HackRadio.Me - AppRadio Full IPhone Control (non-cencored Version)

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Poldo Polidori: hi, can do the same with iphone 6 e pioneer avh-x5500bt??

M Chus: fake? are you sure?... its not fake, dude...

harrismagnum04: fake keep clear folks

Ricardo Valenzuela: Mi iPhone 4 lo actualice a ios7 y no tiene cydia ... a esperar el jailbreak para usar App extensions ..

wirecase: It also doesn't work with IOS7 and it looks like they're not going to support it too... crap... just wasted $200,- on this piece of now useless hardware...

JazJon: Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: info@hackradio.me Technical details of permanent failure: DNS Error: Domain name not found

aronpantro: hello my app radio turns on but whe i touch the screen sends me to another window with a message saying the screen is in reverse or something please help

ShonnieBoy1: that email doesn't work

Miguel Ramirez: Ayudaaaa

Ernest Vickers: It's a simple video out hack with controls, it's called "appradio extensions" and it's free through Cydia, no purchase needed. It works, it's buggy, but all appradios are. You must also have a "parking brake override" module installed to use the apps while driving, this is an external universal part that installs to three wires that fool the appradio into believing the cars parking brake is applied. No, you can't just ground the parking brake switch sensor wire from the radio.

MrToxicstone: Why buy this? just buy an iPAD instead and BT to your phone.

Mario Vdc: Help, how do I get the full screen on the radio as in video.grazie.

Darnell Somers: I have this AppRadio and I can't get this setup to work with my DA-01. And yes, I fellowed you step by step from this video. I NEED THIS, SO HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hdidane00: does not work with new iphone5 which is pathetic.

jason davis: this is easy to do if any one is still wondering you have to have a jailbroken phone and go to cidia and download APPRADIO EXSTENSIONS it will allow you to use everything on your phone just like this video hope this works for everyone.

josex360x: Does This work on the avh-8400bt?(advanced app mode)

Miguel San Juan: How can i do that on my Appradio

Rick rivera: i think this is a scam because no one has bought one and did a full review or talk about it yet so were is the proof

eric wilson: I've emailed a few questions to info@hackradio.me but I'm still waiting for a response. I've read a few contradicting comments on other forums, so what are the current limitations of using this mod? Is hands-free calling now supported through the bluetooth connectivity with the radio?

HackRadio.Me - AppRadio full iPhone control (non-cencored version) 5 out of 5

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HackRadio.Me - AppRadio full iPhone control (non-cencored version)
HackRadio.Me - AppRadio full iPhone control (non-cencored version)
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