XSplit Vs OBS Vs Wirecast: Best Live Streaming Software For Mac And PC (Comparison!)

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Knight 11692: Of course he would be trying to sell us on the one that cost the most that's why we had to wait until the end. I think I'm going to try xsplit and see how that goes I'm not sure what's going on with the new OBS.

a bc: Hi Justin.. Great video presentation and explanation. Which would be the best way for live streaming with less delay meaning real time? What would be similar to video conferencing using software..

Callie Cummings: I love ecamm! Do you know if you can use ecamm and Live Leap together? Or are they competing softwares?

Богдан Слушинский: I use OBS. At first, it seems that it is hard to set up. But I found some articles how to do it even for specific cases. For example, how to set up OBS for CS:GO for Twitch on the middle end PC. After setting up, just one click to start a stream. Benefits are that OBS doesn't use much hardware resources and you can play and stream with almost no losses of fps. That's why I like it.
But anyway, the video is great. Thanks!

Ittz Tyy: Keep it up man 🔥💯⚡

enlightened light: obs is awesome but if you stream pre recorded video it doesnt have function to make you fast forward the video

Dirty Human: So I’ve been using Xsplit Gamecaster for several months now and gotta say it’s perfect for new streamers, anyone who wants to get started that’s the way to get going especially if you are one to be put off by all the customization the other streaming programs come with.

Adame Daily Blog And Gaming Channel: OBS come with a ton of problems

Borsting89: Wirecast is a waste of money if you`re not actually "using" all the features. Who does that? Guys, please ignore this ad and this guy, and stick with OBS. Its as with kodi and linux, some of the best open source free softwares out there.

Pepsy TV: OBS studio works just fine for me streaming on YouTube

AA News: Last 5 dsys OBS is very slow .. I using window 7 in leptop without graphic card. It is running best before 5 days now its very slow .. i changed my window but no solution... I call a my friend who use this obs my friend also same problem .. i no any update accept .. what i should

Vertical Limit: xsplit is working really well for me so far and im not even using the paid version im using the free version streaming in 720p at 30fps and so far so good tho it could be better of course but for just starting out the free version is def getting the job done. i just came here looking for obs vs xsplit reviews to see if im missing out on a better platform and instead im basically being told to buy wirecast for 500bucks wtf this review is laughable at best and at worst its an ad for wirecast :(

FightingInferno: I was the 1000th like excactly XD

canal Rian: someone give spoiler for me pls

Bradley Birchall: Exactly what I needed to know, awesome thanks.

Shiz Oh Network: This video was really informative. I personally live stream every weekend and I should experiment with the other two softwares. I use OBS. Great video, Mr. Brown.

Vic Huerta ~ Free Agent Properties: @Justin Brown, what about Sling Studio? I am torn between the two to start my live real estate podcast via Facebook/Youtube, via Canon 60d with two podcasters for interviews.

AussieTV: Wirecast is rubbish. OBS gives better video and Xsplit is way better for the price. Wirecast isn't worth $500. And btw your video looks an advertorial on a commercial TV station. Maybe that's what you are aiming for?

The Judge: what about Gameshow?

Canal Uno MX: Hello Justin. I really enjoy your videos and have learned a lot from them. I have a question for you . . . How do you make the graphics for your videos? Thank you for making such great quality videos!

XSplit vs OBS vs Wirecast: Best Live Streaming Software for Mac and PC (Comparison!) 5 out of 5

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XSplit vs OBS vs Wirecast: Best Live Streaming Software for Mac and PC (Comparison!)
XSplit vs OBS vs Wirecast: Best Live Streaming Software for Mac and PC (Comparison!)
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