Shot Show - Archangel 700 Stock

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Edda's Garage: I wish they had this stock for the 700 chambered in 300 winmag

Johnn Smyth: Just bought one of these too. I'll review it as soon as the ground is dry enough to lay on. For my own use; I don't much like shooting from a bench, considering no matter where I go outside of the shooting range, I can never seem to find a bench just waiting for me in the woods. Funny how that happens ;-)

IAMGOD712007: Is this stocks channel wide enough to free float a bull barrel?

championdger: This stock will be more than the rifle costs that I bought.

TheTRUST8888: Finally got mine today. Aluminum bedded version. Took apart my stainless R700 ADL and installed it all in less than 5 minutes. Awesome stock for the price. Although the knobs for adjusting the cheek piece was a bit hard to turn. Talk about tight! Thanks for posting this up mixflip. I wouldn't have known about it if I hadn't seen your videos of the stock.

MI AK FREAK: There is nothing saw like about that bipod, but that's a sharp stock !

TheTRUST8888: Any idea if they will offer the same stock without the built in bi-pod and instead have a way to mount other bi-pods on? I like the built in idea but it bi-pod that comes with the stock seems very limited when it comes to positions.

mixflip: Lol me too

TheTRUST8888: Argh! Now I have to buy me a Remington 700!!!

triggersafe1: I dont like the bipod..pls make one without..i love my harris bipod.

isofaster: dear santa ...

M: They need a version with NO bipod too

mixflip: Check my channel for a recent video I posted on this new stock. The designers talk about the 2 types of bedding options. Pillar bed and aluminum bed block. The video also shows the accuracy results of a brand new Remington 700 that has never been shot and mounted in this stock to see how it performs. I was impressed. It eventually did sub MOA after about a box of match ammo.

nathan campbell: does any one have any info on how it beds the action,,, thats the most important question,,, who cares if it looks good if its not,, bedded, heavy, and sturdy enough to improve the accuracy of my rifle

mixflip: I havent heard anything yet. I have heard of other amazing cool projects coming soon but I cant talk about them just yet.

phatphlyer: Whats the latest on price and availability?

mixflip: Anything is possible with time and money.

defconskylude: looks like i can gut that up to fit a Marlin XT-22 or Savage MKII

mixflip: Its not out yet.

Carol Barrios: Where I can buy this stock?

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Shot Show - Archangel 700 stock 5 out of 5

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