Call Of Duty 4 PeZBot Mod 1.7

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MrEpic7203: is this mod safe to download from mediafire??

Sasa Milosevic: is there any way to add bots with custom nicks?

Silence921: i like how the bots like switch primaries every 5 seconds

DumpsterJumpster: maybe you should kill bots so you level up and can choose your own classes?

Da Junkz: just type it in like this. \svr_pezbots 9 . its simple. plus if u wont unlimited health at the start of the game type in \devmap mp_(map name) this enables hacks. after the map restarts press ~ and type \god then hit enter your invincible.

wastedmoney15: @CommanderDaz NO it did not.... it appears that the folder does not exist on my computer for some reason...

wastedmoney15: @CommanderDaz It didn't work...

capsuleboy: I have pezbots 11p I dont know if my bots are the latest version

VideozCod: @DeathlyThingz Do command /givexp when in game for level hack!

PulseVictrix: click on ~ on your keyboard, if that don't work go to potions and multi player and enable console then do ~ again...

parfa10: does anybody know how to fix the ranking up system? it doesn't save so when i play i play and i can see i'm ranking up but at the end of the game i am still at the first lvl :(

wastedmoney15: Is the mod folder in installed games?

alexwoffle2: What is the most recent PezBots ?I'm playing it now..but im not sure what version it is.. the bots are all jumpy aroundy in the killcam. and their reticles have no space ebtween them ? is that normal.

ceconk123: how can i open this with promod

Bjorniebear: hey dude, after i put the mod in the mod folder, it doesnt show up on the in game mod folder u know why?

oldschoolhiphop7: how come when i press ~ nothing happens?

Haviik117: how can i make the pezbots suck

Francisco Castellanos: Thank you so f*cking much dudeee!!!

wastedmoney15: @TheExpressRules Go to settings and enable console....

seyfullah bayindir: works great :D

xUnB0RN: i hate it when they just hip fire its very anoyin especialy if u on killstreak and then just 1 bullet kills you and not even headshot or when they can change the weapon anytime they like but otherwise great mod

zababjelovar: whats the name of the song in the video? btw nice bots.gonna try them :D

xJVI40A3x: @firewithinburning still 10 second respond :/

olfan92: i didnt see any installation

Bob ten Haaken: how to put them on easy??

123464781: thx thx

Muzik1080: how do u enable consle

Csstriker gdaaeds: @s001n Nothings wrong its normal

wastedmoney15: I can't find the mod folder, help anyone?

Jojo Garcia: Thanks Dude!!!

Aus Lemang: my level have reach 5, but i could't unlock Sniper Classes , what the freak is going on ?

XcoolzX17: @xdloner weird my rank resets every round

Alex De Weijer: it worked first then when i played it later the svr_pezbots number doesnt do anything anymore

Rensdomino5000: I started up 1 server, then i had to shut down my pc, started my pc back up and the mod didn't work anymore. That i had to shut down my pc was not because of the mod.

Diego Ortiz: how can i get the classes?? i cant edit my own class :S

Csstriker gdaaeds: @alexwoffle2 Yes thats very normal

Enigma933: I cant put them on a team, ive tried /svr_pezbots_team axis and autoassign but nothing happens

metalgearsolid9: To fix LVL PROBLEM open your console and type \svr_pezbots_xpcheat 55

TheSightStudios: @Enigma933 dont put the team in/ /svr_pezbots_axis x

firewithinburning: @xJVI40A3x disable killcam maybe?

Drat0n: is there a possibility that you use the account with all the skills from the non-mod modern warfare? bercause everytime i want to choose my normal account everything is resetted VideozCod, you said that it works on the newer version, but which version is that?

BlingBoyOto: LIKE if your using them to be a pro :D

duhhGary: any1 know how to make the bots so they dont shoot

Monkey D Garp: I had the same problem. Use the command menu (B key) for that. There you can set up all the bots and more options for them.

thosmosis1: After updating 1.0 to 1.7 -- we cannot join non dedicated lan server at the office with Pezbot. Noticed you were doing just bots, against bots with you in the mix... fun. But way better with team deathmatch on LAN against the bot team. But now we get "server wrong version 1.0" when joining -- even though we've patched from 1.1 to 1.7 in order.

Mitch Martin: is it possable to change the tittle of the bots? like instead of bot1 - guy1 or something like that?

DizzySum41: it's this slash / not this one \

VideozCod: @DeathlyThingz It works on newer version of pezbot... By the way search on Google Easy Account 1.7 by Blackdove it is a levelhack for call of duty 4

Aman Dahiya: i cannot have custom classes...plz hlp

Lyra Hearstrings: i got to level 45 then my pc crashed, i got back the data and then my stats reset... xD i like this mod coz you don't need internet for it

Call Of Duty 4 PeZBot Mod 1.7 4.7 out of 5

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Call Of Duty 4 PeZBot Mod 1.7
Call Of Duty 4 PeZBot Mod 1.7
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