you are amazing !! thanks alot nd we really need your help more :DD

MrsSmileyAiza: Hey i have a question i have naturally dark brown hair i got highlights last november they are a sort of light brown and now that my hair has grown out ive really been wanting to match the highlights to my hair color if i was to use a 2 toner on the highlighted parts of my hair would it act as a dye?

lilbabygirl9: Could you do a video on/explain how to prevent hot roots if you're lightening your hair from level 2 to a level 5 using hair dye?

Elle CG: Meanwhile, I've been doing this for about 6 months and have a slightly orangey tinge to part of my hair. Watching your video I see that I need to put a blue color on it, is that right? Since it has rested, I would just like to dye it, what color should I use (blue, where do I get that?) and what level developer if any? Sorry for the long posts, but I have been searching and searching for this answer, I’m tired of this brassy hair. P.S. I use to get my hair prof. done, but that got too expensive.

maisy ch: So i bleached a chunk of my hair and it turned out like an orange red ish ugly color. .-. I own almost every color of the rainbow of SEMI permanent hair dye. If i add like a little bit of blue to it should it get rid of some of the orange ness? Or is it too dark to be fixed?? Please reply Dx And if yes, what shade of blue would be best??

Golden One: I leave wella T18 on my roots for only 3-4 minutes and it works great.

krystah251: My hair is very fickle.. I was dark brown for about a year, but got sick of coloring all the time and want to go back to my naturalish, which is dirty blonde. I went to a stylist and she turned it orange, i toned it with a blue/violet toner but still orange /red. I CANNOT shake this RED/ORANGE! im using purple shampoo (sometimes for 15 mins at a time) and STILL cannot get rid of the orange. so im wondering, what can i do next? another blue/violet toner or just blue when my hair is ready?

Elle CG: Hello, your video is very informative, and I'm wondering if you could give me some advice? My natural hair is about a level 3 to 4 dark brown, and I want to get a dark/golden blonde level 7 or 8. I use two parts 40 vol. with one part level 7-ash blonde. I still get a touch of orange in there, and am now considering dropping to a level 6 ash blonde with 40 vol. developer. Maybe 7 is too high and my hair cannot lift there? If I’m a level 3 than I should be able to get to 7 with a 40 dev. Right?

Ro Lagonegro: thanks for your generosity in sharing your knowledge. I am a hairdresser in Brazil and would love to know the way you work with blondes.

Cathleen Bodykevich: I have a question about the toner 'numbers'. If a colour is 1/23, I understand that the 1= the level and the 2 and 3= the toner but what toner number correlates with the colour on the colour wheel? Where can I get more info on colour theory?

Ditzy0: Omg thank you ur vid is great and well explained

kaitlyn santini: toner is toner. brand doesnt matter the color of the toner does. using a color wheel helps you figure out the correct toner to use. but in this video her color wheel i all wrong so ill help you out. you tone your hair after you bleach it. you can do it while its damp. since your hair is a yellow brassy color im guessing its at a level 7 or 8 because a level 9/10 is plain yellow. so you want to get a blue violet toner to get rid of the brassy tone. hope it helped!

kaitlyn santini: The part you said about the level 1 going to level 8 is incorrect. With decolorizor (bleach) you can lift the hair 7 levels lighter. Of course you still have to tone. but it isn't impossible.

Ruth Maton: Continued question: am I on the right track? Please help!

Sole Ali: when the next video shows? :DD

HairBeauty4You: Yes, it actually does!

roony jab: what color developer power did you use with the 7/1 medium ash blonde ? please

bee D.: Where is part 2?

Melissa Gotera: What developer level do you use for the orangy yellow?

kaitlyn santini: Did you even go to Cosmo school?! Because most of the things your telling these people are invalid!

Claudia Noelle: what volume developer did you mix with the medium ash blonde?

Claudya B: finally someone that can actually help me, thank you!!!

Unique Roane: My hair is (semi-color dark brown) original dark brown with gray across the front, down the middle, nap and all around the hair line. The roots are yellow. What products should I use to get my hair dark brown? I want to get the yellow tones out to semi color my hair to dark brown.

Lisa Byres: so tomato ketchup will get green tones out?:s

kaitlyn santini: i never said i dont get it? i was replying to someones question that didnt make sense. i said that her color wheel is wrong. And you might think its right because you probably have no training or licence. but for me since i am a cosmo i know what im saying. thanks

perth45: The information is good, but I can't agree that a 7/1 on top of gold looking pre-lightened hair will give a brown, it will be quite flat and the ash can take over so therefore look green under artificial light.

pink21zebrahun: Good information

Claudia Noelle: You help me SOOOO much with hair! Thank you! :)

Melissa C: I use wella t18 toner but sometimes I don't know how long to leave it in because it turns my already processed hair purple. I just want to tone my roots after bleaching! can u tell me how long to leave in the toner?

HairBeauty4You: try using a cleansing shampoo a few times.... bleaching it would probably be way too harsh on your hair.

Sole Ali: nd pls tell us what vol you mixed the color 30 % or 20% ?

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How To: Chose the right TONER for highlighted hair or tone/get rid of brassy yellow or orange tones 4.8 out of 5

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