Romanian Tokarev TT-33 7.62x25

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Jack Torrance: Thanks for sharing! Awesome video! Can't wait to get one...

Russell Houghton: The tt-33 is not bases on the 1911 The 1911 and tt-33 are both bases on the 1903 browning. That's why they look alike 

dakine425: @glock10mm The norincos are cool. Do you have the conversion barrel also to shoot 9mm?

edgedweapon88: Great video and I like the new intro. Keep up the great work.

dakine425: @m16mang The round was based off of the old 7.63x25mm Mauser. It's a pretty potent round.

john perescu: Very good presentation, very good pistol, i knew it well when I served in romanian army. Cheers.

Omnignosis: Looks great and comfortable also with that grip. Where'd you get the hogue grip from? I got a Yugo one coming. I know they're a bit larger and heavier bulit, what grip might fit on it? You think they have a slightly larger one?

gsxkatana: These used to be really popular over here in the early 90's in the criminal circles. One of the reasons was the rounds excellent performance against body armor.

kosmosleha: which one did you say can be converted to shoot 9mm? Sorry, can't hear.

Goindeff: An uncle of mine picked one of these up and he loves it! I have never seen the 7.62X25 untell I saw that pistol. Weird seeing this video today. Great video bro, nice intro

MrBeast758: nothing the same as 1911, it is a very different gun

Palillos1337: @Tommi798 lol dude there are a ton of romanian made tokarevs...

AcidfartProductions: What would you compare the kick to?

PrepSurvivor: where did you find those grips? I haven't been able to find replacement grips anywhere

JakJoProduction: "Came straight to my door" ahahaha ! We don't get weapons deliveries in Canada...

20thcenturyfilmdocs: Absolutely! I just got one, from SOG too, for $169.95 on Xmas sale, and I LOVE IT!

verobeachbob1: We get the corrosive Eastern European ammo, in bulk, for like less than 7 cents a round; shoot the living crap out of it with no jams. Just clean the beast when we are home drinking Yuenglings. See my 5-mag dump video with no jams ever.

gunfan50bmg: Did you say that it's a .30 or a .38 Caliber Bullet, my brother?

dakine425: @SauerTongues4 Yup it does looks similar to Pete's, I actually got the idea from a Call of Duty video on youtube. Thanks for checking out the video. Hopefully i'll have more time to make more.

multicam2000: I like the intro. Maybe a little more light on the gun. Seemed a tad dark.

zhukie: About as far away from a .22 to shoot as is possible to imagine tho Think fire & inhuman noise lol

krazy45cat: pretty potent round . Did you get my pm?

hondaxl250k0: watch the military 7.62x25 surp ammo most of it is steel core. use a magnet and see witch ones stick the ones that so are steel core!!!!!!

80spodcastchannel ( : FACEBOOK DUDEJERKY ☆☆☆☆☆: hey the Tok's arent slouches,they hit pretty hard and are VERY good penerators. I've seen really interesting sabot loads with 223 bullets to make a poor mans FN 5.7x28,with some pretty serious ballistics druthers?? they are sooooo loud!!! and the muzzle flash is impressive to say the least. cool vid Dakine..thanks man Dude

THE13EARJEW: @dakine425 Like the vid man:-)

Omnignosis: @dakine425 Sounds usable. I wil try it. Thanks for the vid, and enjoy your Md57!

dakine425: @madmac451 At least you have the option to put the barrel back if you want. I don't think the Romanian ones ever came with a 9mm barrel.

sietepeo1: I kill a large cocodrile than atack me while I was spining fishing at san juan river nicaragua with a tokarev pistol 7.62 by two times in the head and four in the body

tommi prymkha: tokarev its russian not romanian WTF

George Patton: @DrakeGmbH @yourredcomrade717 is it really worth buying another Tokarev based on my situation? I got a man handled beat up Polish one that looked good on the outside but the internals have been giving problems. Hammer light strikes, feeding ramp and throat needs to be constantly repolished, the slide stop doesnt engage w/out maganize inserted, and now the spring is acting up, im also scared my slide is getting bent out of shape. is it possible as hot as the round is, it just slowly destroys it

cocacola7810001: when you said its similar to the colt 1911 its because its main frame is off the 1911

buryourdead21: @PrepSurvivor go to cz52grips(.)com...they have nice cz ergo grips...

pivotnoob236: whats the difference with most copys and real russian ones?

Anthony Maus: thanks for the vid

shawnsent: how is the bulgarian ammo? I heard some bad stuff about them, do they shoot fine?

Jacob Magnuts: like a .22lr (bigger) with a larger rifle shape

omegalopez71: I like the vid with the new cam

Riflemanm16a2: I like the intro. As far as the video quality, I can't really tell a difference. I think Rugersix said something about those "behind the trigger" safeties being retrofitted so that they could be imported. Is that true? If so, does that mean they had to be carried in single action with no safety? or unroostered? I could be having a lapse of memory.

xbox360zocker: my uncle has this

Joshua Smith: where did you get the replacement grips?

dakine425: @venturahwy76 I most likely will, this was just more of a test video to try out a new camera and test the new intro.

kangleipak kanglasa: @shawnsent .... try Chinese and Pakistani ammo also ... its cost effective .... where it is called M 20 / Type 54

dakine425: @theArmedJanitor Thanks, I just use a slip on Hougue grip sleeve. It's the full size one but i had to trim a little bit of it. I think the smaller slip on houge grip would be a lot better.

RockawayCCW: @PrepSurvivor Marshall Grips has custom grips for many soviet pistols. Tokarevs, makarovs, CZ, FEG and others.

dakine425: @gsxkatana I've read that, and i would believe it. It's also pretty slim and good for conceal carry. For the law abiding citizen of course:)

dakine425: @Goindeff You should definitely get one, they're cheap and the ammo is also cheaper compared to the other calibers. It's a good work horse. Would look good next to your AK

Deathless2288: Pronounce it as TO-kharev. The stress goes on the O after the T.

davkaya: How can you say that piece of junk is similar to a 1911? That is just scrap metal. don't confuse brass with gold....

robin6512: nice vid Dakine. I'll getting mine by the end of the week.(if the license comes in that is....) I found a brand new 1946 tula one. set me back 225 euro what is about 300 $. man this thing is so much fun too shoot. Me like ;o)

killthetrees45: i HATE you. you didnt shoot it at all

Romanian Tokarev TT-33 7.62x25 4.8 out of 5

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