How To: Chose The Right TONER For Highlighted Hair Or Tone/get Rid Of Brassy Yellow Or Orange Tones

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Queen B: Im a dark chocolate brown and want just a Sunkissed blonde highlight through it. If I use just a blue shampoo will that be enough to cancel out orange?

Cleo Pap: there is also the letter "R" in the alphabet

Cali_nayxo: In about a level 7. It's not orange tho, it's a light brassy brown. Not orange. Purple shampoo and t14 Wella has violet right? Didn't work. Only lightened the brown slightly. It's still there tho. :( Should I re-election it and it use a t18?

Blueevoy_6000: Thank you for explaining

maebae baebae: used t14 wella overtoned to a blue I can deal cuz whatever how do I release some of that blue though lol

MYM: my hair is medium brown now but in the sun it still gives me those brassy tones . I really want to have a cool medium brown that doesn't have those reflections. I couldn't find a toner for my case. What are your suggestions?

Seratonia: Ive just had bleached high lights,way too fine,and it looks a bit like base is about a 7....I would like to tone it all down to nearer my base colour,what formulor could I use....please please it looks so over processed...grrrrrrrrr! Many thanks

Sheila Folan: My hair is a copper like colour, what toner would you suggest?

Mandy Braun: How do I know if a color is blue based or green based etc. do I just buy a blue dye or green dye thanks

Pinnie Lane: Help! I have very black hair and had highlights put in, they look greenish and I just want my hair a dark brown! I tried to put a cool brown to cover it but now my roots are the cool brown, the meat of my hair is just black and the highlights are still green :( what can I do?

A Aa: As a cosmetology student, I really apreciated this video!!

ricekava84: thank you sooooo much for this video!

Yuvia Cha: Thanks for your recommendation. so I did my hair bleached it be came orange color as I expected. as i told you i want platinum gray, more likely blue..Do you think I can use punky color "platinum toner" with conditioner or 20 developer?
what color would you expected if stop here doing more bleaching it and get the toner now?

lismery nunez: hi I have used color oops to remove semi permanent color from my hair and I'm left with the top half of my hair orange and the bottom half a pale blonde with a green tinge. how can I unite the color into a sort of light caramel blonde? I love your video.😘

Gennie Davila: i have light pastel blue silver hair and i still have yellow, how can i remove it.

Iqra Tanvir: God bless you for this

sunshine2049: Julia,  the strands that you toned were about a level 8 orange-y gold,  why would you choose an ash toner and not something violet based?  orange gold is neutralized by violet. red is neutralized by green

Denise Chappel: hi,
I just bleached my hair with Platinum Extreme by Loreal Fiera. It, as usual turned out more like a pale brassy yellow. I figured a toner would be needed, and I go to Sally;s beauty and they normally suggest the Wella T18. I would like to have more of a caramel blonde color. My question is, the T18 works just fine, but every time I go to Sally's, someone different is working, and one might suggest the T18 ash, and another might suggest the T18 without the ash. i would like to refrain form having purple tones after toning and i believe the ash gives it that purple tint. Can you please tell me what the difference is between the two, with ash, and without? And what you might suggest for a more caramel color. Hope to hear back from you soon. Thanks so much for the help!

Cecy Flowers: Where is part 2???

angel violet: hi, i need help. to obtain a blond cold tone with the elimination of orange, the blu corrector should be
used alone or in association with a dye? i have a balayange with a dark root and a blond orange on lenght. thanks

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How To: Chose the right TONER for highlighted hair or tone/get rid of brassy yellow or orange tones 5 out of 5

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