Romanian Tokarev TT-33 7.62x25

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Jack Torrance: Thanks for sharing! Awesome video! Can't wait to get one...

Russell Houghton: The tt-33 is not bases on the 1911
The 1911 and tt-33 are both bases on the 1903 browning. That's why they look alike

7410ray: It was based on the Brownie and 911, Right??

zhukie: About as far away from a .22 to shoot as is possible to imagine tho Think fire & inhuman noise lol

Jacob Magnuts: like a .22lr (bigger) with a larger rifle shape

davkaya: How can you say that piece of junk is similar to a 1911? That is just scrap metal. don't confuse brass with gold....

Heavy Dog: @Tommi798 no,it's a romanian pistol,my father have one

hondaxl250k0: watch the military 7.62x25 surp ammo most of it is steel core. use a magnet and see witch ones stick the ones that so are steel core!!!!!!

pivotnoob236: whats the difference with most copys and real russian ones?

gunfan50bmg: Did you say that it's a .30 or a .38 Caliber Bullet, my brother?

Lightspit: do you have the star with the circle inside on the grips?

zachk1983: Nice video, but I don't think that the ammo is cheap for this gun. Don't get me wrong. I love mine and the gun itself is cheap, but the 7.62 x 25mm runs about $21 for a box of 50. Compare that to 9mm which is around $15. Granted, it's not super expensive, but it's not what I would classify as cheap. The harder thing is finding it though. I've had to order all my ammo online.

kosmosleha: which one did you say can be converted to shoot 9mm? Sorry, can't hear.

suckamydickbitch: no full length guide rod like a M-57.

380banshee: Those Hogue Grips will wear off the blueing.

RockawayCCW: @PrepSurvivor Marshall Grips has custom grips for many soviet pistols. Tokarevs, makarovs, CZ, FEG and others.

AcidfartProductions: What would you compare the kick to?

Tyler: @dakine425 Like the vid man:-)

Tyler Johnson: where do you get the amml from? plan on getting one of these in july.

Joshua Smith: where did you get the replacement grips?

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Romanian Tokarev TT-33 7.62x25 5 out of 5

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