Rooted Nextbook Premium 7

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younes nassih: my device is nextbook nx007hd8g (ebm7000nbd) but he doesnt root  please if you have answer send me to ma email                           the answer by root checker is sorry root access is not properly installed on this devise     
please help me 
thank you very much

Darian Evolution: Please help me. i rooted my NX007HD and got romtoolbox and it got new fonts and then i went somewhere that had no wifi and i wanted to change my fonts and i went in to romtoolbox and picked a font and it it always says android will reboot now and i picked yes and as my NX007HD was rebooting it went all the way to the last part of my boot menu and then the screen turns black and it stays that way,so please if anyone can help,please help me =(

Janice Michelle: really, you need to just take this video off because you're not showing anything and you have other noise in the background

Key People: I have the Nextbook 8 tablet game with Jelly Bean 4.1.1 SN: YFG****** & it's so freaken hard to find a ROM for it newer one wish i could get 4.3 or newer cant find it Dam went XDA & others nothing anyone else have any luck Thanks wish it was like Windows base almost just install it but could customize it in CMD Prompt or something so i wouldn't have to find a particular one Dam never done this to fun yet either

Kendyll Mcauley: Does anyone know how to reset one? if you forget your password? My little sister has locked herself out and we have tried to reset it in different ways but we cant get it.?? Please help?

Victor Rios: i need help

Victor Rios: nextbook

Victor Rios: i want to know how to reset my son 7inch android he forgot the password yfg0613181965

xMazdaHD: do it have standard android

Fernando Flores: There's a thing called root master worked for mine

Cp6uja90: Can you explain me where did you found usb driver for this tablet ?

RioT AspecTz: How do u root it

Erik Rivera: Can you tell me how to root my next book 8 please

VinCy Pang: serously i donno how too root this device @@

Phil StJohn: I just bought same device and I am still searching high an low how to root it if I figure it out I will be sure to let you know ill subscribe to ur channel so when I do I can message you faster

Kevin Crowston: The current generation of them are google play blessed and you don't need to mod them to get it. This was for the old ones from before they were blessed.

Joshua Galang: why it doesnt have google license?

AJ Marshall: I trying to root my android tablet what I have to do

luis mendoza: So how did u do it

Johathan Reid: any one know to root nx008hd8g running android 4.1.1

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Rooted Nextbook Premium 7 5 out of 5

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Rooted Nextbook Premium 7
Rooted Nextbook Premium 7
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Root repair 2 nextbook tablet Premium 7
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NextBook Premium 7 tablet Review
next book premium 7 review
next book premium 7 review
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Nextbook 7 Premium Android 4 0 Review

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