Shot Show - Archangel 700 Stock

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Johnn Smith: Just bought one of these too. I'll review it as soon as the ground is dry enough to lay on. For my own use; I don't much like shooting from a bench, considering no matter where I go outside of the shooting range, I can never seem to find a bench just waiting for me in the woods. Funny how that happens ;-)

IAMGOD712007: Is this stocks channel wide enough to free float a bull barrel?

TheTRUST8888: Finally got mine today. Aluminum bedded version. Took apart my stainless R700 ADL and installed it all in less than 5 minutes. Awesome stock for the price. Although the knobs for adjusting the cheek piece was a bit hard to turn. Talk about tight! Thanks for posting this up mixflip. I wouldn't have known about it if I hadn't seen your videos of the stock. 

championdger: This stock will be more than the rifle costs that I bought.

ArchangelDevelopment: The aluminum pillar bedded version will carry an MSRP of $299 with one magazine. The aluminum bed block version will carry an MSRP of $399 with one magazine. Nice video!

TheMercer187: @mixflip Thanks man!

mixflip: @MrSFSniper What improvements do you see is needed???

mixflip: @D34D3DD13 Yes I have their other new products featured in videos coming soon. Editing all this content takes alot of time and I have a wife, 2 babies and a full time day job lol... Vids are coming slowly.

Justin H: Whats the retail price?

mixflip: @bcarbaugh Mike and the Archangel crew are some of the best. Mike actually answers alot of the questions & concerns on the gun forums personally. Thats what sets him apart from many of his competitors. I talk to Tapco and ATI also but Archangel has treated me the best since the day I met them last year.

Volcom Stone: How much would something like this cost?

kalif151byccrew: these guys are coming a long way. I like how they are taking their tools and forever expanding. They are great on the pocket too! 10/22 and 700 time. I can only imagine what is next. Great vid!

Saltycrabs: If they can keep the MSRP below $300 they will sell the crap out of these things. Now I'm going to need to buy a 700.

TheROOKvoice: That looks great.

mixflip: left handed? Probably not.

mixflip: I havent heard anything yet. I have heard of other amazing cool projects coming soon but I cant talk about them just yet.

bricejevinn: dude have you heard anything about when this is coming out? i cant find anything on website..nothing....any tips?

mixflip: @durtydubmk3 I think it looks cool the way it is and I cant wait to test it out.

fixdeluxe1: Looks very ergonomic

2Danomite2: free float barrel?

mixflip: @TheEzekiel616 Thats actually not a bad idea? Mosin Nagants are sold in America buy the millions and I think ATI has the market on Mosin stocks. I'd love to see Archangel get some of that market share. I have a few Mosins at my dads house that could use modernized stocks.

MrAsundstrom: Can't wait to see the specs on it... I may be interested

mixflip: @rdsii64 Actuall its not a rip off ay all. Does the JAE have an integral bipod? Also the JAE is billet aluminum while this is polymer. For something to be a rip off it has to have all the same features of it and made out of the same material. JAE's cost $1000 more, they are aluminum and have 10 times more adjustable features on it. This is not a rip off. And for the record I went straight to the JAE booth right after this and confirmed it was totally different with my own eyes.

mixflip: @CHIPxJHAD Maybe the front portion but not the whole gun?

mixflip: @NWguy83 It will have different prices depending on the bedding system you chose. I think its going to be in the $300-ish price range though.

DarkSouljah: I was sold after the bi-pod demonstration.

mixflip: @ArchangelDevelopment Sorry Mike, I guess I mis-spoke calling it a prototype. Thanks for clearing up the price point also. The video I took of you explaining the pillar bed and bed block versions got lost somehow? Either that or I forgot to press record lol.

mixflip: Its not out yet.

phatphlyer: Whats the latest on price and availability?

HedgehogOutdoors: I have an airsoft gun that looks like that. Nowhere near as fun as near guns, though. Will this stock fit on a left handed 700?

mrwhite4: That's bad ass!

durtydubmk3: I think it will look better if they change the magwell to the shape of the JAE magwell. Looks very nice.

rdsii64: @mixflip Head over to the J. Allen Enterprise's website and look at a real one. This one is a rip off

mixflip: Check my channel for a recent video I posted on this new stock. The designers talk about the 2 types of bedding options. Pillar bed and aluminum bed block. The video also shows the accuracy results of a brand new Remington 700 that has never been shot and mounted in this stock to see how it performs. I was impressed. It eventually did sub MOA after about a box of match ammo.

ArchangelDevelopment: (continued) -ployment. I looked at methods to make the leg length adjustable, but opted for a non-adjustable length for cost savings and also to keep the design streamlined.

mixflip: I have not got my hands on one yet but I believe you could free float it from the initial looks of it.

Phil: This stock looks just like the Sako TRG 42 stock.

ArchangelDevelopment: It's more of a first shot off a production tool than a prototype. What kind of improvements would you suggest? The previous prototype made the rounds and got high marks. The number of pre-orders we received suggests that no improvements are required, but if you've got any cost effective (to keep at the current price points $299 pillar bedded, $399 bed block) improvement ideas, I will seriously consider the feasibility of implementation.

TheTRUST8888: Argh! Now I have to buy me a Remington 700!!!

D34D3DD13: anything new for other then this stock from them?

defconskylude: looks like i can gut that up to fit a Marlin XT-22 or Savage MKII

mixflip: @kalif151byccrew I love Archangel because they make products for the guns that millions of us have or plan to have soon. 10/22, mini 14,M1A, Remington 700, Mossberg 500 and Remington 870. I know lots of folks who own this basic collection of guns. And like you said, the price point is great for us blue collar guys who cant afford those $500 stock chassis systems.

mixflip: @MrSFSniper I think if they made the bipod adjustable they would be forced to raise the price? As for the buttstock, it is adjustable for LOP and comb height. Thats what those little black knobs are for. They are probably hard to see in the video. I think $299 for an aluminum pillar bedded, fully adjustable stock is a good value.

ProCovert2: Thanks for the good vid!

rdsii64: That stock is a JAE rip off.

mixflip: Im not sure yet.

rdsii64: @mixflip The term rip off may have been a bit over the top. For that I will appoligize. I do however believe that the visual resemblance was no accident. You are not the first nor are you the worst offender. As you stated, there are AR, AK, and 1911's on the market that really are down to the screws blatant copies. With that being said Customers are just as guilty if their AR's and/or 1911's don't say Colt on them.

mixflip: @linestorming No word yet. This ones not even for sale yet.

mixflip: @Saltycrabs I believe the MSRP will be around $249 initially.Same as the M1A stock.

bcarbaugh: Now that was a good sales guy right there,and very honest

School: Thanks for teaching us how to fix it. The problem with most Medical assistant in california is usually the cost of education. Hopefully it'll pay off. Thanks again.
Shot Show - Archangel 700 stock 4.9 out of 5

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