Samsung Galaxy S3 - Chinese Handwriting Input

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rayden_sibley17: 河源他说燃料

Lisa_: I don't have the T on the left

Marius Zhou: thx very helpfull

Thomas Chipego: I owe you for this one, I couldn't figure out how to fix it. great job

Driving in New York City, NYC: So thats how you do it for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge also. Didn't know you have to hold down the mic button and then click on the T(with a pen icon.) Thank you again kemas tham. Also, You can hand write English and Chinese if any one wanted to know.


Wing Lau: Background of purchase: bought brand new Samsung S3 online at Kogan based in Hong Kong. 

Phone's comes unlocked with Traditional Chinese input as an option in language input list.  However, missing from the video is after launching SMS then swipe the space bar for 中文 , you have to press and hold the settings key on left of space bar for a pop up menu then quickly tap on the A icon (with a little pen) for screen hand writing.  Might have to use both hands 'cause sliding is not quick enough to catch it.  It then works wonderfully as above.

It's taken me a little while to find the switch over. 

S3 bought else where might have little discrepancies in the O/S since local suppliers might not think it's not necessary to include some languages (or fonts) for that particular market.  You have to buy from the right market for your particular needs. 

kntwing: can i do the phone on s4?can i write english like this in chinese?

Benny Lai: No built-in Chinese in T-Mobile Galaxy S3. Need to download iFlytek input.  You can download it from Google store.

Stutz Edward: Thanks u for sharing. Good guide.

Julian Productions: Thank you soooo much! Now I finally know how to do handwriting on my s3 mini!

Kim Ai: why i cant turn on the 'Saumsung keyboard'?

kemas tham: Hi ribald, NMRA is right. You can write multiple characters at one go rather than one at a time. I have tried it out. See another video on writing multiple characters. Thanks NMRA.

teknodogg: I have GS3 with T-Mobile USA there's not an option for Chinese Traditional or Chinese in the Input languages selection screen =/ any ways to make that possible ?????

Anthony Kelly: It can write a few words.

kemas tham: The Chinese character is write one at a time.

ribaldi: Any ability to write a few words instead of just one at a time? Thanks.

Sp3ll633: I only can type simplified with that crapty keyboard. =.=

MrKhatMan: On the Galaxy S4 tap and hold the microphone button to the left of the space bar, and many options will appear, including the handwriting one.

EmzypantsVegan: I have the same issue how did you fix this?

Samsung Galaxy S3 - Chinese Handwriting Input 5 out of 5

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