How To Swap The Stock Mad Catz Arcade FightStick PCB With A Joytron Paewang Revolution PCB

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jumborat12: Did you connect the extra ground wire? I have the same situation

hum92: im modding a mad catz V.S. stick, im stuck on the ribbon cables. you said that there is one with five wires and the other six, but on the v.s. stick it has both six wires for the ribbons. any advice?

Thaddeus Rainey: Hey man, I really enjoyed this video. I have a question, I own an omni which has this pcb in it and it recently started going off and on. Like connecting and sometimes not connecting. I figured it's the cause of one of those 5 main wires that go out to the usb cable. I don't know much about electronics but I ordered a soldering kit and desoldered those points. The turbo etc buttons are still soldered on. But I can't seem to solder suck the points out to clean it up so I can put the wire through it and resolder them better than when I originally purchased it. Any advice on what I should do? It's such a small space i'm working with on that pcb and being I don't know how to properly solder and the wires on the back are still on it moves about, I can't seem to desolder.

Reginold DrLuvin: My modded Brawl stick's cord came loose and started ripping up at the base. I put super glue on the outside and wrapped it in electrical tape. It worked for weeks but suddenly I can't press down! I don't think I'm good enough at modding to swap out the cord, should I just buy a new stick? It sucks if I have to basically toss the stick just because of the cord.

Donovan Myers: @TruKaos1110 I'm not 100% sure. But I know getting at those solder points is 100% easier since turbo, guide, and power are all pinned out and easy to get to. I would do it just in case.

Donovan Myers: Thanks for the interest. Unfortunately I don't have an Akishop PS360+. I only have the old model Akishop. But I do have a VLX. There are a lot of harnesses in that stick. You can easily disconnect the USB & stick/button wires and cut off any connectors and put them in the proper slots in the Akishop PCB. If you don't want to cut anything, try and research making your own (.110 connectors & JLF harness & just cut up a spare USB cable).

Donovan Myers: @TruKaos1110 I'm not 100% positive, but I think you have a newer TE (Pro/V.S.) stick where the lock switch on the Guide/Turbo panel actually locks out the start & select buttons? I believe the KGND is what controls that (lock cuts the ground and keeps start & select from triggering).

Oscar Camarena: THANKS! By the way, is that the Kraylix custom cabinet in the background in the beginning of the video?

Donovan Myers: @b8ingmasta Yeah, the PCB replaces any main PCB so it could work in any stick. I'm relatively certain accessing the home/turbo buttons on the SFxT's top panel is the exact same, but I have not disassembled my stick to the point to confirm that.

Donovan Myers: The Paewang complete replaces any other PCB, and I don't believe it offers any 3-way capabilities. Since you have a 360 stick, you could use a dual-mod board, like the Phreak Mods TEasy Strike and that does let you have 3-way capability for PS3 and 360.

jp mansfield: hi, i just wired everything up and it seems that only the joystick works. Can you please help me ?

Donovan Myers: @tsokoberst I have not done any lag tests, and I can't claim to be sensitive to input lag either. However, I would say the Akishop & Paewang are on par with each other. They both feel great on PS3 and 360 to me. Akishop is a unicorn at this point, so Paewang really is your best option for 360/PS3 dual compatibility in a non 360 stick.

Donovan Myers: I think the Presoldered Bundle is basically like it was ripped out of one of their sticks. It has the USB cable, wiring harness for the buttons and joystick. The PCB only would require you to provide your own joystick and button wires as well as solder them to the PCB. You probably also have to provide USB cable and solder it as well. If you aren't super anal and want everything soldered by you, I'd go with the bundle.

weldone0: I have to choose between 2 versions of paewang revolution( PCB only or Presoldered Bundle) . do you know what is the difference between these???

Donovan Myers: @psk239 Yes.

devasteitorzero: So you tell me that i need The kitty and ps360+ to use The VLX dual mod ?

albinobean: Hey Donovan, the ribbon cables that connect to the TE-S are both 6 wire cables, is there anyway to tell which cable corresponds to which button on the actual ribbon? I like the simplicity of the punch out and would rather I not have to get rid of it.

360fearsps3: Hey, buddy so i installed everything and its hella amazing :) my only issue right now is that the turbo and the guide button isn't working? It is currently inside my 360 MADCATZ TE. I checked everything and all buttons are functional except the TURBO & GUIDE button. Also I have un-soldered the paewang usb and replaced it with the 360 usb ( i thought it was nicer and longer :/ ) Could that be a factor in why it isn't working... or am I missing something?

Donovan Myers: Are you talking about the 'break away' part of an Xbox cable? And are you talking about the one that came with your stick or the Paewang? The Paewang comes with a USB cable.

Donovan Myers: @vietnamazin You can install it into a 360 stick. Accessing the home & turbo signals on an Xbox 360 PCB is much easier because there are pins for it. You just have more options when starting with a 360 stick (various dual mod boards that sit alongside the stock PCB - ChImpSMD, etc.), so the Paewang (or Akishop) replacement PCB is what people with PS3 sticks prefer to go with.

jp mansfield: Can the Paewang Revolution work on the 360 TE as well? As in a revers mod to what you did 360 TE to PS3. And would the mod be done the same way ?

Donovan Myers: Yup, like the Akishop PCB, it's not a "dual-mod" (add-on) board, it's a complete replacement for the main PCB in the stick. You can put a Paewang in anything.

Fmito: Nice ! just what i was looking for !

NoblesseOblige: So I accidently stepped on the end part of the cable that connects to the USB adaptor of my TE stick. It's bent out of shape and doesn't fit anymore. Is your tutorial only for when the cable is cut throughout the middle? Or does that mean that I have to buy another cable and cut both in half so that I can join them?

Donovan Myers: Printed Circuit Board. AKA green rectangles with metal stuff and wires on them.

fefobiz: Thank you kind sir! And sorry for being rude before, I was upset because I had dropped my Stick on the floor and I kinda had to open it and fix with 0 knowledge. All good now though.

Donovan Myers: Nope, sorry to confuse. Was just saying I don't know too much about it because when I dual moded my _360_ VLX, that I just popped a VLX Kitty in there. Your best bet with a PS3 stick is still the Akishop PS360+.

jp mansfield: Thank you very much. I need to make my 360 TE work for the ps3 as well. Now I can finally go to tournaments .

Donovan Myers: I've gotten this question a lot across my various stick mod videos. The best advice I can give is to follow the traces on the ribbon cables. They are labeled at the PCB. I believe the extra wire is just another ground.

Donovan Myers: Yes, you can just cut off the ends of the ribbon cables for any mods. I don't know the SF x T layout, but you could find out yourself pretty easy: just look at where the ribbon cable hooks up to the PCB and it should be labeled. Alternatively, you could take a multi-meter and test continuity from the signal wire coming out of the punch-down (that's labeled) and a wire to figure it out. Sorry for the late reply, busy with the holidays.

Jose Hinojosa: i'm trying to do this mod on a MLG version of the TE, and it has 2 six ribbon cables instead the 5 and 6 as in your video. any help?

devasteitorzero: Hi Donovan, can u make a tutorial about how installing the Akishop PS360+ in a Hori PS3 VLX ? Thx

Donovan Myers: The Paewang that you can get from Focus Attack is a multi-console version (PS3/360/PC). I wasn't aware Paewang had a stick/PCB that didn't do both 360/PS3. I'm not sure what you mean by low input read. I don't have any testing equipment to know the exact millisecond rating of input registers, but it feels just as responsive as any other stick I have (MadCatz, Hori, Akishop, etc.)

Donovan Myers: @markdaardvark Soldering isn't 'hard' and this might be a good first project. Just make sure to buy a soldering station that has heat control and will let you get the iron hot enough (over 700º). Most beginners downfall is buying a 'solder stick' from Radio Shack that never gets hot enough and they ruin the electronics waiting for solder to melt. The only other key is to remember to scratch the metal contacts on the Paewang where you'll solder new wires. The rest is cake.

bajefist2: I have a problem with the right direction on the pcb not responding at all

devasteitorzero: Thx man and what about The turbo, select, home bottons and The switch level?

Donovan Myers: @RaiClan Not sure what other tests you can do besides verifying power & turbo functionality. Is this a 360 or PS3? On the PS3 all of the functionality is on the Home/Turbo PCB. But with the 360 there's a separate main PCB for everything else. Does nothing else work? How do you know it's been damaged? Too many factors here to really give an opinion. ;)

Donovan Myers: Yes, the Paewang is common ground. I didn't think it was at first because of all the connectors for the joysticks that had their own ground, but as you saw in the video I only used 1 ground and the 4 signals to use a common ground joystick (JLF) with the PCB.

dtkrob: Thanks for taking the time to reply ! And thanks for the video ! I'm gonna be picking up one soon and the installing should be a breeze with this video !

Hector Galarza: would this work with a tournament edition S stick?

Donovan Myers: I don't know off hand, I'm pretty sure that that area has wires that lead back to the main PCB in the metal casing. If so, you should be able to intercept those and use them as well. My VLX is a 360 version and I ended up using the super simple VLX Kitty to dual mod it.

Donovan Myers: @AerMateo Yeah, the Paewang PCB essentially replaces any PCB, so you could put it in any stick. The TvC stick would be tricky because it doesn't have the 24 mm Sawna buttons for start & select. Also, I couldn't be certain accessing the home & turbo buttons in the panel would be the exact same.

Donovan Myers: Yes, the only difference with the TE and TE-S is the slight change to the case to have smaller sides and full-size top panel. The components are all the same - maybe a minor revision to the PCB, but you're replacing that. ;)

jayehs: is there a reason why you need to wire VCC to Madcatz pcb? Wouldn't it work just with Home & Turbo signal wires and Ground? Madcatz PCB doesn't have to be powered does it? Thanks!

fefobiz: what the freak is a pcb

Donovan Myers: Good to know! If you have a volt meter, you could use the continuity setting to test which wire of the ribbon cable was which. I'm pretty sure that the main PCB is labeled where the ribbon cables connect on the other end of the punch down. It is on the TE and VS. You also might try searching Google images for 'Mad Catz TE-S pinout'. You could also try following the traces from the ribbon cable connectors to the .112" male quick disconnects that the button wires are connected to, they're labeled.

Alonzo Cunningham: could i do what you did at 10:17 with the mc cuthulhu? and if so what is the lay out when both are 6 wires from the punch down? im useing the playstation version sf x tekken vs pro stick

Donovan Myers: @AnthonyOgborn Well, you could de-solder it and use the one that came with the Mad Catz TE stick. Other than that, you could take any USB cable, cut the other end off and solder up the wires. Most all of them are color coded correctly: red is usually power (VCC), White is Data -, Green is Data +, and Black is ground. The 5th wire is also ground and usually connects to a shielding around the cable.

Peter Long: Can you install into a 360 stick or must it be installed into a ps3 stick?

360fearsps3: thnx for the reply.. lol i figured it out... it wasn't that... i realized that both the guide and turbo part of the pcb was soldered on too much so some were on top the ground side too. so i took off some and it worked... thnx again for the awesome instruction..

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