Hammerhead GTS 150 Full Review/Driving

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Urban Taint: mounting the camera to a helmet would get you much better footage.nice video

darrin goodbrand: Nice looking buggy just begging for a engine swap lol

Christian Huston: It's way slower get 250cc

Jesse Ramos: Were can i buy the front plastic

Wildcanucks33: How much does it cost

Grady Bickett: get some air in your tires mate

hedge mcnorry: the engine has the battery and all that stuff and this here sucks in the air .... seen enough

Tyler Brady's vids: Can you be 4"9 tall to see really well over the steering wheel and able to push the pedal really well while the driver seat is all the way up?

Axel Jaimes: What is your Maximum speed? In Kilometers

_Rubeh Gaming_: 5.35 what are those

Eric Lewis: whats the top speed

x XwattsyX x: Is the 250 a lot faster then these 150s

CJ Productions: We're did you get it from

8bitporn: What fuel does this run on

KissingTheFaceOfDeath: And no it is not street legal... I got pulled over by the law and had my license suspended until i am 21 😞 i am turning 16 in July. All i was trying to do is go to the gas station that's less than a mile from my house. And who knew there was a "Dust law" in az? I got a ticket for violating it. I can't drive the go kart within a quarter mile of ANY structure other than my own. Wtf. That was my first time.being pulled over for any reason and i got freaked in the ass. He must have been having a bad day...

KissingTheFaceOfDeath: I have the platinum and i like his a lot more. I love his dash set up... My speedometer is in the middle of the kart. Not behind the steering wheel like his. I've had a few minor issues with mine. I live in Arizona so a lot of dust picks up and i have to take the filter of lf every week and clean it... The very first day i drove the go kart something exploded in the filterbox and got stuck in the carburetor..? It was a circular rubber thingy... I found where it came from... It was in the first half of the tube leading from the filter to the carburetor. It looked useless if you ask me... It looked like it was just a solid rubber piece blocking the filter and carb... I don't know how to explain it... The second issue ive had is the steering.... I have to realign my steering once or twice a month. Its annoying. Another issue ive had (this may be my fault for ridin harder than i should be) is one day i hit a jump at around 30 mph and i launched a good 15-20 feet. I could have easily cleared my 6 foot tall friend. And when i landed the cargo rack came down and crushed the filter box. Now the filter box is in pieces. I blame myself for that one. The should have used a independent rear suspension. And i wish they made this 4wd. I currently have 760 ish miles on the engine and the buggy is having a REAL tough time starting (i don't have the push to start.) it won't turn over unless i give it gas and turn the key for about 30 or so seconds. I may need a new spark plug. And just a side note... My roll bars come loose often and make.this loud ass rattling noise... I also dislike how the make everything so complex. I don't have ANY of the right size sockets or wrenches becuase it's not an American built buggy. It took me 20 minutes to take ONE of the fenders off. other than that i Absolutely love my buggy and have named him BillyTheBuggy lol. I wouldn't give him up for anything... Except a hammerhead 250ss because it has independent rear suspension and a bigger engine... I wish there were more accessories made for the hammerhead.

Bryan Henry: Is it 4x4

Carlos Vreal: why didn't you go for the platinum? 

jose mata: How much adjustment is there on the seat? Im driving 450 miles round trip to buy one for my 5 year old. Its mostly for me and the wife until he gets used to the power

Benjamin Spears: To answer any questions, it is a good buggy iv had one for 4 yrs going on 5 and it runs great still. I havent had to replace eny parts on it yes except the spindle on the drivers side because i crashed it. Parts are cinda hard to find but you can get them on ebay for cheap. I have gotten it up to 48 going down a hill with a koso variator and 10g roller weights. Would i recomend it, yes. Aftermarket parts like a clutch and exaust are easy to finn and there cheap. If there is any questions that i dident answer just ask.

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Hammerhead GTS 150 Full Review/Driving 5 out of 5

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Hammerhead GTS 150  Full Review/Driving
Hammerhead GTS 150 Full Review/Driving
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