Rooted Nextbook Premium 7

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Key People: I have the Nextbook 8 tablet game with Jelly Bean 4.1.1 SN: YFG******** & it's so freaken hard to find a ROM for it newer one wish i could get 4.3 or newer cant find it Dam went XDA & others nothing anyone else have any luck Thanks wish it was like Windows base almost just install it but could customize it in CMD Prompt or something so i wouldn't have to find a particular one Dam never done this to fun yet either

Theary Hem: can we flash this rom to tablet model (next7c12f) ?

Kendyll Mcauley: Does anyone know how to reset one? if you forget your password? My little sister has locked herself out and we have tried to reset it in different ways but we cant get it.?? Please help?

Victor Rios: i want to know how to reset my son 7inch android he forgot the password yfg0613181965

Victor Rios: nextbook

xMazdaHD: do it have standard android

Victor Rios: i need help

Tyler Bang: Will this root work with a Nextbook Premium 7 HD?

Emilio Y Jd Teruel Salcedo: how i root my nextbook

anime world: does it work on nextbook 7p12-4g

fernando flores: There's a thing called root master worked for mine

Cp6uja90: Can you explain me where did you found usb driver for this tablet ?

CJGAMING2015: How do u root it

Kevin Crowston: @TheHunterRE Most of the ones on XDA are for the YF1011 serial number series (like mine is).. sounds like you got a YF0911 serial number series.

luis mendoza: So how did u do it

MYSTERFUT: I have the same tablet she does not want my light is that you can help m

Phil StJohn: I just bought same device and I am still searching high an low how to root it if I figure it out I will be sure to let you know ill subscribe to ur channel so when I do I can message you faster

Kevin Crowston: Sorry about that the issue was packaging it in the update.img... download latest from the xda thread and it should work. Didn't realize that the changed structure wasn't compatible with the update.img format.

Kevin Crowston: Issue with the oddball setup that is used since this setup is really designed for phones no tablets. These tablets are only really worth it if you can get them for 100$ or less lol... at the 200$ mark Nexus 7 all the way.

Kevin Crowston: Naw i meant the plastic case... it seems that the yf1211 went to the generic style that the tablet maker used.

Kevin Crowston: The issue is with the nature of the Chinese supplier of the tablets.. when they run out of a part they substitute another part and adapt the stock rom to support it. As of such sadly that means yours is one of the effected batches :(.

shyneeh Ali: How do u take screen shots?

Kevin Crowston: The link i added to description for next7p12 works.

Kevin Crowston: @shiuvaunhe I released the rooted stock rom i use my self on xda (link in description). Will only work if you got a YF1011 serial number tho.

Kevin Crowston: Internal storage or sd card? Gingerbread or ICS? The ICS one is set to make external sd primary. If you use internal I'd have to do a different boot.img for that.

Johathan Reid: any one know to root nx008hd8g running android 4.1.1

Omar Velez: How can you root it???? I need to root mine so baaaaad

The22tankmaster: Anyone know how to root this model? Next7P12

Bob Morrison: Same here.

Sinister Toad: That boot is slower than mine stock..I have the yf12 serial one. Is there a physical difference besides the metal trim?

Annette Palmer: So, this video is a brag then? Congrats, at least you link the tool.

allen marshall: I trying to root my android tablet what I have to do

Erik Rivera: Can you tell me how to root my next book 8 please

Chris R: Can I just buy the google app store from Amazon?

Zeal Hartford: will it work on YF041218810?

VinCy Pang: serously i donno how too root this device @@

The22tankmaster: It's me again, that link for the root on the N7P12 isn't available, do you have it somewhere else by any chance?

Anthony Mendoza: The SN: YF061209853

PussMag: off screen ratio at portrait mode still exists i see

joshua galang: why it doesnt have google license?

josue57999: it worked on mine tnx

Taura Eruera: Hey there. My nextBook Premium 7 plays Youtube videos and tablettop videos. When i try to play videos off a membership site in chrome I get a message that Flash 10.1.6 is required. When I click the download button i get the message that this device does not support Flash. I'm confused. Is Flash already installed? If not, how do I install Flash 11? Your help would be a lifesaver.

shiuvaunhe: I have one as well, would love to root it and get marketplace on it, care to share how you did it or share where you went to do it? Thanks!

Kevin Crowston: That was the early pre-release work before it was fully modified (partial root) and not sure why it was slow boot normally its quite fast. the 1011 and 1211 are pretty well the same boards only really the cases are different... the 1211 i believe is just a 1011 with the newer firmware pre-installed and new case.

Kevin Crowston: The current generation of them are google play blessed and you don't need to mod them to get it. This was for the old ones from before they were blessed.

Kevin Crowston: The page linked has guide on how to install it... it is quite simple actually.

YoutubeBrute100: is this the same for the nextbook 8se?

Sinister Toad: No chance e-fun updates this to a higher os?

Kevin Crowston: I have since released a rooted stock rom for that model @

Anthony Mendoza: Hi Kevin, I have Nextbook Next7P12 and I am having a problem on wifi, it won't turn on. Do you have updated firmware or img to fix it? Best Regards, Anton

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Rooted Nextbook Premium 7 2.9 out of 5

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